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Why MBBS Abroad is The Best Option For Indian Medical Students

Why MBBS Abroad is The Best Option For Indian Medical Students

Being a doctor is indeed one of the most anticipated and prestigious career options for many students especially in India. However, the limited number of seats and the huge number of aspiring Indian medical aspirants opting for MBBS makes this dream of most of the students a bit difficult. In short, lakhs of students every year dream of becoming a doctor but only a few of them are able to achieve this dream to become a doctor and serve humankind.

The vast gap between the number of medical seats and the number of students appearing for the NEET is increasing every year, in short, it is skyrocketing. Due to this reason, a huge number of medical students seemingly drop their aspirations of becoming a doctor and therefore they get to settle for various other alternatives. If we look upon the data on 2020 NEET, about 771500 medical aspirants qualified for NEET, however, the total number of medical seats in India was just 82956. And this year, in 2021, about 16.1 lakhs medical aspirants appeared for NEET-UG 2021 and about 83075 were available in the Indian government and private medical universities of India.

This clearly implies that in the year 2020, there was a competition of 5582 NEET qualified students for 1 medical seat of India (private and medical colleges of India). And this year, there were about 11657 students for every medical seat who appeared for the examination, and therefore they are in a race to secure their seats in any medical institution of India.

Emphasizing the point that the above numbers include private and government medical colleges and exclude the aspects like that of quota which further reduces the number of medical seats and thus automatically increases the competition. Well, if we talk about Indian private medical colleges and universities, due to hefty charges in various ways like donations and other miscellaneous expenses, not all the students can seek admission in Indian private medical colleges.

And because of this, a huge majority of students deviate from their path to fulfill their dream of becoming a doctor. Those who are persistent enough to not let any obstacle hinder their path, usually end up looking for the option of MBBS abroad.

Though affordability and feasibility are some of the incredible reasons why MBBS abroad has been emerging as a popular option. There are also various other reasons, which make studying MBBS abroad a more plausible and reasonable choice for all Indian medical aspirants.

Mentioned below are some of the reasons why MBBS abroad is getting a popular choice amongst all aspiring Indian medical students who want to study MBBS abroad without compromising the quality-

1. Cost of MBBS

Unlike the fees of studying MBBS in an Indian private medical college, studying MBBS abroad always comes easy on pockets and is indeed one of the great, best, and also affordable options for all aspiring Indian medical students who are planning to study MBBS at an affordable cost. Most of the countries of Europe, South America, and Asia also offer MBBS abroad at an affordable cost along with globally recognized MBBS degrees from world recognized and WDOMS enlisted medical universities.

If we talk about MBBS abroad options, then Russia is one of the best medical destinations known for offering MBBS abroad at an affordable cost. Medical education in Russia is highly subsidized by the government of the country. Apart from subsidized MBBS fees, students also get the opportunity to avail of various scholarships, based upon their performance at the university, which further makes studying MBBS abroad more feasible.

2. Cost of Living While Studying MBBS Abroad

MBBS abroad from countries like Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and others offer a low-cost living while at the same time also helping all the international students who are studying MBBS abroad in maintaining the highest quality of living standards while studying MBBS abroad.

Most of the recognized medical universities abroad provide accommodation, canteens, laundry rooms, kitchen for self-cooking, Indian mess along with various other facilities for their everyday use to the students, which is all included in the fees structure. However, expenses like traveling within the country or spending a day on the city tour, general cost, etc compose the cost of living for the students.

3. Recognitions

For India and all Indian medical aspirants, the recognition of medical universities abroad is offered by the National Medical Commission (NMC), which successfully replaced the Medical Council of India (MCI) under the NITI Aayog Recommendation of NMC Bill in the year 2019.

All the medical universities offering MBBS abroad are recognized by several many other recognitiories bodies which provide the international reputation, such as the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG), Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER), Medical Council of Canada (MCC), etc

These recognitions imply the validity of the attacined medical degree in the given region and thus act as an eligibility for the medical licensing exam like USMLE, FMGE/NExT, etc. The more the recognition, the more is its global reach.

4. No Entrance Exam To Study MBBS Abroad

Majority of medical universities abroad do not require any form of entrance exam or interview to seek admission to study MBBS abroad. The students are just required to fill up the eligibility criteria set forth by the concerned authority in their respective country to study MBBS abroad.

The eligibility criteria to study MBBS abroad or MBBS in India are just the same. The aspiring medical students should have secured a minimum of 50% of marks in the major subjects, like Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. And apart from this, the student should be NEET qualified with passing marks. The students should also be the age of 17 years while seeking admission.

5. No Hefty Donation For MBBS Abroad

Unlike the private medical universities of India which may cost you even crores at times for MBBS admission, to study MBBS abroad the students are not required to pay covert charges in the form of donations or any other admission charges, etc to get secure a seat in a recognized medical university of abroad to study MBBS abroad.

When studying MBBS abroad, though it is a general belief, is often misconceived to be incredibly expensive, however, having no donations often reduces the expenses for the fees and education for up to 60% when compared with the charges of private medical universities with hefty donations.

6. MBBS Abroad is Always a Better Return Of Investment (ROI)

In contrast to studying MBBS in India at a private medical university, studying MBBS Abroad is certainly a preferable choice. After successful completion of an MBBS abroad degree the qualified students can either return to their home countries or practice abroad, completely depending on their choice. Whatever the choice of destination be, the students gain tremendous professional and financial benefits thus contributing to better ROI.

7. MBBS Abroad leads to Holistic Personality Development

For many individuals, studying abroad is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Having a place where students and faculty come from diverse backgrounds helps students develop their overall personalities. By learning new languages, exchanging ideas, and becoming more confident they can achieve their goals. Having these soft skills is essential to becoming a sophisticated professional like a doctor. Students who have exposure to the outside world develop a broader perspective about the world, and they develop a sense of responsibility and independence. A few years abroad help students develop their independence, responsibility, and confidence.

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