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Is it important to do MBBS from a Reputed Medical College: Top Medical Universities?

Is it important to do MBBS from a Reputed Medical College: Top Medical Universities?

There is no denying that fact the medical profession is believed and also considered one of the noblest professions of all time. For most aspiring Indian medical students, it is a dream to become a globally recognized doctor serving humankind. Well, the journey of becoming a globally recognized doctor is not as easy as we think. Becoming a doctor means that a doctor has to place all the demands and his or her desires beneath the desires of patients and also needs to set up the standard of competency and integrity in the field of medicine.

In order to become a qualified doctor, an aspiring medical student must be willing to give the time, commitment, and sacrifice in every possible way. Endless efforts in contributing to a better future bring success to self and security to the people who stay consistent with their dream of becoming a doctor.

So, in this blog, we are going to discuss how a medical university /college can impact your future career of becoming a globally accepted MBBS doctor.

Well, there is no denying that getting an MBBS degree from a prestigious medical university matters in endless ways, what's more, important is the students' academic performance during the course of the MBBS program. How a medical aspirant seeks admission to a medical college is an important factor when it comes to success and happiness. Studying MBBS from a Top Medical University not only offers great medical education but also opens doors to endless possibilities and also ensures a job offer at one of the leading medical institutions in the world.

The medical scenario in India is quite competitive. About lakhs and lakhs of medical aspirants appear for NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) to secure admission to the prestigious medical universities of India. Talking about NEET, it is the most difficult medical entrance examination that medical aspirants need to take in order to seek admission to the medical university of India or abroad. However, amongst those lakhs, only a few of the medical aspirants are actually able to qualify for the NEET and seek admission to the reputed medical university of India.

Pertaining to the limited medical seats in government Medical Institutions and high capitation fees at the Private Medical universities in India, a huge majority of Indian medical students are either forced to give up on their dreams or choose the other option that is MBBS abroad. However, Top Medical Universities offering MBBS abroad pave the way to brighten the medical aspirants' future and also help them to achieve their only dream of becoming a globally recognized MBBS degree.

Study MBBS abroad

Well, there are a huge majority of best medical universities all over the world known for offering quality MBBS abroad to all international students at an affordable cost. Some of the medical universities which are known to offer MBBS abroad are government-aided while others are private medical universities. Furthermore, all these medical universities (government and private) are known for offering high-quality medical education to all enrolled local and international students within their budgets.

The Medical Universities offering MBBS abroad are approved by the NMC (National Medical Commission), formerly, MCI (Medical Council of India) and enlisted with WDOMS (World Directory of Medical Schools), and recognized by other major medical institutions of the world like WHO, ECFMG, FAIMER, MCC, etc.

Lastly, studying MBBS abroad opens up the doors to endless opportunities for medical aspirants all around the world.

Advantages of Studying MBBS abroad

Well, there is absolutely no denying that studying MBBS abroad indeed offers great perks. Along with quality MBBS education at an affordable MBBS fee, there are other benefits too. Here is a list of a few great advantages which international students gain when they choose the option to study MBBS abroad.

Affordable MBBS fee structure

The medical universities offering MBBS abroad do offer a great quality MBBS education at low and affordable tuition fees. The minimum MBBS fee structure per year begins with an average of 2.5 Lakhs to 5 Lakhs and in most government medical universities known for offering MBBS abroad, the approximate MBBS fee is 70% less. This affordable MBBS fee structure indeed attracts many Indian medical aspirants to study MBBS abroad all around the world.

Globally Recognized Medical Universities

The medical universities offering MBBS abroad offer a medical degree that is recognized, certified, enlisted, registered, and approved globally by the leading medical institutions such as the National Medical Commission (NMC), enlisted with the World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS), and also other medical councils of the world. This means a foreign medical graduate is eligible to practice his or her MBBS practice in any country of the world after qualifying for the FMGE of that country.

State-of-art Infrastructure

All the medical universities that are known for offering quality MBBS education abroad are equipped with modern technology and advanced teaching methods that attracts many Indian students. With state-of-the-infrastructure, the medical universities have extensive labs and other equipment that offer a great learning experience to all enrolled international students.

Student-centric curriculum

The medical universities offering MBBS are known for following a good student-teacher ratio and the curriculum is followed in a way that ensures the holistic development of each and every enrolled medical student.

Advanced Learning Techniques with Extensive Practical Exposure

Students who choose to study MBBS abroad do get advanced learning and great exposure from highly qualified professors. The equipped hospitals do offer extensive practical exposure to all enrolled medical students during their MBBS program.

What Matters the Most When it comes to Study MBBS abroad?

One of the greatest reasons why a huge majority of Indian students choose to study MBBS abroad is the affordable MBBS fee and the quality medical education. As already mentioned in the beginning, getting into a top medical university offering MBBS abroad is always a great option, especially for Indian medical aspirants. What matters more is the effort a student puts into their time while preparing themselves to become a doctor while they study MBBS abroad.

If we're talking about a good medical university offering MBBS abroad, then there are also other reasons that define a good university. Some aspiring medical students will be looking only for strong academic activities, while others may be looking for an opportunity to attend universities that are academically strong and at the same time have great extracurricular activities while studying MBBS abroad.

Countries with Best Medical Universities Offering studying MBBS Abroad

Some of the best countries that are known for offering MBBS abroad at an affordable cost are as follow-

  • Russia
  • Ukraine
  • Kazakhstan
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Guyana
  • China
  • Bangladesh
  • Armenia
  • Barbados
  • Georgia
  • Philippines
  • Belarus

Career Opportunities after Studying MBBS abroad

Besides becoming a globally accepted doctor, there are several other opportunities in the field of medicine once a student graduate from a medical university abroad-

Research practices- After studying MBBS abroad, all the medical graduates can continue their journey in the field of medicine by committing their time to explore more thorough research work in any corner of the world.

Pursue specialization- For young graduate doctors who choose to study MBBS abroad, there are many fields to specialize in to serve humanity. Medical graduates after completing their MBBS abroad can continue their higher studies in countries like the US, UK, Canada, Australia, etc.

Hospital administration- For all the medical graduates who seek entrepreneurship as their career, hospital administration is one of the fields which is in high demand. They can consider heading in this field after completing their MBBS program.

Bottom Line

In today's generation, an MBBS degree from a prestigious medical university is no longer a path to success and happiness. Less vaunted medical universities can also prepare medical students just as well for them to become qualified doctors. However, medical students must bring their effort to take full advantage of the opportunities they get during their MBBS academic years.

If you are looking to seek admission in the Top Medical universities that are known for offering MBBS abroad, please feel free to contact us or visit our page at www.neweraeducation.in , we will be glad to assist you.

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