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MBBS in Russia FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I qualified to study abroad in MBBS?
The educational condition to study abroad is depending upon you what kind of education you wish to pursue. As you know that without qualify NEET exam, you can’t study MBBS, and further more you can visit the website to get the proper information. Our New Era counselor will happy to help you in all manners.
How much cost will be borne for study abroad?
The cost will be depend upon you, in which course you want to study, as well as duration of your study, distance and most important thing is your life style.
When I have to make planning my study abroad procedure?
New Era propose to start as soon as possible. This will help you to consider your attention as well as explore your individual academic goals and ambition. Apart from this some other thing is also need to be keep in mind i.e. hostel/ accommodation/ living of standards and its condition/ duration of course/ where the university is located etc.

New Era suggest start your planning at least before 8 to 9 months so that other procedure, which take time like processing of Visa or query will be in process.

How much time to take application processor?
New Era suggest before 8 to 9 months is good time for your process of application in abroad. Further it may please be noted that the session will be start in different period of the year in other countries.
If my parents not give permission to go abroad?
Is very obvious that your family be worried for you, that how could you travel alone to another country, which you never yet visited. Lot of parents is not in a state of mind to keep yourself to accept this.

New Era is provide full support to student as well as parents to meet their worried in abroad study. You feel free to reach us, unless until you totally satisfied.
Is this degree is valid in India or any other country?
The degree provided by the respective university is valid throughout the world, and also MCI (Medical Council of India), WHO (World Health Organization) has also approved the same.
What kind of support New Era provides during the course of pre / post departure?
New Era provide the pre and post departure facility towards end to end solution. For further details please visit our website.
What is the medium of teaching in Russia for MBBS study?
In Russia medium for study MBBS is English. However student has to learn Russian language due to when they are going for practical training or summer practice, student must know the local language, so that they can easily understand and able to make their treatment.
Is there any placement provided by the University?
The university is not provided any placement after completing your duration of study.
Is there any medical treatment available during the course of study?
New Era provide Medical insurance, so that if any student need any medical assistance he or she will be given necessary assistance within the time.
Is there any entrance exam given by the student?
Yes. There is an entrance examination to be conduct and university label, for which New Era extend all necessary help to student.
Is there any scholarship provided to students?
The scholarship is awarded to those students who do exceptionally well in their academic examinations. This scholarship is sponsored by Dr. Dharmendra Kumar, director of New Era Education Pvt. Ltd and is open to all students who seek admission through New Era Education Pvt. Ltd.
What kind of climate is in Russia?
There are 4 seasons in European What kind of climate is in Russia? part of Russia. Spring (March to May), summer (June to August), autumn (September to November) and winter (December to February). Temperature in summer is up to +30 and in winter about 0 to-10 degrees centigrade.
What about the accommodation provided by Universities?
Typical international hostels can accommodate more than 1000 international students. Boys and Girls are having separate wings. Each floor has a cable TV and a Fridge. All rooms are have a balcony and attached Toilet/wash room, cloth dryer, centralized heating facility during winter season. Hostels are fully furnished with study table, chairs, cot/bed, etc. Equipped with external video surveillance system and a card reading system on entry doors, it makes them the safest place for living. Among the other facilities are computer and language classes, with a Broadband Internet access, kitchen, laundry rooms, performance halls and fitness rooms, etc. A cleaning servant will come in the morning daily and clean toilet, wash room and kitchen, etc.
How do Indian student protect from -10 degrees during winter season?
All buildings (College/Hostel/Shops, etc) in Russia are centrally heated. Students shall wear good winter cloths while going outside the hostel room to keep the body warm.
Does the student have to be present personally for an interview at the Russian Embassy for the issuance of visa?
NO, New Era on the behalf of students applies for the Visa with the Russian Embassy or the Consulate.
How will I travel from India to Moscow and back?
There are many airlines operating from all over the international airports in India to various airports of Moscow. New Delhi to Moscow (DME) which takes 6 hours only. New Era, India assists the students to make their travel arrangements like air ticket, immigration clearance etc. Students can also choose to buy air ticket by online.
Would anybody from New Era, India be there with the students while travelling?
YES, As a part of service extended from New Era India officials of N.E accompanies the Students batch till the respective university.
Where can I obtain foreign exchange for my studies in Russia?
Students should pay their fees in Russian Currency directly to the University. So, New Era India will not accept any fee in Rupees in India or abroad. We can assist students to obtain foreign exchange through RBI authorized foreign exchange dealers if necessary?
Is there any kind of ragging by seniors?
NO, Ragging is strictly prohibited, instead of ragging senior students will help fresher students to begin their lives in Russia.
Where and what kind of food I will get in Russia? Is there any Mess facility available?
Students of University can dine well in an Indian Mess operating in International Hostel. Professional Cooks from India are making and serving high standard, quality and hygiene Veg. Non Veg. foods, served 3 times daily. Mess is managed by New Era, India and their Associates. Students of other universities can utilize the kitchen provided in the hostels for cooking their food. All types of vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods are available in varsity cafeterias and restaurants. There is a rich variety of milk products, variety of rice's, cooking oils, fruits and all kinds of vegetables are also available in Russia.
How much are the living expenses in Russia?
The cost of living in Russia for an Indian student varies from city to city. The average cost of living (excluding food) has been approximately Rubel 5000 per month but this may vary depending upon lifestyle of an individual. Free city Transport Bus facility is available in Saransk city (Mordovia) for medical students for up to 6 years.
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