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5 tips to choose the Medical Colleges in Russia that suits you

5 tips to choose the Medical Colleges in Russia that suits you

Being a professional in the community not only gives your honor and respect but it also comes with so many responsibilities, and a great future to work for humankind. And this is one of the major reasons why many Indian students idolize becoming a doctor and serving the country in every possible way. In this article we are going to talk about 5 important tips that an aspiring Indian medical needs to consider before they get themselves enrolled in the top and reputed government medical universities of Russia.

Even though the process of becoming a doctor seems to be a very satisfying and fulfilling job, apart from the everyday challenges at the hospital and with the patients, the process of becoming a globally accepted MBBS doctor is long, actually difficult, and tedious. Becoming a doctor is a process full of commitment and dedication which drives a medical student to become a doctor. In the process of becoming a doctor, aspiring medical students must sacrifice most of their time studying or practicing medical theories and practices to be able to be a proper doctor. And you will only get the chance to do most of these activities in a country where a medical institution is one step ahead of other countries in terms of technological advancement, modern ways of teaching, and state-of-the-art facilities, and of course easy and hassle admission process along with affordable MBBS fees. And we talk about the recent time, the best country that fits all these criteria is no other than Russia. Russia has been a prominent and most desirable MBBS abroad destination. A huge majority of Indian medical students head to Russia to study MBBS in Russia and gain a globally accepted MBBS degree from the best medical university of Russia.

This blog is dedicated to all those aspiring Indian medical students who desire to study MBBS in Russia. Before you enroll yourself in the best medical university here are 5 tips that you should know before you choose the medical university to study MBBS in Russia.

  • In what language the Russian medical university’s medical curriculum is in?
  • From the preparatory level of MBBS education up to tertiary level of MBBS education, the language of instruction in all the medical universities of Russia has always been its native language – Russian. Well, now as the huge majority of international students are enrolling to study MBBS in Russia, medical universities offering MBBS in Russia are offering MBBS education in the English language too. For all enrolling international medical studies, it is advised but is not required to submit a language proficiency result for the Russian language.

    However, if you choose to work as a doctor after your MBBS graduation in Russia, you will need to master or be proficient in their mother tongue because most of your patients will be Russian citizens and communication will be better if you have learned their language.

  • What are the requirements to seek admission in Russian medical universities in order to study MBBS in Russia?
  • Unlike other medical universities offering MBBS abroad where you just need to get an application form and submit it with the other requirements to get into medical university, most medical universities in Russia will instead, make you fill up an application form online along with your uploaded documents such as your passport and your copy of your higher education certificate for a clear admission process. All your documents will be immediately reviewed by the medical university you have applied for with just these documents and they will notify you whether you are accepted or rejected to study MBBS in Russia.

    You will be notified through a formal invitation to their university that you have passed the screening for the MBBS program and that you have chosen to study MBBS in Russia. After receiving your confirmation letter, you will need to submit the other necessary documents that the medical university will want from you such as a birth certificate that will prove your identity and nationality in order to study MBBS in Russia. In addition, you will need to get other supporting documents that will prove that you finished your secondary higher education and, lastly, other important documents for your stay in Russia like your student visa while you study MBBS in Russia.

    Moreover, medical universities offering MBBS in Russia do not require you to submit any Russian language proficiency test but if you will study MBBS in Russia and will work afterward, you must take language courses for yourself. Otherwise, there are still several medical universities in Russia that have English as their language of instruction for all enrolled international MBBS students.

  • What are the components of its medical curriculum?
  • The curriculum for MBBS in Russia has a period of six whole years containing both theoretical and practical means of MBBS education. This 6 year comprises 5 years of extensive classroom training and 1 years of extensive practical exposure in the university affiliated hospital. In comparison, it does not differ from other medical universities offering MBBS abroad. Some parts of the medical curriculum in the medical universities of Russia may have variations from other curricula because of the advanced technologies available in the country. The arrangement of topics to be discussed in the curriculum may also vary.

  • How many medical schools are in this country?
  • There are more than 70 renowned, NMC (National Medical Commission), formerly, MCI (Medical Council of India) and WDOMS (World Directory of Medical Schools) enlisted medical universities in Russia offering quality MBBS education at an affordable cost to all enrolled international students. This huge number confirms how MBBS, research, and studies are very much important in the country. However, out of all these medical universities, only 15 medical universities are authorized by the organization of MBBS in Russia to teach international students in the English language.

  • How difficult is it to study MBBS in Russia?
  • Studying MBBS in Russia is among the highest quality of education available worldwide as compared to the country offering MBBS abroad. MBBS in Russia is known to be the best in several specializations and is considered to be among the leading countries in medical technology. However, due to this, many students have burnt out because of their different capabilities in studying MBBS in Russia with at most a 10% dropout rate.

So, winding everything up! These are some of the 5 major tips that an aspiring Indian medical student should need to consider before they themselves enroll in the top medical university of Russia.

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