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10 things you need to know before studying MBBS/MD

10 things you need to know before studying MBBS/MD

There is absolutely no denying that if you are choosing MBBS/MD to study, then you must be very much curious about the course study, the medical college, the medical destination, and lastly the examination. Well, your parents might think that you have a bright future in studying MBBS, but yes, there is a lot that goes into studying MBBS. But you must not have that opinion, so you should not take up medicine/MBBS/MD as your career based on others opinion. For studying medicine, a student should have his or her heart and soul in studying medicine/MBBS, either from India or MBBS abroad. But before making the decision to study MBBS, there are certain things you should know about certain points before studying MBBS-

1. Eligibility Criteria

If you wish to study MBBS in India or MBBS abroad these are certain criteria that you need to fulfill in order to seek admission in the medical university of India or abroad-

2. Confidence Level will make everything easier

Before you enter into the field of medicine to study MBBS/MD you must know about its level. What is the level of MBBS? You’ll find plenty of answers in context to the question on the internet related to MBBS. MBBS is tough, difficult, and so on. We are not denying the fact that studying MBBS is tough but the condition is not pathetic. It all depends on your confidence. Your confidence level will make everything easier for you when it comes to studying MBBS. You are the only one who can decide your level of MBBS because you know best about yourself and your academics. So, for those who only dream to study, will always find MBBS as a burden and tough to study. But for those candidates who are ready to sit for hours and hours to acquire knowledge, will always find it easy, more and more interesting. Hence, no one but the candidate itself decides the level of MBBS.

3. Budget To Study MBBS

Well, of course, every parent wants their child to pursue their dreams in every possible way. In this universe not even, a single parent ever wants to break the dream of his or her child. But the circumstances do everything at times. The factor where a lot of people are stuck when it comes to fulfilling the dream of their child – is the financial factor. It is not necessary that every parent can afford higher fees for MBBS in India from a private Indian medical college course but there is a saying “Where there is a will there's a way”. The budget for government and private medical college in India and abroad are discussed below:

Particular Fees (approx. in India) Fees (approx. in Abroad)
Govt. Medical College ₹ 50,000 – ₹ 2,00,000 ₹ 20 lacs – ₹ 46 lacs
Private Medical College ₹ 50 lacs – ₹ 1 crore ₹ 14 lacs – ₹ 40 lacs

As the above mentioned shows how much did it cost to study MBBS from a private medical college in India, and that is one of the reasons why majority of Indian medical students choose to study MBBS abroad, especially from Russia. MBBS in Russia is very much affordable.

4. Schedule for MBBS Study

In order to achieve any target or goal in your life you must have a plan or a schedule to follow. It is easy to make plans but it is very tough to implement and then stick to it till the time you don’t reach your goal. For achieving targeted goals, a student needs to stick to a plan. Forecasting is a part of planning when you are determined towards your goal, learning from your past experience is good. Forecast your timetable by yourself.

It is always good to have an ambitious target to achieve your goal, it is quite justified to have high plans. Be realistic towards your plans and your goals. All you have to do is work on timings gradually and do not set targets which are overambitious that you end up with a mess. There is too much material to absorb when it comes to the process of achieving your goal, this is mentioned below are the things that are very much needed to know-

5. Internet a wonderful resource

For students, the internet is like a library. The Internet is very much needed. The internet has many advantages and disadvantages but for study resources it acts as a savior to every student, especially when it comes to MBBS. Internet is a vast resource of gaining knowledge and imparting it too. The students are always confused with the variety of answers which they get from their surroundings. The medical colleges or the medical colleges offering MBBS abroad offer lessons that are very useful to the students but sometimes they will leave the students frazzled because of the back-to-back classes. So, to clear all the doubts medical students can rely upon the internet. The very famous search engine “GOOGLE '' through which medical students can get solved their queries in no time. Another reliable resource that is YouTube through which MBBS students can clear their doubts by an interactive way because on YouTube the tutors, trainers are showing the relatable topic’s video which make the study experience more and more relevant to students. Studying through audio and video makes everything clear to understand and is also a great way to learn new things.

6. Discipline in Lifestyle

Never be hesitant to try to develop healthy habits. Make sure you are starting your day with some easy exercises and have some fitness goals in life, as your body is your temple. A Healthy body is needed in your life to achieve your desired goals. Never skip your breakfast, lunch, dinner because all the nutrition values in your meal are required in your body to be fit and fine as food is very much needed for a healthy diet. To build a support structure around you, a proper diet, exercise and sleep is needed. Pamper yourself, take care of yourself.

Try to get out through the tunnel of weakness. It’s all okay to have some weakness. But always try to get out of your weakness as it will also lead to a healthy mental state. It can be in any form i.e., anger, anxiety and many more. Always try to get rid of your weakness, as it is very much needed to be calm!

7. Making Friends is Important

Try making friends during your MBBS studies as studying alone can be boring and at times can be frustrating. Friends are the most reliable assets and they also bring peace of mind. Friends can help solve doubts and give different points of view to different topics and help you attain a new perspective. An essential part of studying MBBS with friends is taking notes while you study. So, by comparing notes with your friends, you can find your mistakes too. Sharing some personal things with your friends will make your friendship stronger and will give you a sign of relief. Connect with the most incredible people during your MBBS program who may end up being your lifelong friends.

8. Group Studies Are Important during Your MBBS

Group study means a group of students learning and discussing the topics together and getting to know more on a subject. But students have made group study as a place to chill out with friends. Students under the name of group study gossip and have a great time being with each other. Gossips eventually happen in a room filled with a group of people, and not all gossip is bad. Everyone discusses random stuff other than the related study topic. It may be sometimes conflicting or difficult to have the same interest in a topic to study. So, do not waste time in group study and go for self study. Self-study allows the students to grow by itself. It can give a boost to your self-esteem.

9. Make Personal Space for Yourself

Don’t forget to give priority to your personal space as well. Being an MBBS student, you can’t spend your whole time studying and not doing anything else. All MBBS students should take time for themselves too. Students play any sport of their interest which diverts their mind from studying and makes their mind stress free. Students should engage themselves in some other curriculum activities. Must watch movies of your choice with friends and family. Maintaining balance between studying and personal time is very important. Do things of your passion. Maybe you discover your passion. Crave out your passion. Find your passion.

10. Choose Smart work idea

Hard work is important but so is smart work. Every student should spend their time studying the course smartly. Students should be dedicated and interested in their study. Students should not take studies as a burden. Must have patience to study for 6 years.

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