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Is MBBS in Russia Same as India

Is MBBS in Russia Same as India

The ongoing trend of medical aspirants choosing Russia as their study destination to pursue MBBS in Russia has been in great demand and is on the rise from the last few years.

For medical aspirants all around the world, by taking admissions in Russian government medical university, provides them with an opportunity to explore project-based learning, interactive teaching, experiential and experimental learning strategies, group & peer tutoring and the most advanced- simulation learning technology during the entire duration of the course.

From last few years, medical aspirants from India and all around the world has been choosing Russia as their study abroad destination to pursue medicine because of the training provided by the top best Russian government universities and subsidized fees, the Ministry of Education or the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation has shown great interest in providing non-Russians the medical course in English language.

Henceforth, all the top best Russian medical universities provide the MBBS course to all the international students in English medium which has resulted in the rise of medical students choosing Russia over other foreign countries. Apart from this, the teaching faculty consists of all the competent staff members and highly talented doctors who have great knowledge and are quite fluent in English language making learning more interesting and interactive.

On the contrary, from many years, almost a quarter of the world’s scientific publications are in Russian, English taking the first position. Russian language occupying the second position and is the language of importance in the field of chemistry, physics, geology, mathematics, and the biological sciences. Russia has always been in great demand for its rich tradition in the field of science, arts and literature, business, political science, history, music, ballets, engineering, mathematics, culture, etc. To master in all this fields or profession, it is importance to have a better understanding of the Russian language and the Russian culture.

The Russian language gives you an opportunity that your non-Russian colleagues or classmates won’t have. For example, a student who knows Russian fluently and is keen in doing majors in biology can choose Russia for his or her higher studies or to work with Russian biologists in a Russian laboratory. On the other hand, those students who have mastered the language of Russian are highly accepted for higher studies in business school, law school, medical school and other professional programs.

Also, for all those medical aspirants, who have just entered the first year of their medical university in Russia, even the basic knowledge of Russian will be a great help during their first few months in the country. It would be easier for you to adapt and adjust to the local customs and traditions, if you know the language quite well.

Moving ahead, during such a time of internet and technology, you can even start learning at home in order to know the basics. Also, for all those who want to master and have a great command in Russian language can take up professional Russian language courses and they are virtually available all around the world. Moreover, for all the international medical aspirants pursuing MBBS in Russia, it is not all mandatory to learn Russian language but it is always good to know the language of the country you are studying in because of the profession you have taken involves a lot of interaction with the patients and their family.

In the field of Medicine, it requires a lot of interaction between the doctors and the patients or their families. No matter whichever country you choose to pursue your MBBS in, when you are planning to stay in that country for duration of 6 years, it is important to have the basic information about the language for your own good. There is always a concern over your safety and for this purpose, it is important that you are quite familiar with the customs, traditions and the language of your study destination.

Apart from this, if you know the Russian language, you will even enjoy your stay there and can have good interactive sessions with your Russian classmates and patients when you enter your clinical years. As soon as the students start with their first year of MBBS, they are provided with the training of Russian language which makes it easier for them to have a basic knowledge of the language. Moreover, although English is the language of international importance, it is always a better idea to have an adequate information about one more international language apart from English or your mother tongue.

Also, when medical aspirants enter their clinical years and start with their practice with the locals in the country, speaking with the locals in their native language can even build a good rapport between them and their patients.

During this time, when there are more options of choosing various foreign languages in school, Russia has also been in great demand and is taught in our universities as well. This is mainly because the country has emerged as one of the most powerful among the European countries and is in great demand for its advancement in the field of science and technology.

Due to this reason, it is advisable to all the future doctors pursuing medicine in Russia; to at-least have the basic knowledge of the language as your noble profession demands. So for all those aspirants planning to pursue any course in Russia, keep this in mind that it is always better to have basic knowledge about the language you will pursuing your higher studies in.

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