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Academic Excellence of Ulyanovsk State Medical University

Academic Excellence of Ulyanovsk State Medical University

In this blog, we have listed all the importance and academic excellence of the Ulyanovsk State Medical University, in order for all the aspiring medical candidates to acquire complete information of the university and clear all the confusion about the University in case if there is any. Also, for all the medical aspirants from all around the world, this University provides you with a lifetime opportunity in order to fulfil your dream of becoming a doctor.

Ulyanovsk State Medical University is one of the topmost government medical University in Russia, located in Ulyanovsk city, Russia and it was established in the year 1988 and it comes under the best medical institutions in Russia for pursuing specialized medical courses.

The international faculty of medical education in Ulyanovsk State Medical University, Russia have been one of the largest medical diagnostics and scientific educational centre in Russia. The University offers not only MBBS but variety of courses related to medical field. This is the reason why medical aspirants can choose from different programs be it doctorate, undergraduate and graduate programs depending on their likes and interests.

Ulyanovsk State Medical University is recognized by the Medical Council of India, WHO and many other international medical boards because of the quality of education provided to the medical aspirants in terms of theoretical knowledge and clinical practice in the University. There are approximately 40 affiliated hospitals and polyclinic that are associated with the University in order to encourage medical aspirants to develop practical knowledge.

Since the time the University came into existence, surgeons and other health professionals were trained from different countries in order to provide best medical education and training to all the medical aspirants planning to pursue MBBS from Ulyanovsk State Medical University. As the University consists of best international faculty from all around the world, it has been always in great demand for pursuing MBBS from Russia and on the top lists of all the aspiring medical students from all around the world.

With the modern approach towards education, the University has always been in demand among the medical aspirants from all around the world as it is equipped with advanced technology and latest infrastructure and the University’s syllabus is as per Internationally acclaimed course curriculum which encourages a greater number of international medical aspirants to choose this University for their MBBS program.

Ulyanovsk State Medical University library has digital library system and it also provides username and password to every student in order to acquire knowledge whenever they want. The best part about the University is that there are separate reading rooms in the library which help students learn with complete concentration without any disturbance and it has a huge collection of all international and national collection of books in both English and Russian due to which aspirants do not require to buy any textbooks or reading material from outside.

In terms of both, theoretical and clinical learning, the University focuses on proving effective medical education and the team of expert professors from various sectors in the medical profession help and motivate the students with their research as well as academic work.

Other important factors that make Ulyanovsk State Medical University, a University of Academic excellence are as follows:

  • First and the most important factor is that there is no entrance examination in order to secure admission in this University. Admissions can be secured only on the scores of your 12th class and Indian medical aspirants need to qualify NEET as per the rule of Medical Council of India.
  • The other benefit is that there are no donations in the University and the candidates only need to pay tuition fees, hostel fees and other fees for the services aspirants will be taking. So, there are no hidden charges which makes the University quite money friendly and economical for all the deserving candidates who are unable to secure admissions in India due to heavy donations or reservation system.
  • The cost of living is also very convenient as compared to other medical universities all around the world making it easier for the parents to take a decision of sending their children to a foreign destination in order to fulfil their dreams.
  • For all those international aspirants interested in travelling to another country for their medical studies, the medium of instruction is in English.
  • As the University is open to all, aspirants share a different set of learning and experiences which makes medical studies quite interesting and with different concepts. It also gives students an opportunity to make new friends in the University.
  • For all those Indian medical aspirants interested to practice in their own country, New Era Education also provides MCI coaching from the second year itself which help them prepare for the exit exam so that they can directly appear for it once they have completed their course without wasting a year.
  • The most important thing when one leaves their home country is food and in order to resolve this issue so that the student’s health do not take a toss, Indian mess is available in the University.
  • Tuition fees of the University is subsidized by the Russian Federation and it provides international students an opportunity of their lifetime to pursue MBBS in Russia and fulfil their dream of becoming a doctor without a fear of facing any financial issues.
  • The helpful, interactive and encouraging traits of the international professors in the University makes learning of medical education quite interesting and fun.

Apart from all this it is very important for all the aspirants to follow the rules of the University, maintain discipline, punctuality and keep up with the scores require to qualify every exam. It is also important to have a friendly nature with the classmates so that you can support each other as everyone is away from their home and in a different country. A moral support from a friend or a classmate is quite encouraging and it makes your stay easier in a different country.

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