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Top 10 Universities in Abroad for Indian Medical Aspirants to pursue MBBS at an Affordable cost

Top 10 Universities in Abroad for Indian Medical Aspirants to pursue MBBS at an Affordable cost

Since from the last few years, the world has witnessed the rise in the ratio of medical aspirants planning to choose abroad as their study destination for pursuing MBBS, there is still a major concern of which country to choose from as the various options for the same.

Earlier, aspirants only followed the trend of pursuing an engineering course or business studies from abroad, but MBBS is another domain in the education sector that has entered this trend. The ongoing trend is on the rise for MBBS in Russia, MBBS in China and MBBS in Bangladesh.

Moving ahead, the policies and changes introduced in various countries, keeping in mind the aspirant’s powerful dedication to pursue MBBS from abroad and because of wide range of opportunities available in terms of providing high quality of medical education has also led to increase in this trend.

Moreover, the medical universities in abroad are quite well-known for providing aspirants with world class education, highly qualified professionals, better medical equipment and other accommodation facilities. The most important factor is that the degree is recognized worldwide and the required training such as NEXT is also provided along with medical studies in some countries like Russia, China and Bangladesh.

Apart from all this, the cut-throat competition of cracking NEET, a smaller number of medical seats, increasing ratio of medical aspirants, reservation system and huge amount of donations in private Indian medical universities have led Indian medical aspirants to look for various opportunity and fulfill their dream of becoming a doctor by choosing to pursue MBBS from abroad.

But, however, medical aspirants also need to keep in mind, that the country they are planning to pursue their MBBS from is feasible for them to stay for that duration till their degree is completed. So, it is important to have complete details about the university's tuition fees and the cost of living before taking admissions in them.

So, it is important for Indian medical aspirants to consider the university’s tuition fees, world class facilities the university is offering and whether the university is recognized world-wide only then they should take their decision regarding admissions.

Medical aspirants who still cannot afford to pursue MBBS in universities offering reasonable fees and low cost of living can still choose to take admissions in them by applying for loans for educational purpose.

Now, we will be looking at the list of the following universities that are money friendly for Indian medical aspirants and international aspirants as well:

1. N.P. Ogarev Mordovia State University, Russia

Founded in the year 1931, this university holds a rank of a ‘National Research University’ which provide various educational programs for undergraduate (UG), graduate and post graduate (PG) aspirants and is recognized worldwide. Medical spirants only need to score 50% in PCB and qualifying NEET scores. Many other facilities are provided by this university keeping in mind the rising ratio of Indian Medical Aspirants. For more details kindly go through this link Ogarev Mordovia State University

2. Ulyanovsk State University, Russia

This government medical university located in Ulyanovsk city; Russia is one of the oldest educational institutions of Russia, founded in 1648. It consists of 40 affiliated hospitals and polyclinic wherein medical aspirants get a chance to develop their practical skills and gain knowledge in terms of both practical and theoretical. State University

3. North Ossetian State Medical Academy, Russia

Founded in the year 1939, this university is one of the largest and renowned medical institute which is famous for its undergraduate medical programs (MBBS). The faculty consists of well-trained and highly educated teaching staff who encourage aspirants to acquire as much knowledge as they can that too with modern technology. North Ossetian State Medical Academy

4. Crimea Federal University, Russia

In the year 1998, the university became one of the top universities with the 4th high accreditation level in the country, Russia although it was established in the year 1918. It is located in the city of Simferopol which is the capital of Crimea state. It offers one of the lowest MBBS fees in Russia for Indian aspirants who wants to pursue MBBS abroad. Crimea Federal University

5. Peking Union Medical College, China

Located in the capital city of Beijing, China, it is the first medical college in China. This medical college has been providing quality education to a number of national and international aspirants. Established in the year 1917, it is one of the most highly developed universities in China.

6. Capital Medical University, China

Founded in the year 1960, Capital Medical University was earlier known as Beijing second medical college and is among the most famous academic institution for its strong capacity in scientific research. It has also achieved numerous national and international recognitions in various areas.

7. Nanjing Medical University, China

It is among the first medical colleges in China to offer six-year medical education programs and is also the first one to be authorized to confer doctoral and master's degrees in China.

8. Parkview Medical College, Sylhet, Bangladesh

Parkview Medical College & Hospital is one of the leading Private Medical College in Bangladesh. As compared to Government Medical Colleges in Bangladesh, Private Medical Colleges are performing equally well in giving the world great future doctors and health professionals that too at an affordable tuition fee.

9. Dhaka National Medical College, Bangladesh

Established in the year 1994, it is the most prestigious private medical institution affiliated to the university of Dhaka. It attracts a lot of medical aspirants worldwide being a notable medical entity.

10. Marks Medical College, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Founded in the year 2011, it is considered as one of the best private medical colleges in Bangladesh and the only aim of the founder of this college was to provide quality education and good health care facilities to people at an extremely reasonable cost.

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