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Important Highlights of North Ossetian State Medical Academy!

Important Highlights of North Ossetian State Medical Academy!

Established in the year 1939, North Ossetian State Medical Academy is one of the oldest medical institutes in Russia since the time of the Soviet Union and is considered one of the best institutes for pursuing MBBS in Russia, even today.

North Ossetian State Medical Academy's most important activity is the expansion of international relations especially with regards to the collaboration which has been created with the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

NOSMA has been making major important changes that is required in order to enter the list of the best medical institutes in the world and from the year 1995 it managed to draw attention from the medical aspirants all around the world as by then it received the status of a medical academy.

Moving ahead, due to the introduction of various changes made in the teaching and training system, it has acquired recognition and affiliation from the ministry of education all around the world. MBBS in Russia has been in great demand since the time of Soviet Union and one such medical institute who is making huge efforts to maintain its position is NOSMA.

There are about 40 departments, 7 faculties, Central lab, centres for practical training and testing, personal clinics, psychological and pedagogical service, 22 computer classes, a contemporary library with an electronic room in the university that provides aspirants an easy access to internet resources with regards to academic and scientific knowledge.

Every year, more than 4000 medical aspirants, doctors who undergo primary specialisation and training, residents, interns, thematic improvement and graduate students are pursuing medical studies in the Academy. NOSMA takes complete responsibility of providing world class education to the interested aspirants enrolled in the Academy.

The starting point of a professional biography of NOSMA was the year 1943. The year 1962 was a special milestone in the biography of the North Ossetian State Medical Academy. Scientists from various Russian regions visited the academy and there was an increase in the ratio of medical staff in almost all domain. It was during this period that the educational and scientific work improved significantly. In order to optimize the educational process as well as to improve the professional training of medical personnel, special attention was given and huge efforts were made by the board members of the academy. The second paediatric faculty of the North Ossetian State Medical Academy was opened in the year 1974. The faculty of advanced medical education was created in the academy, in the year 1988. The organisation of the academy provided doctors and other medical staff with the opportunity to upgrade their skills and thereby upgrading the overall quality of medical care for the people of its country. The first batch of the dental faculty in the academy was started in the year 1993 because of which it became effortless and easy to provide dental training to qualified doctors in NOSMA. Today, the dental faculty in NOSMA has its own powerful clinical base in the form of two multi-disciplinary dental clinics which consist of well-trained teaching faculty and facilitated with modern equipment. But, however, 1995 was a new reference point in the biography of the institute.

Advantages of pursuing MBBS in North Ossetian State Medical Academy are as follows:

  • The best part of pursuing medicine in NOSMA for any international medical aspirant is that the admission procedure is quite simple
  • There are no donations required to take admissions in the academy.
  • The medical academy is recognized worldwide
  • The tuition fee is extremely affordable as 70% of the tuition fees are subsidized by the Russian Federation itself in order to promote medical tourism.
  • Another best advantage in NOSMA is that the medium of instruction is English.
  • NOSMA also provide scholarships to meritorious students which encourages the aspirants to keep on performing better.
  • NOSMA focusses on providing high quality of education by introducing latest advanced teaching method in order to maintain its ranking and be among the best medical institutes in the country.
  • New Era Education also provides NEXT coaching in the academy from second year itself which help Indian aspirants prepare for their exit exam along with MBBS studies.
  • Study material is provided by the library of the academy for free. Aspirants can borrow books for every semester by showing the student library card.
  • NOSMA also provides Indian hostels and mess facilities to the Indian medical aspirants that too at a minimum cost.

NOSMA provides quality medical courses under highly trained faculty with world-class and advanced infrastructure. The Academy is well known for its undergraduate medical program such as MBBS.

In NOSMA, the duration for the MBBS course is that of 5.8 years with English used as a medium of instruction. During the end of every year, there is a compulsory hospital practical training session for 15 days and aspirants can choose either to do it in the academy or in their home country but only in the hospitals listed by the academy.

NOSMA is located in Vladikavkaz city, Russia, and it is the most beautiful town in the Large Caucasian Mountains. The best part of this city is the beautiful nature which comprises of huge mountains covered with snow texture and glaciers, wild rivers and green alpine meadows.

The city has a huge population of various tribes and is quite famous for different cultures, traditions, sports and other activities. It also has an extremely comfortable and convenient transport communication system.

The city experiences temporally continental climate with dry summer due to the influence of the hot middle east air coming from the desert and long cold winters.

Faculties in the NOSMA include:

  • General Medicine
  • Dentistry / Stomatology
  • Preventive Medicine
  • Paediatrics
  • Pharmacy
  • Nursing Education
  • Post graduate Education

Documents Required for securing MBBS Admissions in NOSMA are listed below:

  • 10th and 12th Marksheet and Passing Certificate
  • 2 passport size photos (white background, colour photo, matte finish)
  • Medical fitness certificate
  • COVID test certificate
  • HIV Test certificate
  • NEET Marksheet
  • Valid passport of the Aspirant

Eligibility Criteria for MBBS in NOSMA

  • Candidate must score minimum 50% marks in 12th with physics, biology, chemistry and English as mandatory subject.
  • Indian Medical Aspirants need to qualify NEET exam.
  • Students must be of 17 years of age as on or before 31st December of the year of admission.

Student Life in NOSMA

The student's life in NOSMA is quite colourful and rich in terms of both education and extra-curricular activities. The aspirants enjoy the safe and comfortable environment of the academy which makes their stay for 6 years extremely easy and stress-free.

The teaching faculty in NOSMA also shares a great rapport with the students which makes it easy for the aspirants to adapt and adjust to the student life in NOSMA.

Aspirants get a chance to become independent while they are staying away from their family, focus on their studies, meet new people from different countries and make new friends from different culture, enjoy new culture in the Academy.

In order to welcome all new international aspirants, NOSMA organises “Fresher’s Day” every year on the first day of every academic session.

Apart from this, New Era Education organises every Indian festival like Diwali, Eid, Holi, Christmas, Pongal, Onam, New year, etc and other sports activities such as cricket tournaments, football, badminton and other classical programs so that the students can ease their stress and stay relax, physically fit and live a healthy and exciting life in the Academy.

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