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Some of the Key Features of pursuing MBBS in Crimea Federal University!

Some of the Key Features of pursuing MBBS in Crimea Federal University!

The trend of pursuing MBBS in Russia was started in the early 90's and when medical aspirants plan to pursue MBBS in Russia, Crimea Federal University is the first one to come in their minds and it is the most desired medical university by many international aspirants from all over the world due to several reasons.

Established in the year 1918, currently, Crimea Federal University is under the control of Russian Federation. The university completed 100 years of its establishment in the year 2017. Medical aspirants from as many as 45 different countries around the world are presently pursuing MBBS in Crimea Federal University and it has been ranked at the position of 13,575 out of 40,000 medical universities in the world.

The faculty of this prestigious university include a team of 799 highly qualified and well-trained medical professionals out of which 524 members are Ph.D. holders of science and Associate professors and 106 are doctors of science and professors. The University’s high qualified teaching faculty also include 40 academy professors who are corresponding members of national and international Academic of Sciences and other academicians. Crimea Federal University also has many states prize laureates with honorary titles which is of great significant.

This university offers an exceptional combination of both modern state-of-the-art and ancient infrastructure. Crimea Federal University comprises of 16 educational buildings along with 5 hostels providing homely, safe and comfortable accommodation to all the enrolled medical aspirants. Apart from this, it also provides sports centre, covered tracks, field athletics arena and other canteen and cafe facilities.

The university is widely spread over a total of 17.3 hectares of extensive and lavish space. Crimea State Medical University provide many other opportunities to already enrolled national and international medical aspirants and professors to explore their inbuilt and hidden talent.

Currently, more than 5000 medical aspirants are pursuing MBBS in Crimea Federal University from all around the world and they are being trained to emerge as globally recognized doctors and surgeons.

The University's hard efforts, strong dedication and providing medical training on par as per international standard education system makes it to achieve better world rankings and maintain the position since its establishment.

Crimea Federal University is ranked 25th in the country and it has 69th world ranking which makes it the most preferred destination by the medical aspirants from all around the world. Another best part about this university is that the medium of teaching is English since the very beginning.

The University also provides doctoral courses and other postgraduate facilities to the interesting candidates. The University is always introducing various changes in order to maintain the international standard of teaching. Although, the University comes under the best medical institutes in Russia, but the fee structure is extremely low as compared to other medical universities in Russia.

During The clinical years, aspirants are provided with complete clinical training with regards to various clinical practices which enables them to improve their level of performance and gain in-depth clinical knowledge. In order to enrich their medical practices, the University also makes international collaboration and partnerships with international universities for providing exchange programs to the students. It also conducts events, round tables and many other international conferences, every year so that the aspirants can explore international exposure in their career.

Apart from this, Crimea Federal University provide aspirants with world class infrastructure in terms of well-equipped laboratories, highly facilitated classrooms, best accommodation and mess facilities which makes their student life extremely comfortable and interesting.

In order to help the aspirants in their further studies, Crimea Federal University deeply follows the European Credit Transfer system. This University provides various scopes and major career prospects to the interested aspirants by participating in different international medical research projects. This is the reason why Crimea Federal University is considered as one of the best Universities in Russia.

Among all universities in Russia, Crimea Federal University holds the highest passing record of the MCI Screening Test. About 40% of its medical aspirants cleared the Indian Medical screening test in the first attempt in the year 2016. That is a major achievement by the university in itself. Every year, the ratio of the aspirants qualifying the exit test is increasing because of the FMGE coaching provided to them from second year itself by the Indian Medical Doctors.

Faculties in the University are as follows:

  • Faculty of General Medicine
  • Faculty of Pharmacy
  • Faculty of Clinical Psychology
  • Faculty of dentistry
  • Faculty of Paediatrics

Eligibility Criteria to pursue MBBS in Crimea Federal University are as follows:

  • Aspirants must have an average academic score of 75% in Physics, Chemistry and Biology in their 12th class.
  • Indian aspirants also need to secure qualifying scores on their NEET exam.

The Prime Location of the University

Located in the capital and the largest city, Simferopol, it is also known as the 'Gate of Crimea' because it is where all the roads, leading to each corner of the peninsula, meet.

Since the country is very famous for its music, dance and other theatre related activities, this city also features many theatres such as the Crimean Tatar Music and Drama Theatre, the Maxim Gorky Crimean Academic Drama Theatre, the State Academic Music Theatre where performances are held in Crimean Tatar and Russian languages.

Another most visited and attractive tourist place in Crimea is the Taurida Central Museum which is quite exploring for those who are interested in knowing Russian history. There are many other museums in the city such as the Museum of History of Simferopol, the Ethnographic Museum and the Simferopol Art Museum that provides an insight to the city since the time of Soviet Union.

One more attractive tourist place is the Monument of Catherine the Great. In the year 1890, the Bolsheviks severely damaged the original monument that was exposed in the city park. However, in the year 2016, a 7-tonne bronze monument was reinstalled in the centre of the park.

Student Life in the University

  • The university has established an international centre as a part of its commitment to the internationalization of its activities and programs.
  • It also offers a separate facility department for enrolled international aspirants; in case they have any queries or issues during their study of the MBBS program at Crimea Federal University.
  • Every year, the university organizes an annual function where aspirants get to showcase their other in-built talent. Aspirants are also encouraged to participate in various cultural events like folk dance, Russian classical music, ballets, etc. The university also has a dance club which is called 'Youth' which includes an amateur theatre, a pop dance group, a breakdance group and a show-ballet.
  • Aspirants can enjoy safe and comfortable accommodation throughout the duration of the course, as the university provides world class facilities with regards to hostels and mess that too within the campus of the University.
  • Easy admission procedure and friendly environment of the university is the major attractive factor that draw attention of aspirants all around the world.

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