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Different Medical Courses without NEET, If not MBBS

Different Medical Courses without NEET, If not MBBS

In the field of medical education, the demand for pursuing MBBS is on the rise in almost all the countries around the world and aspirants are desperate to get into an MBBS college.

No matter how much efforts they put, it is extremely difficult to secure a medical seat in your preferred medical university because of several reasons due to which aspirants loose hope and get depressed as their sole aim is to become a doctor.

Moving ahead, there are some aspirants who choose an alternative career option if not MBBS, in the medical field, for which the scores of NEET entrance exam is not considered. So, aspirants there are variety of career opportunities after 12th if not MBBS and that do not require NEET.

Aspirants who are not aware about these courses might really be excited after reading this. Yes, you read it right and if your dream is too just get into the medical field in any domain of the profession then you can choose the following mentioned medical career opportunities, if not MBBS as it even require less efforts and will not take a toll on your health without worrying whether the seats are available in your preferred university.

Medical aspirants are aware of the fact that the NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) that was earlier known as AIPMT (All India level pre-medical entrance test) is the most competitive medical entrance examination in order to pursue undergraduate medical courses such as MBBS, BDS, BAMS, BUMS, BHMS, etc. in Indian government and private institutions and for those aspirants who are planning to pursue MBBS from Abroad.

It is mandatory that the aspirants who are planning to pursue medical courses need to complete 12th from science stream with Physics, Chemistry and Biology and also qualify NEET exam if they want to pursue MBBS in India and Abroad.

There are various opportunities in the medical and paramedical courses which are available for all the candidates who are interested in pursuing different medical courses apart from MBBS because of India’s fastest growing health care sector, through which you can also acquire best salary packages and various opportunities after pursuing 12th. On the other hand, medical aspirants are always in search of alternate career opportunities in medicine without NEET, as the level of competition of NEET exam is on the rise.

Moving ahead, most of the time, medical aspirants also feel like appearing for the NEET exam is a hindrance which affects their mental being for pursuing medical courses but as we have already mentioned that there are various medical courses for aspirants who are keen to pursue medical courses without NEET which are highly rewarding like Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Nursing, Optometry and many others wherein aspirants do not have to clear the NEET entrance exam.

Which are the alternate options in the field of medical education without NEET?

So, let us discuss about the top medical courses after your 12th without NEET:

The Profession of Nursing

Nursing is a profession wherein through professional medical treatment aspirants are required to serve humanity which involves qualities such as patience, care and affection for the people in need.

With 4 years of duration in the profession of medical science, nursing is an undergraduate course and aspirants can be a Registered Nurse (RN), a Staff Nurse, Nurse Educator, Medical Coder, etc. and it is one of the top medical courses which is always in great demand which does not require aspirants to appear for NEET exam.

Course of Veterinary Science

This professional medical course involves the study of medical diagnostics and the treatment of diseases of all animals. So, those aspirants who have immense care and sympathy for animals and want to get in-depth about them then, they can definitely opt for this domain in the medical profession.

With the course duration of 5.5 years, it is an undergraduate degree programme with a mandatory internship period of 6 months. After completion of the course from this field, aspirants can get the degree of a veterinary doctor and can get placement for surgeries involving animals and can take a full-time job as a Veterinary Surgeon. In this domain, there are other designations such as Associate Veterinarian, Veterinary Pharmacologist and Veterinary Neurologist, etc.

Bachelor of Occupational Therapy

This professional course is a 4.5 years duration course which is also known as a B.O.TH. or Bachelor of Occupational Therapy. It includes deep research in different aspects such as microbiology, pathology, psychology, pharmaceuticals and fundamentals of occupational therapy;

It is a professional career option in which you can motivate people live healthy and fulfilling lives by helping them deal and get over with their mental or physical injury and illness. Occupational therapists can even take a part time job or work as a member of rehabilitation centres along with working in clinics and hospitals.

Bachelor of Science in Genetics

B.Sc in Genetics is another great career option in medical field which is a 3 years course and also provides a bachelor's degree. In this professional course, you will get to learn about genetic diseases and chromosomes to detect genetic disorders. Aspirants are required to help the doctors correctly diagnose by analysing and identifying congenital diseases through body fluids, blood tissue, etc.

Aspirants will be trained to make use of different advanced technological methods in order to detect any kind of abnormalities in DNA and produce accurate report to the doctors. Aspirants can take up jobs such as Geneticists, cytogeneticists, Genetic Counsellor or Bio-Technician in hospitals, labs and clinics and can also work in your personal labs and clinics.

Bachelor of Science in Nutrition

This professional course deals with dietetics and nutrition that improves people's lifestyle in a healthy way. It is a 3 years course wherein aspirants will get to learn and conduct various researches and tests in order to know in detail the reactions of food items or the effects of diet in human beings.

After being a Nutritionist, aspirants can guide people better about their healthy food choices, diets and their digestive system in case they suffer with allergies and other body conditions, etc. After getting the degree in this field, aspirants can start their own firm or can also work in hospitals as Dietitians, Nutritionists, advisors and Food Quality Manager in sports, public health, and set up.

Bachelors of Science in Cardiovascular Technology

B.Sc in Cardiovascular Technology is one of the most interesting medical profession which requires a 3 year to 4 year degree-level program.

Aspirants who become cardiovascular technologists need to conduct a particular kind of ultrasounds, tests and other cardiovascular procedures on patients in order to assist or help the physicians in correct diagnosis and medication. Aspirants can take a job as a Cardiovascular Technologist, cardiovascular agents, Cardiologist, and even Medical Sonographer in private labs, clinics and hospitals.

Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology

This course involves with the combined study of Biology and Technology to invent or develop products to serve the life of the Earth and is a 3-year undergraduate course which gives importance on the study of genetic manipulation in microorganisms.

Biotechnologists can work in different sectors of Food, Agri, Pharma, Chemistry, etc. along with other research labs and institutes. They can take up some of the best designations such as Research Analyst, Marketing Manager and a Research Associate In-Vitro Biology.

Bachelor of Pharmacy

Pharmacy is a 4 years professional undergraduate degree program which involves a lot of research and studies of different drugs and helps in the testing of drugs for a particular disease. After the course, it provides in depth awareness about the dosage of medications to the patient and for this course a complete understanding of medical prescriptions and their distribution is extremely important.

Aspirants will get to learn various subjects under the B.Pharm course such as Human Anatomy, Biostatistics, Physiology and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology and can work as Pharmacist, Drug Inspector, drug Safety Associate, Clinical Research Associate, etc. after getting the degree.

Bachelor of Science in Yogic Science and Naturopathy - BNYS

Aspirants who want to pursue medical without NEET can opt for Yogic Science and Naturopathy courses as they are also available in various universities around the world and in India it is already there.

The main aim of this course is on acupuncture, herbal medicines and nutrition in order to remove toxins and to purify the body. In this world of technology, among all, there is a lot of awareness regarding personal health and this is the reason why this course is in great demand as it does not require NEET and aspirants need to score only passing marks in Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

B.Sc Food Technology

It is a 4-year undergraduate program which focuses on the development, processing, manufacturing and storage of edible food and raw materials.

After pursuing this course aspirants can explore various opportunities in both the public and private sectors. Aspirants can also pursue BTech in Food Technology without NEET apart from BSc in Food Technology.

B.Sc in Agricultural Science

It is a 4 years program which provides in depth information about horticulture and research, farm management, farm machinery and everything related to the farm business.

It is profession that involves different technical and scientific subjects and amongst medical aspirants, B.Sc. in Agriculture science is a popular choice when it comes to pursuing Agriculture courses.

Bachelors in Biomedical Engineering

It is a course that deal with the elements of Medicine and Engineering and in order to create new ways to improve human health, it involves techniques of engineering in biology and medicine.

It is a 4 years program and across various industries aspirants can find better Biomedical Engineering job opportunities.

Career Scope in these Medical Profession

In the above-mentioned medical professions, the scope of work and remuneration which aspirants are going to acquire will only increase with increased expertise, experience, and qualifications and in any of these domains you can work with doctors or researchers or even practice independently as Biomedical Engineer, Cardiologist, Drug Safety Associate, Cardiac Perfusionist, Nutritionist, Physiotherapist, Microbiologist, etc.

So, aspirants, you can choose from the above-mentioned medical courses without NEET after completing your 12th exam and you should know that there are no boundaries in the field of medical profession, the only factor is that you have to give your best in order to gain success in your chosen career.

Aspirants should never forget that in any field the amount of hard work, efforts and consistency will decide the future and will give help you accomplish your goals.

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