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Top Professional Courses after Graduation

Top Professional Courses after Graduation

In today's world, where there some tough competition and challenges in an aspirant's life in the field of various sectors of education stream or other extracurricular activities, pursuing just a normal graduation from any stream is just plain and basic. It is very common and something that everyone is expected to do despite of their capability of pursuing graduation for even a basic job or work profile.

In the field of education, there are variations and changes in the academic measures and after graduation, post-graduation or even Research studies i.e., PhD’s, aspirants choosing various professional courses are increasing every year to attain a new level of success and the strong level of desire to become better than the other financially or to have a reputation in the society.

It is therefore advisable for all the aspirants to not waste time when they are in their high school, final year of college or even when they are quite young to explore about various opportunities that they should take along their way in order to set a goal in their career and put in huge efforts to accomplish it from the very beginning as opportunities do not knock the same door twice. When you start young, you get a lot of time to prepare for your career and choose between various options so that right after the graduation or when the time is correct you can implement your decision accordingly.

There are many aspirants who would be thinking of pursuing short-term courses and there are some who might be considering long term professional courses as higher studies as they aim higher in life. No matter whatever course you choose it is important for aspirants to take into consideration the pros and cons of both long-term courses and short-term courses. Some might have even started preparing for the entrance examinations which are important to take for the same.

For professional careers in various sectors, there are many domains such as HR, Marketing, Business Analytics, IT, System Management, Operations, etc. After graduation, you have to choose from an array of professional courses in order to widen the scope of various career opportunities. The most important task for any aspirant is to choose the best career and it may appear to be challenging for some and easy for others. But it is definitely not a cake walk as aspirants really need to think out of the box and keep in mind their capabilities and other factors while choosing on a career as it might waste time.

Nowadays, there are more chances of aspirants getting confused as there are several options available in front of them while they are exploring about various opportunities to choose from.

What does it exactly mean by Professional Courses?

Earlier it was very easy to get a job even after completing a bachelor's degree but in today's time when the world is making tremendous progress in every field, aspirants need to do something extra-ordinary in order to stand out of the crowd. Moreover, it has become extremely important to achieve success and new heights in the career. Aspirants are required to go through different courses such as PhD, diploma, a PG program, certification course, or an online course from a well-respected institute. All these programs and courses will help you learn and get an idea about which specialization you need to choose.

At the time of exploring about various bachelor's degree, it may seem to be confusing about what exactly you are interested in making a career in but all your doubts will get cleared once you start learning about various subjects. Once after the completion of the course, it also widens and broaden job opportunities for the desired candidate moreover even after basic 12th standard exam.

After graduation, there are innumerable job-oriented degrees as well as short-term courses that the aspirants can pursue, although there are chances that the aspirants might face challenging situation in order to choose the best career course for themselves.

Mentioned below are some of the best professional courses after graduation:

  • M.TECH
  • PGDM
  • MBA
  • PGPM
  • Certification in Finance and Accounts
  • PGD in Hotel Management
  • Masters in Data Science
  • Business Accounting and Taxation
  • PG Diploma in Digital Marketing

Let us look into the details and analyse each job-oriented professional courses after graduation that are important to be understood:

  • M.TECH:Aspirants who have completed their higher studies in BE (Bachelor of Engineering) or B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology) can pursue this program which is of 2 years.

    In comparison to all the other programs that we will be mentioning below, which are both technical and management, this one is solely a technical one and meant especially for those who wants to specialize in this specific domain.

    The average fees for this course will come up to approximately between 60,000 Rs to 2.5 lakhs and the top best colleges that are offering the MTech programs are Jamia Millia Islamia, IIT Delhi, Jadavpur University, Jain University, etc.

  • PGDM: Many aspirants are planning to pursue the course of PGDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Management) after they have completed their graduation successfully. The universities which are autonomous do not work in collaboration with any other university and they only provide PGDM programs.

    In PGDM the curriculum and syllabus are often revised and altered accordingly when compared to other courses. Autonomous colleges have acquired full permission to update their curriculum accordingly and they can have their own syllabus for universities or university-affiliated colleges or the outline. In case if a particular university modifies it, there will be alterations and changes done.

    Every year, there are many top institutes that provide direct placement of around 10% of PGDM students. Some of the top best institutes that provide this course are NMIMS, IIM Kolkata, SPJIMR, etc. For PGDM the average fees range between 3.5 lakhs to 12 lakhs approximately.

  • PGDEMA (Post Graduate Diploma in Event Management and Activation): For young aspirants of this generation, event management has evolved as one of the most creative professions and it has become a trendsetter with every other aspirant planning to pursue event management and make their career in this.

    Aspirants who want to have their own start up and begin their business or company are often interested in taking up this course as a full-time work. Even aspirants who are searching for jobs after completing their graduation are looking for creative jobs such as event management.

    Apart from the creative and interesting work that it is, even the salary packages are extremely high and this course and the business of event management has been in great demand from past few years.

    After pursuing a full-fledged course and with the degree in this will provide ample of opportunities to reach new heights in the career. It is a full-time program with 1 or 2 years of duration and the fees of the course is around 60,000 Rs to Rs 2 lakhs approximately.

  • MBA: It is a management course and the duration of this course is 2 years. Today, pursuing an MBA from the most renowned university or institute has got a market value and almost 80% of the degree holders would have an MBA degree all round the world, as it has emerged as the world-class career opportunity for the degree holders from any stream.

    The best part about the specialization programs of MBA is that it provides opportunities to aspirants from all the stream as you can choose any specialization depending on your preference and comfort. There are many top institutes that offer lucrative programs such as HR, Marketing, Finance and many to name. Apart from all this, these universities also work in collaboration with some of the best foreign Management universities which provides the world class and trustworthy exposure for the highest management standings.

    This course provides ample of opportunities to all kind of aspirants from degree holders, graduates to the one’s who are in start up to grow in their career. There are many different aspects that are included in this program such as Technology and Information Systems, Marketing, Human Resources, Finance, Statistics and Economics.

    The fees for this course for the full-time program in India ranges between Rs 50,000 to Rs 50 lakhs and some of the best colleges offering this program in India are IIM Calcutta, IIM Ahmedabad, XLRI Jamshedpur, IIM Lucknow, IIM Indore, etc.

  • PGPM: The course of Post Graduate Programme in Management or (PGPM) is a one-year management course and out of all the courses it is one of the most expensive courses as it is a post graduate program. But it is very beneficial for those aspirants who are planning to pursue management program which requires short duration.

    For PGP courses, IIM is one of the top institutes and this is not a degree program but it is merely a certification course.

    For PGPM course, the average tuition fees come up to approximately between Rs 10 lakhs to Rs 30 lakhs.

  • Certification in Finance and Accounts: In India this course of certification is backed by many reputed universities which are especially meant for those aspirants who have completed their graduation from Commerce stream.

    The advantage about this course is that it is completed in 4 weeks which is less time-consuming and this is what all aspirants are mostly looking for. It is the course which helps aspirants to understand different techniques and skills which are useful in the business as well as in finance. It will also help you to join the market that deals with different advanced technologies in order to improve the productivity of your business.

  • PGD in Hotel Management: Hotel Management is another most trending and one of the highest salaries paying profession which gives you several opportunities like travelling to foreign countries and many more.

    Aspirants from any particular stream can opt for hotel management even after pursuing 12th class.

    The course of hotel management usually begins with providing basic cutlery practice along with other hospitality and management skills which are important to understand the professionalism of this business. Apart from this, in order to provide real life experiences to aspirants, many top institutes provide internships along with the course.

    It is a one-year course and the fees varies between Rs 20,000 to Rs 2 lakhs per year which also depends on different universities you choose.

  • Masters in Data Science (MSc in Data Science): In the current job, for various firms, Data Science is another most trending domain in the field of education as all around the globe, data eclipsing oil has become the top-valued resource.

    Masters in Data Science is a theoretical professional degree course which provides in-depth information about Descriptive Statistics, C-Programming and Calculus so that aspirants get all possible information with regards to huge number of real-world data.

    This duration for this course is of 2 years and pursuing master’s in Data Science can also help you know more about various designations that you can acquire in this professional degree involving senior executive positions.

  • Business Accounting and Taxation (PGP-BAT): After pursuing graduation from commerce stream, for those aspirants who have a strong dedication to acquire higher positions in the domains of taxation and accounting, then it is one of the best short-term courses which commerce aspirants can choose to do.

    By short term duration means, this course is only for 6 months or a year and the fees is also less approximately around Rs 50, 000. This program includes various domains such as financial statements, SAP modules, workforce policies, etc.

  • PG Diploma in Digital Marketing: After graduation, another most trending profession an aspirant can choose to pursue is Digital Marketing which involves different sectors in it. It provides certificate for various domains such as Digital Marketing, SEO, Business Analytics and social media.

    This is a PG-level program which is a one-year course and the annual average fees for this professional course ranges between Rs, 50,000 to Rs 2 lakhs approximately.

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