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Medical University Transfer from Ukraine to Russian Federation Universities

Medical University Transfer from Ukraine to Russian Federation Universities

How to take transfer from Ukraine universities to Russian federation universities?

Everyone is aware of the fact that the current war between Russia and Ukraine will have huge side-effects on the global economy which has still not managed to come out of the trauma of the coronavirus pandemic.

Among many problems faced by people, one of them being faced by the medical aspirants who were pursuing MBBS from Ukraine medical universities. Although, the two nations never shared a cordial relationship but it was never expected that they will be fighting a war in the future.

For all these medical aspirants, who are confused and are in a state of shock about the incident that shook them to the core, can now heave a sigh of relief as the National Medical Council (NMC) has decided to let the Indian medical aspirants who returned from war-torn Ukraine to complete their medical education from Russia and other authorised countries.

Moving ahead, the best part is that these Ukraine returned medical aspirants who faced a major disruption in their studies in war-torn Ukraine can now secure transfer to Russian medical universities without them even losing out on their previous academic years and Russia has come out in full support for them.

Although the NMC has given approval to the Ukraine returned medical aspirants to take transfer to any authorized international medical universities but taking transfer to Russian medical universities has more advantages than any other country as the course and the duration is almost the same as in Ukraine.

While many Indian medical aspirants were planning to secure a transfer from Ukraine to other international medical universities, Russia was the first country who stood in support of Ukraine returned medical aspirants from India to resume their medical studies at top Russian universities. For many Indian medical aspirants who retuned from the war-torn country, planning to transfer their admissions in the top government medical universities in Russia, this news has been the new ray of hope in their academic career as their years, efforts and money will not get wasted.

Russia and India have a long history of a strong friendship since many years and even after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Russia inherited its close relationship with India which resulted in both nations sharing a special bond even after that. It has been described as a special and a strategy partnership by both India and Russia and they been maintaining this throughout the years.

Moreover, all the Indian medical aspirants who were pursuing MBBS from Ukraine universities without any transcripts from their previous universities can still manage to secure transfer in the top government medical universities of Russia. The Russian medical universities have also given them options that they can even submit their documents with the universities later so that they do not have to sacrifice another year of their medical studies.

Why pursue MBBS in Russia for all the MBBS Aspirants who will now have to take a transfer from Ukraine?

Well, there are various benefits and advantages for all the Ukraine medical students from India to choose Russia as a top destination for completing their MBBS course. While planning to secure admissions or taking a transfer from Ukraine to Russian medical universities, aspirants will have to keep in mind that the universities they are planning to take transfer in should have some similarities and should have an education standard as per the universities they were pursuing MBBS in. Russia, is the only country, which have huge similarities with the war-torn country as Ukraine was earlier a part of the Soviet Nation.

Some of the major advantages while taking a transfer are listed below:

  • The major and the most important advantage for all the Ukraine returned medical aspirants is that medium of instruction in the top Russian medical universities is English.
  • Another major advantage while planning to take a transfer is that the ranking and accreditation of the universities. In Russia, all the top medical universities are recognized by the Medical Council of India which is now known as the National Medical Commission, WDOMS, FAIMER, ECFMG, MCC, and many other authorised bodies all around the world.
  • The top Russian medical universities provide world class education in terms of theoretical and practical learning both in an extremely affordable fees as 70% of the tuition fees is subsidized by the Russian Federation itself.
  • Also, the admission procedure of all the top Russian medical universities is very simple without any lengthy processes.
  • Apart from all this, one of the most important factors is the duration and the course of MBBS in Russian medical universities is same as in Ukraine.
  • Russian medical universities not only focus on the academic learning of an aspirant but they also motivate aspirants to participate in international colleges festivals and other extracurricular activities for the mental wellbeing of every aspirant.
  • Apart from all this, the teaching staff and other faculty at the Russian universities are highly-qualified from best medical universities and institutions from all around the world.
  • Russia has been the most trending study abroad destination for MBBS studies as it consists of more than 30 well-established medical universities with well qualified lecturers and teaching staff, state-of-the-art infrastructure, making use of advanced technology, implementing modern ways and techniques in order to impart best medical education to all the aspiring medical aspirants which draws a major attention from all the international medical aspirants for pursuing MBBS in Russia.
  • The Russian medical universities also provide aspirants with well-equipped laboratories and implementing the use of advanced equipment and modern teaching methods for better learning experience to the students.
  • Another advantage for middle class medical aspirants is that the Russian medical universities do not demand hefty donations or capitation fee from the medical aspirants.
  • While securing transfer from Ukraine medical universities to Russian medical university, aspirants do not have to take any entrance exam.
  • Russian medical universities also provide fully furnished hostel facilities and Indian mess facilities to all the Indian medical aspirants.
  • Medical aspirants pursuing MBBS from the top Russian medical universities are also entitled to clinical training at renowned hospitals and clinics for excellent practical exposure.
  • In order to provide a safe environment to all the aspirants the Russian universities are in a complete surveillance and are also guarded by the security all the time.

Top Russian Universities Accepting Transfer Students from Ukraine are:

What is the Procedure to secure an Academic Transfer from Ukraine?

All the Indian medical aspirants from Ukraine who have decided to complete their medical course from Russian medical universities will have to transfer their credits from their current university to the shortlisted Russian university.

  • Passport
  • Online or Offline Transcripts
  • Student ID card of the Ukrainian university

Aspirants will have to make a note of the following:

Note 1: Aspirants should see to it that all the above documents are translated and notarized.

Note 2: Aspirants can now secure an MBBS seat in Russian medical universities and submit the required documents later in their current university.

Aspirants who are planning to take a transfer from Ukraine medical university to the Russian medical universities will have to follow the below mentioned procedure that has been shortlisted by the Russian universities that are accepting transfer students from Ukraine

The Admission Procedure are as follows:

  • Aspirants will have to submit all the documents mentioned above.
  • The university will let you know from which semester you can begin your remaining medical studies by considering the credits from your transcripts.
  • Once everything is confirmed, you can go ahead by paying the tuition fee.

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