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Some of the Great educational influencers in India

Some of the Great educational influencers in India

In this world full of technology, wherein the social media has reached to the highest pinnacle of craze with regards to both advantages and disadvantages, after exploring in depth, our motive is to present you all with some great benefits of this social media craze.

In order to provide the required motivation to the youth of this world, we will present to you some great educational influencers in India, so that you get the right kind of guidance and motivation through their success stories and you can implement the same in your life.

Aspirants in every kind of stream should acquire motivation from them and remember that education influencers are social media creators, who in every consumable format publish micro and macro content through which they get fame and through this they are also helping the youth of the world.

The range and followers of these education influencers are tremendously increasing and they have a huge impact on their followers who are mostly students and because of their regular flow of content which includes important information such as tips - tricks, preparation strategies, various new courses that will be in demand in the future, tutorials, exam updates, community platform, Job opportunities in the countries worldwide, etc. people are always looking for more recent updates through them.

The Digital Media Slurry in the lives of Education Influencers

The digital ecosystem is a platform which has been created by the world of content media in order to reach millions in the world through this digital ecosystem which is the most effective and convenient way of reaching out to the huge number of people.

The world of digital media help people to introduce them to various trendsetters from different sectors of education and other achievers to showcase their talent, ideology, knowledge, perspective in the subject or particular domain they have expertise in and known for. Moreover, aspirants from all around the world can utilise the availability of the internet in order to get connected to these education influencers who showcase their flow of content through various different social media channels. In the education sector, the usual occupations of the influencers are Youtubers, Researchers, Journalists, Teachers and Authors and there is always something new which they come to in order to stay in the limelight.

Not only international but there are many famous education influencers who are extremely popular all around the world among various aspirants and the market of Indian education influencers who are facing some tough competition by some of their competitors in order to maintain the best position and present their brand successfully is always occupied by the traffic of public figures. They teach important and phenomenal values with regards to out of the box ideas, learning tips, life and time saving hacks policies and different type of essential content.

The Importance of Education Influencers in the Society

The education influencers who are quite in demand on social media create useful contents in different methods in order to present and provide the world with latest information and recent updates which is related to various domains in the sector of education. These education influencers have a huge fan following who are mostly aspirants from various field across the world and their audience are not only limited to a particular country because of the good quality of content and informative videos they post on their social sites.

Moreover, their content not only provide training to the aspirants on various topics related to education but they also provide important updates in the educational dimension regarding various events occurring in the world but it also helps them to understand and acquire information regarding various career prospects in different education sector

We will be looking at Some most Popular and Valuable Education Influencers who are trending in 2022. We have mentioned below 5 most trending education influencers who have gained fame from last few years and aspirants are suggested to go through their social websites for any kind of information regarding career and knowledge in education field. They have a huge fan following and they are as follows:

  1. Himeesh Madaan:
  2. Based in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India, Himeesh Madaan is one of a leading motivational speaker, writer and a life-skill coach who is extremely famous for his tremendous dedication in order to provide a helping hand to the youth of the country in order to empower them set a goal in their lives as well as develop required skills in order to accomplish them.

    He had started off his journey working with corporates as a trainer and life-skill coach and he is only 34 years old entrepreneur. While working as a corporate trainer, he personally witnessed an unfortunate mishap that shook him deeply when he saw a juvenile commit suicide. The suicidal note had some heart wrenching words such as “Maa Mujhe Maaf Karna.” This heart-breaking incident in his life developed a vision in him and he decided to come up with new ideas to help the youth of the country to build their career and he knew exactly what will motivate the youngsters. In order to help the youth to become capable of tackling some tough life challenges, he realized that introducing various training programs would be beneficial.

    In order to motivate the youth of today’s generation, so that they can handle the problems and challenges that life throws at them, he started his own channel on YouTube. During the initial phase after starting the channel, in order to expand his network digitally, he had to struggle a lot but soon his fun-loving teaching techniques mesmerised the youth of today and he rose to fame after that.

    Now, all types of industries and companies invite Himeesh, in order to train their top professionals at this young age. Through his social media content and powerful training programs, he has changed the lives of over 100 million people.

  3. Roman Saini:
  4. Roman Saini is a former IAS officer and the founder of Unacademy. He is extremely famous in the digital spectrum and is one of the most famous personality whose only motto is to revolutionize the education sector of India.

    Roman Saini was born 1991, Jaipur, Rajasthan, and was a very bright student since his young school days. He was such an intelligent student that ate the age of 16, he cracked the most difficult exam in the field of education i.e., NEET and soon joined as a Junior Doctor.

    Moving ahead, he qualified UPSC (Batch 2013) at the age of 22 and served as an IAS officer in Gorakhpur state of Uttar Pradesh. Moreover, as he co-founded Unacademy, he decided to sacrifice his post as an IAS officer ansd decided to serve the youth of the nation by helping them acquire high quality of education.

    He implemented and came up with various methods and reforms in order to make students acquire good quality of education in extremely affordable fees, when he came across the poor condition of the Indian education system.

    He is very famous for resigning from his post of an IAS officer, in order to co-found Unacademy, that provides reasonable courses for all exam preparation. On various educational events, he has been featured as a thinking leader and he is also quite famous for giving lectures at India's best renowned colleges and medical institutions.

  5. Aman Dhatarwal:
  6. Aman Dhattarwal is the founder of Apni Kaksha and in the education spectrum, he is one of the most sensational faces of Indian influencers who is quite famous for getting the highest package after B.Tech.

    He has set an objective to establish an affordable infrastructure of education and is always firm in taking a right stand on student’s issues. His meaningful and informative content inspires millions of young audiences all around the world.

    Right from his first year of engineering, Aman Dhattarwal started making educational content and he resides in Delhi, where he pursued C.S from NSIT. He has worked in collaboration in various projects only till he started working full time on his YouTube channel. He is the founder of the most famous “Apni Kaksha” which provides training on various technical skills. He has always been invited by all the best education institutes and colleges in India as a keynote speaker and in order to provide motivation to the youth with respect to their careers, he also interviews other authoritative figures in the education sector. His constant engagement with youth and marvellous life journey makes him unique & stand different from others.

  7. Sagar Dodeja:
  8. Sagar Dodeja is the founder of the Civil Beings and his name is often taken in the class of influential personalities in the sector of education. He is also famous for qualifying some of India's toughest exams and for performing as an entrepreneur.

    He completed B.Tech at NIT Raipur in civil engineering and in order to qualify for seats in IIT Bombay, he cracked the GATE exam and after some time developed a passion for teaching. He started preparing for Indian Engineering Services (IES) and he not only qualified UPSC in the first attempt, but he also cleared a few other exams in the process. His passion for teaching made him choose to become a full-time teacher in his posting gap.

    After witnessing huge growth in the career of teaching, he decided to quit his Engineering Services post and continue teaching online. In order to instil positive motivation in millions of students in their respective careers, he posts informative content on his you-tube channel - Civil Beings.

  9. Alakh Pandey:
  10. Alakh Pandey is a founder of Physics Wallah and is quite will known for the same. He is a famous youtuber who is known for his unique style of teaching concepts in Physics and other scientific subjects on YouTube.

    He has a massive fan following on social websites and the students are quite fond of him for his simplest teaching methodologies. He stayed loyal to his values of providing economic coaching and rejected an offer of nearly 75 crores, while he was on a mission of building his own dreams.

    While preparing for engineering exams, he started his journey and witnessed some helpless situations wherein how middle-class students cannot afford the best coaching institutes and the saturation of some of the coaching mafias. He began teaching the students at a cheaper cost because he himself was a self-taught student.

    He had made the best use of You Tube in India by providing coaching to others in need. In order to reach maximum aspirational students, he made use of all the digital strategies and after working extremely hard for almost 3 years, he reached to the pinnacle of success. He is responsible and appreciated for highly effective courses that everyone can afford.

There is no doubt that the growing availability of internet media has made life easier in order to acquire knowledge to a greater extent. So, aspirants, it is advisable to acquire as much knowledge as you can from all these education influencers by keeping a tab on their social media websites for the informative posts which will help you learn and establish yourself.

We also suggest you to keep a tab on our New Era Educations website where we post informative blogs regarding medical courses, information about best colleges around the world and other career-related aspects which may prove to be very useful.

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