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How to select University for MBBS in Russia

How to select University for MBBS in Russia

As the NEET UG 2022 result has been declared, all the aspirants planning to pursue MBBS should now gear up with their admission procedure.

Moving ahead, almost every Indian medical aspirant must be aware about the cut off in the top medical colleges in India and other international medical universities.

After the NEET results have already been declared, it has now become convenient for all the interested candidates to choose best medical universities for their medical studies.

As you all know that in India, the number of medical seats is the same but the ratio of medical aspirants who have appeared and qualified for the NEET exam have been increasing every year.

All the aspirants who are finding it difficult to secure a medical seat in Indian medical colleges should definitely take an opportunity to pursue their MBBS in Russia.

Moving ahead even while applying for some top Russian medical universities, medical aspirants need to take into consideration the following mentioned factors:

  1. Make a List of Universities:
  2. All the medical aspirants planning to pursue the course of MBBS in Russia should make a list of all the top best Russian medical universities before they finalise or shortlist any university for admissions.

    It is better advisable for all the medical aspirants to go through the gazette and guidelines issued by the NMC (The National Medical Commission) of India before finalising or securing admission into a particular medical university in Russia or any other country.

    The important gazette or guidelines issued by the NMC are as follows:

    • Aspirants should keep in mind that according to the new gazette of the NMC all the Indian medical aspirants planning to pursue MBBS in Russia or any other country should pursue the course of MBBS from a complete English medium university.
    • The course of MBBS should be of minimum 54 months i.e. The course should be of at least 4.5 years.
    • Aspirants should complete their mandatory one-year Internship in that same university from where they are pursuing the course of MBBS.
    • All the foreign medical graduates need to qualify the NEXT exam in case if they want to practise in India after the completion of the course of MBBS.
    • The most important factor that the medical aspirants need to keep in mind that they need to pursue their course of MBBS from a complete English medium university as the degrees from the bilingual universities will be considered as invalid by the NMC.

    Our expert counsellors at New Era Education will help you in providing the complete details of fully English medium universities.

    Aspirants should make sure to include in their list all the top best medical universities in Russia and the list should not be too long. The longer the list the more confusion it will create. This is the reason why; the list should not include more than 4 or 5 universities.

    All those aspirants who are exploring about the best Russian medical universities on google are suggested to avoid that platform because it might not give you a genuine review as most of the reviews are basically people's opinion about a particular medical university.

    Moreover, one cannot blindly trust the reviews mentioned on google and for more genuine review aspirants can always have a conversation with the alumni of a particular university.

  3. Scrutinizing the list:
  4. After preparing the list of the 4 or 5 best medical universities, aspirants are then suggested to compare between these universities. Make a thorough research about all the universities you have shortlisted.

    Some of the important factors to keep in mind while shortlisting a particular university:

    • How old is the University: This show cases the efficiency of the university in providing the medical education with regards to both theoretical and practical knowledge.
    • Check whether the university is fully English or Bilingual: The medium of instruction is also very important for the international medical aspirants and as per the NMC’s new guidelines.
    • Compare the world ranking of all the Universities: The world ranking is provided to the university according to the quality of medical education it is providing to all its aspirants.
    • How many batches of the Indian medical aspirants have completed and taken the MBBS degree: This will act as a proof for all the aspiring medical aspirants to choose a particular university on the basis of the number of pass outs from that university
    • Check MCI passing ratio: The ratio of the MCI or the ECFMGE passed out medical graduates indicates whether the coaching for the same has been provided in the university or how well the medical aspirants prepare for these exams.
    • Check Recognitions and Accreditation:  The recognitions or the accreditations from the organisations such as WHO, UNESCO, NMC, FAIMER, ECFMGE, etc. are extremely important so that the aspirants can practise anywhere in the world after the completion of their MBBS degree.
    • Speciality or the Selling point of the University: While comparing all the universities on the list, aspirants should keep in mind what unique featuring a particular university is offering which is not available in other universities.
    • Education quality of the University: This showcases how well qualified the medical graduates are when they are pursuing their postgraduation or when they are practising anywhere in the world. This is the reason why; the education quality of the university is very important in the profession of medicine.
    • Level of Education: The level of education should be on par with the other international medical universities as after the completion of the course, the medical graduates can cope up with their postgraduation studies, in case if they are preparing in other international countries such as the USA, UK, Germany, Australia, Canada and India.
  5. Choose University within your Budget:
  6. After considering all the above-mentioned important factors, aspirants are then suggested to calculate their budget accordingly, whichever is best affordable and economically friendly. Because it is also important to afford the fees of the shortlisted medical university for pursuing MBBS in Russia. There are times when during the MBBS course aspirants realize that their parents cannot afford to pay the tuition fees after a certain period. Thus, from the beginning, aspirants should choose a university where they can afford the fees and always keep a calculation of the entire course and even after the completion of the course what specialization they are planning to pursue should be taken into consideration. When aspirants leave the course in between when they face the financial crises, they have not only wasted their money but also their precious time and efforts till the time they were pursuing the course.

    Aspirants should also keep in mind that not only the tuition fees but the cost of living also comes under the budget which completely depends on an individual’s spending habits. This also indicates how often aspirants are preparing their own meal and how often they are dining out with friends.

    Aspirants are suggested to get the details about the bank loans who provide education loan at a very low rate of interests.

    Aspirants should now without wasting any more time start with their Admission and Application procedures for pursuing their course of MBBS as the number of applicants are more and the seats are less and even the international medical universities provide admissions to the aspirants who were early with their applications.

    We at New Era Education will help you provide the details related to the education loans and we will help you to secure your admission in the universities that are extremely affordable and provide high quality of education.

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