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What essential things to pack when studying MBBS abroad?

What essential things to pack when studying MBBS abroad?

What after you finally get admission in MBBS from Abroad?

Here we discuss all the important stuff you need to carry in bag packing while traveling for the first time Abroad for MBBS studies. Usually, many students forget to keep some important stuff in their packing and they realized when they reach the destination, then they face trouble. We at New Era Education help you to rid of it. We are here to help you. We provide a list of all the essential things which every student need when they travel abroad for studies.

When you are packing your bag, there are some important aspects which you must consider. All these aspects will not only help you in packing your bag but will also help in cross-check while you are leaving your place.

Important Documents when traveling Russia for MBBS

  • Certificates of 10th and 12th standard and NEET Qualified mark sheet.
  • 4-5 photocopies of your documents.
  • Original passport and visa.
  • Your 50 colored passport size photograph.
  • Your medical reports authorized by concerned personnel.
  • Admission letter from the University.
  • The currency of the country in which you are going to study MBBS.

Luggage you need

Since baggage restrictions are getting tighter at the airlines. They are imposing higher fees, we recommend you to pack one bag traveler and one small carry bag. If you bring more luggage, then you need to pay extra airline fees as per the weight you carry. Having one traveler bag will help you move through airport lines faster and you don’t need to pay extra luggage charges too.

Weight Restrictions

After getting aware of all the necessities documents and luggage, now you need to understand that you are only allowed to carry the capacity of 46kg luggage that will be concluded in the check-in baggage and, along with its 10kg of cabin luggage which is allowed in airlines. This particular condition will not only help to carry your stuff accordingly, but you also be able to understand the things which is must for you to carry when you are traveling for studies abroad.

Phone and sim card

Before you leave check your mobile server provider and ensure your phone has international roaming. We suggest you to buy a local sim card which plans to make international calls to keep your international roaming charges down. Our representative will guide you where you can purchase local sim cards.

Some basic essentials things

In Abroad you will able to find everything you just need to bring a small supply of essentials to make sure that you have what you need for a few days. Once you settle down there then you know from where you can buy your essential things. The essential things include shampoo, soap, Colgate, some clothes, a towel and etc.


Clothing will depend on the season. Check the weather before you visit the country. In some country, you only need winters clothes and in some summer cloths. Pack you bag according to weather of that country. Students can buy clothes as per their requirement.

Translation guides

Most required app for every international student who travels from one country to another. Every country has a different language; many students face trouble while communicating with them. The i Translate app translates words and phrases for you. Many Russian can speak basic English so you won’t face more problems there.


Russia is one of the incredibly safe places for Indian students. General safety precautions should be taken in your entire journey. Once you reach Russia our representative will pick you from the airport and help you in settling in a hostel and also in the admission process. They will always available for you in Russia.

While traveling abroad always carry your passport and visa all the time for some basic precautions you should take in your journey.

Is Russia Safe for Women to Travel Alone?

Yes, it is safe for a woman to travel alone to Russia for education. In Russia, there is no gender stereotype in their culture. In their culture women are equal to men and they are strong, independent, and respected citizens. Women can travel to Russia without any fear.

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