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Airport Tips & Tricks for Stress-Free Travel: How to Travel like a Pro

Airport Tips & Tricks for Stress-Free Travel: How to Travel like a Pro

Although travelling can be stressful at times but when you are doing so for the first time it would definitely be one of the most unique experiences of your life especially when you are travelling international.

Moreover, if you are travelling for the first time in an airplane or you are a regular traveller, we have listed few points that will provide you an insight about the most useful hacks tips and tricks while you are on your journey for pursuing MBBS in Russia or MBBS in Abroad.

Airport basics

Most of the airlines permit travellers to check in online within 24 hours of their flight's departure which makes it smoother and easier to get through the airport and then directly to the gate. Even if you are bringing a completely checked bag, you will still have to go to the check-in counter for your airline.

Before leaving for the airport mentioned below are some of the most important things to do:

  • In order to enjoy your journey download movies, music, shows or podcasts on your laptop, phone or tablet prior to your departure.
  • Before you leave for the airport check Twitter a few hours prior your departure to check if people are reporting any major delays or issues at the airport.
  • If your entire family or friends are coming to see you off then make your parking arrangements ahead of time.
  • In case if you will be hiring a cab then book it in advance.
  • Get to know about what terminal your airline flies out from.
  • Make a separate folder with all of your essential travel documents.
  • Leave for the airport at least 2 hours before your boarding time.

Packing tips for your Smooth Travel

While flying aspirants should know how to efficiently pack your bags in order to save money, time and energy and smooth journey.

There are many ways that can be taken into consideration in order to avoid delays or added expenses at the check-in counter. After the pandemic it has been observed that airport check-in lines have been really long and there are also instances wherein checked bags are just lying in some airports so, if possible, always try to travel with only carry-on luggage.

Always follow the rule of the airlines for the description given for the luggage bags as if not followed travellers might be charged extra.

Usually, airlines allow one carry-on bag (measurements of the bags are mentioned on the website depending on the specific flight) and another personal item such as a purse, briefcase, or laptop bag.

Choose the Correct carry-on Bag

Aspirants should make a note that carry-on can be a traditional suitcase or a backpack, as long as the dimensions of the bag fit within the airline's policy.

Although there are advantages and disadvantages for a backpack and a suitcase both so choose according to your comfort level. There are variety of carry-on bags you can choose from and it is convenient for you to keep things that you require during your journey.

There are carry-on bags that are designed like a travel backpack that opens like a suitcase to optimize convenience, space, and organization.

As on most flights, you are allowed to travel with both a carry-on and personal item, so travellers can opt for both a small suitcase as the carry-on and a small backpack as your personal item.

Strategically pack your Carry-on

There are a few things that you should always pack in your carry-on along with you in order to make your travelling experience better while you are on your long international flight and they are as follows:

  • Another pair of outfits in case if you want change or jackets if traveling to a cold country.
  • An empty water bottle until the security.
  • Medicines if required with prescriptions.
  • Headphones or Air pods
  • Contacts or glasses if needed
  • Travel pillow

While travelling for long international flights, travellers can carry more comfort and sleep items such as an ear plugs, eye mask and a small travel blanket.

Apart from all the above-mentioned items, there are other specific items that you need to put in a carry-on bag if you want to bring them on the plane.

Some of the items are portable phone chargers and lithium batteries like those in cameras must be in your carry-on as they are banned from check-in luggage.

Travellers should also follow the 3-1-1 liquids rule for gel deodorants and other toiletries which states that all liquids should be in a 3.4 litre or smaller container and for more specific description travellers can check the official website of the airlines.

Boarding and Deboarding the Plane

The first thing you should do after clearing security is find the flight information board and confirm your flight's gate and boarding time as it will give you an idea about the timings so that you can be at your flight gate on time in order to have a smooth boarding.

In metro-cities, airports have various forms of ground transportation, like a train or a shuttle, through which you can reach the correct set of gates for your flight and they also pay keen attention to not only the gate but also the concourse.

Travellers can think of various activities they can involve in at the airport when they are aware about how much time they have for boarding. Airports have best food joints, restaurants, coffee shop and other outlets where aspirants can shop in if they are interested. It will not only kill their time but also keep them energetic.

Airports have a huge waiting area and there are seats in front of your gate where you can sit and wait for your flight to take off. Airports also have tables with outlets to charge your electronics wherein you can charge your phone or other electronic items if required.

But however, travellers should be careful of whatever activity they are involved in while waiting for their flight to take off as the most important thing for them is not to miss the flight for which they are at the airport and set the alarm for a few minutes prior to the actual boarding time.

The most important tip here is that before your flight's scheduled boarding time, go to the bathroom and fill up your empty water bottle.

Although different airlines have different set of boarding rules, but however, when aspirants from New Era Education are travelling for MBBS in abroad or MBBS in Russia, they are accompanied by representatives who take care of the aspirants throughout the journey.

Know what to do once you’re on the plane

Once you enter the plane and reach your seat, you are required to place your carry-on bag under the seat in front of you or in the overhead compartment if it fits. It is always a good idea to take the items you may need such as a jacket, travel pillow, blanket, headphones and a tablet out of the bag before you keep in the overhead compartment.

In short you need to keep all the items with you in the seat pocket or under the seat in front of you which you might require during the long journey before proceeding to put on the seat belt.

Travellers, please make a note of the following things to keep in mind during the duration of your flight:

  • When the plane ascends, you might experience pressure built up in your ears.
  • Only when the seatbelt light is off, then you can get out of your seat.
  • Smoking or drugs is illegal on planes.
  • Some flights may charge you for food or beverages and some might provide you for free, it is always suggested to enquire first.
  • During flight, phone and other electronics must be in airplane mode or turned off, so be careful.
  • During take-off and landing you cannot use laptops so keep that in mind.
  • Apart from this you can have your meals and drinks that you brought along but outside alcohol is not allowed.

Be prepared for Deboarding

Do not forget to check whether you have put all your belongings in your bag again after your flig.ht has landed and arrived at the gate. Also, it is advisable to never keep important documents in the seatback pocket as it is easy to be out of the mind while you are on your long international flight and once you exit out of the plane you will not be allowed to enter the plane again.

Follow the signs for baggage claim or the exit after leaving the plane. Moreover, before leaving the airport you must go through border control if you are flying internationally. Moving ahead, you should look for a corresponding baggage claim carousel to your flight, if you have a checked bag, which should be on an electronic screen near baggage claim.

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