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PROS and CONS of MBBS in Russia: Advantages & Disadvantages

PROS and CONS of MBBS in Russia: Advantages & Disadvantages

Although there are pros and cons for pursuing MBBS in every country, but aspirants should realise that Pursuing the course of MBBS is not easy and the process of getting into one of the top best medical universities in the world do comes with a lot of struggle and hardships.

But on the other hand, aspirants should never forget that the after rewards of pursuing MBBS is huge not only professionally but also personally as the fame earned after being an MBBS doctors help aspirants gain huge respect in the society.

Moving ahead, there are several benefits of pursuing MBBS in Russia as the top best Russian medical universities have a lot to offer to all its international medical aspirants as compared to other foreign countries.

Moreover, in countries like India, where securing a medical seat for MBBS in top best medical university is next to impossible and seems to be the most difficult task, on the contrary the admission procedure of pursuing MBBS in Russia is not only easy but without any lengthy processes involved.

Adding to it aspirants should never forget that when they have decided to pursue a profession as great as MBBS, then disadvantages can easily be taken care of by finding out various ways in order to deal with them.

Not to forget, pursuing MBBS in Russia has more advantages rather than disadvantages and while you are exploring various opportunities for pursuing MBBS, you will witness that there are many disadvantages in other foreign countries as well.

Let us now look at some of the best advantages of pursuing MBBS in Russia and they are follows:

  • NMC Approved: Firstly, the most important thing that all the medical aspirants need to take into consideration that while planning to secure a medical seat in any international country, the universities are listed with the NMC (National Medical Commission) which has been replaced by the MCI. All the top best medical universities for MBBS in Russia are listed with NMC which is one of the best advantages of pursuing MBBS from Russia.
  • Easy Admission Procedure: The admission procedures in all the top medical university in Russia are easy and hassle-free, no matter from whichever country a medical aspirant belongs to as it is promoting its medical education in order to make MBBS education easily available for all its medical aspirants across the globe. Adding to it, there are no entrance exam in order to get into any top best Russian medical university.
  • Fee Structure: Another best advantage is that the cost of tuition fees in the top Russian medical universities is extremely low and easily affordable for all the medical aspirants as 70% of the tuition fees is highly subsidized by the Russian Federation itself. This is one of the major reasons why Russia is the most preferred destination for pursuing MBBS from aspirants all around the world. Not only this, Russian medical universities also provide huge scholarships every year to all its deserving international aspirants which are funded by the Russian Federation.
  • World Class Medical Education: All the top Russian medical universities provide the best medical education with regards to both theoretical and practical knowledge keeping in mind the latest technology and development in the field of medical education.
  • Well-Equipped & Comfortable Dormitories and Campuses: All the international medical aspirants are provided with world class hostel facilities in the top Russian medical universities keeping in mind all its aspirants comfort so that they do not have to face major obstacles in order to adjust in the new country during such a long duration of their course of MBBS.
  • Moreover, the Russian medical universities are not far from providing facilities for both education and accommodation similar to that of the medical universities in the western countries.

    Moving ahead, hostels of the Russian medical universities also provide all its Indian medical aspirants with hygienic Indian both keeping in mind about their preferences for vegetarian and non-vegetarian.

    Not only this, Russian medical universities also provide all its aspirants with well-equipped laboratories, study facilities, and scientific centres so that the aspirants can acquire as much in-depth medical education as possible.

  • Scholarship Criteria: The Russian medical universities also provide different types of scholarships to all the deserving and meritorious medical aspirants which are backed by the Russian Federation in order to reward them for their capability in terms of education. Thus, this also reduces the expenses of tuition fees of the aspirants and they are only entitled to pay the cost of living, food and other expenses during their course of MBBS.
  • Opportunity to Obtain Dual Diplomas: Russia signed the Bologna Declaration in the year 2003, in order to undertake several obligations as part of the creation of a common educational space of participant countries. Due to this, many Russian universities issue dual diplomas to their graduates by implementing joint programmes with foreign universities. This is the reason why after pursuing MBBS in Russia, aspirants can get a Russian diploma along with a diploma from a European university.
  • International students can adapt easily: As Russia is a multinational country, international aspirants can easily adapt to life in Russia and get adjusted in anew environment which will be their home until the time their graduation is completed.
  • Moreover, the country is home to more than 200 ethnic groups which speak more than 100 different dialects and languages.

    Moving ahead, in all spheres of life Russia has diversity from cultural to domestic.

  • Class Strength: This is yet another major advantage of pursuing MBBS in Russia is that the strength of the batch in all the top Russian medical universities is between 12-15 aspirants or may be even less than that as compared to medical universities in other countries. Because of this, every aspirant gets individual attention from their professors in both theoretical and practical classes.
  • Choice of Language: All the international medical aspirants can choose to pursue MBBS in Russia with English as a medium of instruction and for that the duration of the course would be for 6 years. In case, if the aspirants prefer to pursue the course of MBBS in Russian language, they can also opt for that in all the top Russian medical universities.
  • Smooth Visa Procedure: This is also one of the most positive factors while pursuing MBBS in Russia as compared to other western countries. The visa procedure of Russia is extremely smooth and there is no fear of visas getting rejected. Moreover, there are no interview procedure and Russian medical universities issue visa invitation letter to all its medical aspirants easily.

Let us now look at some of the disadvantages of pursuing MBBS in Russia as every country has its pros and cons and they are as follows:

  • Medical Licensing Examination: This is one of the major disadvantages of pursuing MBBS from Russia is that Indian medical aspirants are required to clear the NEXT exam after completing their MBBS degree and get the practising license in case if they want to practise in India or want to pursue their post-graduation from the Indian medical universities. But however, all the aspirants are provided with the NEXT coaching by the Indian NMC doctors in their university itself while they are pursuing their MBBS course.
  • Learning the Local Language: As you all know that the profession of MBBS involves a lot of communication with patients. Hence, therefore in order to have a smooth and strong connection with the patients, all the medical aspirants are expected to learn the local language i.e., Russian so that the aspirants do not face any difficulty during their clinical years. Moreover, looking at the brighter side, it is always good to know more than two foreign languages as it adds volume to your resume.
  • Climatic Conditions: This is yet another disadvantage of pursuing MBBS in Russia is that its severe and long winters. Although aspirants from North India might get adjusted to the Russian winter but on the other hand, aspirants from other parts of India may face serious discomfort initially but however after some time they would get adapted to the new climatic condition of the country. Unlike Northern India, Russia is completely centrally heated so aspirants easily get adjusted to the climatic conditions of the new country.
  • Atrocious Activities: This is a time when aspirants will feel a sense of freedom for the first time while they are pursuing the course of MBBS away from home and family. In some cases, aspirants might enjoy this period and would want to try things which they have never done before. Aspirants might get involved in drugs or start developing drinking habits while enjoying their night life which may affect their health and studies. Moreover, this could be avoided if aspirants are always under the strict supervision of the hostel authority.

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