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Is Russia Safe for Girls to Study MBBS?

Is Russia Safe for Girls to Study MBBS?

Every student after the NEET exam starts waiting for counseling for admission in Indian government medical colleges. I was one of them but due to my low scores in the NEET exam, I started looking for the option of studying MBBS abroad.

When I discussed this with my family, they're only concerned about my safety in a different country. Our Indian parents are worried about girl’s safety, they allow sons to study abroad but for girls, they are more worried to send them abroad. And most important, Indian relatives always wait for a chance to speak on other issues like I am a girl going to a different country, I won’t be safe there, I will be into bad influence and many other reasons.

I ignored all of them and convinced my parents to study MBBS abroad. Then I started looking for consultancies for MBBS admission abroad. Then I found one genuine consultant online New Era Education who charged the minimum fees for the whole admission process. They help me to choose Russia for my MBBS course. They also discussed the issue of “Is Russia Safe for Girls to Study MBBS?” with my parents and discussed the whole process of admission in Russia. It took 20-25 days including admission letter, password and visa, and invitation letter. I got my admission in one of the Top Government University of Russia.

I lived in Delhi I had to travel from Delhi to Moscow. At Delhi International, I met with other students and the representative of New Era Education. The journey was quite easy as I had my fellow students with whom I talked.

When we reached Sheremetyevo - A.S. Pushkin international airport, Russia the representative of New Era Education booked a cab and we all headed towards the hostel.

Living in Hostel

I stayed in the government hostel of colleges. In the hostel, we had to follow some certain rules. We had to return before 10 pm at the hostel. At starting we are guided by our seniors because we don’t know the Russian language. After the 2nd year, there are no barriers for us because now we know the Russian language and we know the city and the people in the city. And believe me, I feel very safe here. I went on some trips outside the city with my friends to explore the Russian country. I felt so safe, here people are very friendly and kind to us.

At the entrance of the hostel, there is a security guard room. The security guard checks the Hostel I’d whenever someone enters the hostel. Without Hostel I’d entry is not allowed for anyone.

Transportation Facility in Russia

As an international student, you need to understand the theory of Russia, if you don’t bother anyone, they won’t bother you. Going anywhere in Russia is easy because there are all types of transport available in all the streets of Russia. It’s important to carry your passport and your university id with you to avoid any trouble.

If you want to go anywhere in Russia you can also book a taxi, yandex Russia or Uber Russia App is available in the whole country. It is easy to book a cab in this app. But we usually use the bus as it is a cheaper option.

In Russia you don’t need to carry cash or a wallet with you, here you just need your card added to your phone and you can pay through the NFC everywhere in Russia even in buses. At starting when you don’t understand the Russian language you can use translators. Here people are very friendly and always happy to help you. They wait patiently when you ask them anything.

People Around in Russia

In my university students and professors are very kind and gentle people. In Russian, there are 55% are women and 45% are men. Women's safety rules are taken very seriously in Russia after 10 pm, police patrolling vans move across all the streets to ensure the women's safety. The Russian people have a very kind and respectful behavior in them which makes Russia the safest place for us. I feel safe in this country.

So guys in short I shared my journey of studying MBBS in Russia and discussed the answer of “Is Russia Safe for Girls to Study MBBS?” now I hope you can plan to fulfill your dream of study MBBS in Russia. It is the safest place for any student (Girl or Boy) who wants to study MBBS abroad.

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