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What is NEXT? The complete Guide for NEXT PG for MBBS students!

What is NEXT? The complete Guide for NEXT PG for MBBS students!

The NEXT exam is an important test for high school graduates looking to enter college, and it is important to understand what it is and how to prepare for it.

The NEXT exam is a standardized test that is used to measure the academic skills of college-bound students. It is a multiple-choice test that covers a range of topics, including reading comprehension, mathematics, science, and writing. It is administered by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) and is used by colleges and universities to assess the academic preparedness of applicants.

When preparing for the NEXT exam, it is important to become familiar with the types of questions on the test. You should also familiarize yourself with the test format and the time limit for each section of the exam. In addition, practice tests can be taken to help you become comfortable with the types of questions you will encounter.

It is also important to create a study plan that is tailored to your individual needs. Set aside a certain amount of time each day to study, and review material that is pertinent to the NEXT exam. Utilize resources such as books, online tutorials, and practice tests to help you prepare.

The NEXT exam is an important part of the college admissions process, and it is important to take the time to prepare for the test. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the types of questions on the test, create a study plan, and utilize resources such as books and practice tests to help you succeed.

NMC  just released a draft few days ago regarding the NEXT (National exit test) which is completely different than what it was earlier and it is as follows:

The Exam Pattern: Medical aspirants pursuing MBBS in Abroad or even in India are suggested to go through the Draft circulated by the NMC which will provide you with all the information as well as also clear your confusion if there is any.

Precisely, there will be 2 phases of NEXT  exam i.e., NEXT 1 & NEXT 2 just like the USMLE. Similarly NEXT will be following the similar pattern.

In fact it is also likely that in the coming years, NEXT will be shifting to a three part pattern i.e., NEXT step 1, 2 & 3.

  • NEXT 1: The final year theory university exams will be replaced by NEXT 1 and the practicals of the final year will be still there. Although you will be a final year student, but however, instead of appearing for  the university exam, you will have to appear for NEXT 1.
  • NEXT 2: After the end of the internship, you will have to appear for NEXT 2. This will be a pass or fail exam and there will be no scores given on this exam and this will be judging everything that you have learned during your internships and all the practicals skills which actually what it is supposed to be.

What is the Eligibility?

Every MBBS student who has been in a recognized institute of medical science can appear for this examination and depending on the scores they can apply for various PG courses. The pattern of examination for NEXT 1 is very simple which has 6 different subjects spread across 6 days and each subject is given their own separate paper which is a very benefecial thing to any student. Since you are attempting so many different questions and there is a lot of room for error. This is why it has been proposed that 60% of the questions which will be coming for NEXT 1 will be going to be between normal to easy ones. So, most of the aspirants who have atleast studied something and attended all the practical classes will be able to solve them. The remaining 30% of the questions are going to be mid level and last 10% are going to be only for those medical graduates who actually want to get good ranks and get selected in their dream medical college in order to pursue PG courses.

NEXT 1 is very important because if you do not qualify this step and do not score atleast 50% in all of the different subjects then you will not be allowed to do your internship.

Just after NEXT 1, there will be a supplementary exam for NEXT 1 which will allow you to rectify your mistake, rectify your score and score 50% again and that will allow you to clear your internship. The more marks you score on NEXT 1, it will be the determing factor for you to select your college for pursuing PG courses.

How To Prepare for the National EXIT TEST (NEXT)?

Some of the Universal points every medical aspirant should follow in order to crack the exam smoothly are as follows:

  1. You are Studying MBBS to Treat Patients not to Pass an Exam: This is one of the most important factors that every medical aspirant should remember. Medical aspirants should change their way of approach towards their studies and actually imagine every patient, about everything that you read as a clinical scenario and you will understand it to such a depth that you would have never ever even thought about it.
  2. The Diseases are the Same and so is the Treatment: Medical graduates should always remember that the syllabus is the same, Management are the same & the investigations are also the same. No matter which exam they take, they are always going to select the same points to ask the questions from.
  3. Notes are Everything: Notes are everything that will get all the medical aspirants through the most competitive & toughest exams of the medical profession. All the medical graduates are suggested to revise these notes over and over again and only then you will be able to get all that information from that notes into your head, so whenever any question arises, you will be able to extract that information without any delay or confusion.
  4. Daily Studying is Important: Medical graduates should always remember that they will have to study every day without fail and there should never be excuses for medial aspirants to miss their daily reveision. So, even for some hours, but medical graduates preparing for NEXT should never miss their daily revision.
  5. Reads More Books: Medical graduates are suggested to read all kind of informative books that will help you get through this most difficult exam. Standard books are everything and no matter how many videos you watch, it is not a replacement for reading standard books. It might be possible that you may not get time to read each and everything but atleast read the important topics from the standard books.
  6. Make the Most Use of Postings: All the medical graduates should have to make the most of their postings. So, make sure whenever you go to the OPD’s or the wards or the OT, you have to concentrate on the cases that is going on and grasp as much knowledge as you can. All this will be extremely important for your practical examination which all the medical graduates will obviously have to appear after NEXT 1. In case, if you do not have good ward skills, sufficient clinical skills, examination skills you will straight away fail in your MBBS exams. Although the viva can go into any direction but the important thing is if that if you all get the history examination and all other basics right and clear then you all will most likely pass the exam. This will only happen if you pay attention to your seniors in the ward, pay attention to the procedures which are being done and if you are inquisitive enough to raise a query when you have doubts and ask questions to the people who are present in the ward. Postings are the most essential part of your MBBS. Aspirants are suggested not to miss them and so not to think that they are the replacement of any thing because you are again actually studying to treat patients and not to just qualify any examination.
  7.  Use the Correct Resources: To prepare for the NEXT exam, the most important resource is the official study guide published by the testing company. This guide will contain all the information you need to know about the exam and provide tips for success. Additionally, you should use the practice tests offered by the testing company. These tests will give you a good idea of what to expect on the actual exam.

Another great resource is online forums. These forums are filled with students who have taken the exam before and can offer valuable insight into their experience. Additionally, many of these forums will offer advice on which preparation materials to use, as well as tips for success.

You can also use online resources like online quizzes and practice tests to help you prepare. These resources can be found on websites that specialize in preparing students for the NEXT exam. These online resources can be a great way to practice and familiarize yourself with the material.

Finally, it’s important to find a study partner. Having someone to discuss the material with can help you understand the material better and keep you motivated. This can also be a great way to review material and ask questions.

By using the correct resources, you can ensure that you are fully prepared for the NEXT exam.

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