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NMC bill replace MCI

NMC bill replace MCI

National Medical Commission (NMC) is a regulatory body of India which regulates medical education and professionals. NMC bill replace MCI on 25th September 2020. Earlier NITI Aayog had recommended the replacement of MCI with NMC. The NMC bill was passed by parliament and approved by the president. The NMC grants recognition of medical qualifications, registration to medical practitioners, gives accreditation to medical schools, and assessed the medical infrastructure in India. The purpose of this act is to provide a medical education system that improves the quality of medical education in India. This act ensures the availability of adequate and high-quality medical professionals across the country. It encourages medical professionals to adopt the latest medical research in their work. It also enforces high ethical standards in medical services that are flexible to adapt to changing needs.

It proposes a common final year MBBS exam called as National Exit Test (NEXT), for admission to postgraduate medical courses in India and for obtaining a license to practice medicine. It would also act as a screening test for abroad medical graduates.

The functions of the NMC Bill (NMC bill replace MCI)

In India, it will frame policies for regulating medical institutions and medical professionals in India and assessing the requirements of healthcare-related human resources and infrastructure. It will also be ensuring compliance by the State Medical Councils of the regulations made under the Bill. Framing guidelines for determination of fees for up to 50% of the seats in deemed universities and private medical institutions which are regulated under the Bill.

The NMC will frame policies and co-ordinate the activities of four autonomous boards – UGMEB, PGMEB, MARB, and EMRB. Each autonomous board will consist of a president and four members, appointed by the central government.

Undergraduate Medical Education Board (UGMEB) -

It is responsible for formulating standards and granting recognition to medical qualification at the undergraduate levels.

Post Graduate Medical Education Board (PGMEB) -

It is responsible for formulating standards and granting recognition to medical qualification at the Postgraduate levels respectively.

Medical Assessment and Rating Board (MARB) -

  • Its responsibility is to grant permission for establishing new medical colleges in India.
  • It can start any post-graduate course and increase the number of seats.
  • It will also have the power to issue a warning, stop admissions, and levy monetary penalties on medical institute which fails to maintain the standards as laid down by UGMEB and PGMEB.
  • It can set up a rating system for medical institutions in India.

Ethics and Registration Board (EMRB)

  • It will maintain a national register with complete details of all licensed medical practitioners and regulate professional conduct. Those who included in the register will be allowed to practice medicine in India
  • It will also maintain a separate national register for community healthy provider.

NEET-UG and NEET-PG regulated under the bill. The NMC will specify the manner of managing common counseling for admission in all medical institutions. There will be a common final year undergraduate exam for the students who are graduating from medical colleges/universities to obtain the license for practice is called National Exit Test (NEXT).

This single NEXT examination will grant medical student—

  • MBBS Degree
  • A license to practice medicine
  • Entrance to PG courses.

There is a provision for common counseling for entrance to PG courses also. Candidates will get admission to seats in all medical colleges and universities of national importance like AIIMS, JIPMER, and PGI Chandigarh through a single counseling process. This ac doesn’t impose of attempts in NEXT Exam. There is no restriction on attempts of this NEXT exam. At last I have completely explained the NMC bill replace MCI. Now you will understand the complete NMC Bill 2019.

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