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Why Indian Students choose MBBS from Russia

Why Indian Students choose MBBS from Russia

In India, a huge number of students pass their 12th exams with higher grades. Many of them are applying for NEET Exam to get admission in Medical college.

Take AIPMTs example, around 7 lakh students appeared for NEET Exam and only 2800 get in. And if you are from general category then it is very difficult to get admission in government colleges because the cutoff is very high for the general category. Due to the unavailability of seats, most of the students drop 1 or 2 years for preparation. Out of which only a few students get admission in their desired college after their preparation. After all this preparation admission is not guaranteed for average NEET scorers then they need to apply to various private university and each university needs some application money, which is non- refundable.

But these days, booking a seat at a medical college at a very high price is becoming a business that leads to a shortage of seats for the deserving students. The cost of a complete MBBS degree in India is also rising to more than double the actual amount. Many students, who can afford to pay a high amount to the top private universities and schools, get admission very easily despite the outcome of their grades and entrance exams. And this process leads major trouble for the deserving students who can't afford these high rates. Their fee structure is a nightmare to many students. Let’s discuss some disadvantages of private medical universities

Disadvantages of private Medical Universities

  • The most disadvantage is the high Fee structure.
  • Clinical practice is not good in private as compare to government as the number of patients with all sorts of diseases are more in a government college.
  • In the private medical college of India, the faculty are in experienced. Usually, they are the graduates of the very own private college teaching students on medicine.
  • Some of the private colleges do not have the necessary infrastructure to conduct day to day running of the college.

So what is the alternative to get an MBBS seat?

Now you are fully aware of each and every fact that getting a medical seat in India isn't that much easy, due to the difference between the availability of seats and therefore the number of applicants, and private colleges in fracture and its high fees. It resulting Indian students choose MBBS in Russia after 12th examination with (P.C.B). The medical universities in this country follow the international curriculum and offer low-cost MBBS in Russia for Indian students. Study MBBS in Russia features a lot of advantages for you.

Here we, New Era Education helps Indian students to get direct admission in top medical universities of Russia.

Our Features

Scholarship – We are providing a Scholarship facility to students who are want to do MBBS from Russia.

No Donation- There is no donation fee need to pay for admission.

Infrastructure and facilities- Students get world-class infrastructure and facilities in medical colleges of Russia

Low Living Cost – The cost of living is low as compare to other countries, the typical monthly living cost in Russia are, often USD 100-150 including overhead expenses.

Language - Russian medical universities use the English language as the medium of education, thus it becomes easy for a college student such as you to review the course.

Opportunities - While studying MBBS in Russia, there are many opportunities for you to urge international learning and work exposure, you’ll get the prospect to interact with students coming from different countries, backgrounds, and ethnicity within the Universities.


In this blog, I have explained why Indian Students choose MBBS from Russia. Here I discussed the Indian educational system in MBBS course and the alternative option is Russia for the students who want to become successful doctors.

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