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Best Country for MBBS Abroad for Indian Students

Best Country for MBBS Abroad for Indian Students

The study of MBBS in a different county is a major decision involving a lot of planning. Now the question is why students should choose any country other than India to pursue MBBS and why it should not be completed in their country.

Condition of Indian Medical system in India

There is only one doctor per 1700 citizens in India; The World Health Organization (WHO) sets a minimum ratio of 1: 1,000. While the Union Health Ministry data claims that about 6 to 6.5 lakh doctors are available.

India will need four lakhs by 2020-50,000 for PHC and 0.8 lakh for Community Health Centers (CHCs), 1.1 lakh for sub-centers, and 0.5 lakh for medical college hospitals.

There is a shortage of doctors in India, limited seats in government colleges or institutes. Private institutes demand huge amounts of money from students which is impossible to pay and not everyone can afford to study in the USA, UK, or any other European countries, so all Indian students have the opportunity to fulfill their dreams. Options available are doctors and serve Nation.

There are many Eastern European and Asian countries such as Russia, China, Philippines, Kyrgyzstan which have been an alternative place to pursue MBBS, although Russia has always been a favorite for Indian students, mainly due to the diplomatic relations that the two countries have.

Why to choose Russia for MBBS Course

In the 90s, Russia used to be a preferred destination for MBBS courses, especially Indian students who went there in large numbers, teaching methods, and courses compared to any Western countries, although MCI (screening test) in 2004 After being implemented. There was a steep decline in the number of students going for the MBBS course in Russia. It is now being restarted, as the Russian government is subsidizing international students. About 4,500 Indian students are studying in Russia, of which 80% are all medical students.

Language can become a hindrance in Russia, as most people do not speak English, but in Russia, MBBS courses are taught in the English medium, in addition, the universities offer basic Russian speaking courses which is also on the social aspect of the student’s life. Makes and in the final year. They are able to communicate with their patients.

Some universities provide MCI coaching which is extremely important for Indian students so that they can work in India.

Overall, Russia is definitely a good place to pursue the MBBS course, as per the international standards set by its universities.

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