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The complete Guide to MBBS in Kazakhstan

The complete Guide to MBBS in Kazakhstan

In recent times it has been observed that Kazakhstan has become one of the top destinations for studying MBBS abroad especially amongst aspiring Indian medical students, with colleges and universities situated in the top cities of the country, with adequate facilities available for students.

But one must know everything about pursuing a career in a foreign country, as there are different kinds of misconceptions about the country and the adjustments that an Indian medical student might have to make. First of all, Kazakhstan is a safe country to travel to and to stay for international students, especially Indian students. Since the medical profession is regarded as noble, and parents and students both are looking at different options with good colleges in India and outside India. The most important part is the affordability of such investment. In India, with a good NEET score, candidates might be able to land a top college for themselves, however, that is not the case for everyone. The other students, who are not able to score well, are sometimes stranded in the middle with little to do about pursuing this profession.

Kazakhstan’s top medical universities, however, are quite lenient in this matter. There are certain perks of pursuing an MBBS in Kazakhstan. The most important part is the kind of exposure that the cities give. With cities of Kazakhstan being tourist hubs, as well as a top sought destination for international students, the Indian students are exposed to different kinds of cultures and people, which allows them to homogenize well. Students who plan to do MBBS from Kazakhstan must be at least 17 years old as of 31st December of the year of applying. The students who have studied Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as part of the curriculum in 10+2 are allowed to study medicine and should have at least 50 percent marks in the 12th standard.

Top Medical Universities in Kazakhstan

All these universities are NMC (National Medical Council) recognized and WDOMS (World Directory of Medical Schools) enlisted. Apart from NMC, all the medical universities in Kazakhstan are also recognized by different countries' medical boards.

Not only that, each of these universities provides accommodation for Indian students and has graduated a sizeable number of Indian students already. The Students are allowed to work in India on the basis of their degree in these universities. There are other advantages of studying MBBS in Kazakhstan too. Here are they-


Good Infrastructure – The best feature of any medical college or university in Kazakhstan, is the infrastructure of these colleges. The colleges have been built lavishly, therefore from the classrooms to the labs, to adjoining hospitals, research centers, sports complexes, etc. are quite good. The good infrastructure created a better learning space for the students here.

Affordable Fees – The colleges in this country are not expensive, despite being equipped with the best infrastructural services. The fees are affordable in every sense. The middle-class parents and students will get the best option of MBBS in Kazakhstan.

Focus on Training and Practical knowledge – Since medical education requires doctors to have extensive practical knowledge, the curriculum is designed to give them proper theoretical and practical knowledge to handle real-life situations.

Job opportunities – The students have the opportunity to work anywhere in the world. The Indian students can work in India, and in the different countries of the world. Even the hospitals of Kazakhstan employ doctors, irrespective of their nationality. Work permits are easily available.

Cultural Exposure – The international community of students is quite big here. And due to that, the students get acquainted with the different cultures of different people. The festivals are celebrated here and are quite fun to be a part of. The towns and cities always become the thing of curiosity and one can explore it as well.

Low cost of living – Apart from the time of pursuing MBBS, when students are living in hostels, then the cost of living is quite low. Even after that, if they choose to work here, the accommodation is easy and affordable here.

For the students looking for pursuing an MBBS abroad, Kazakhstan is a good and valuable option, where the universities are providing every facility and adequate infrastructure for students of all countries.

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