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The major reason for pursuing MBBS abroad is the limited number of seats in India. When there are lakhs of students taking the exam, and private colleges demanding a large sum of donation and fees, studying abroad is the best option for the students. Though there are several misconceptions about different countries, they can be cleared with guidance. Undoubtedly, studying abroad is an affordable option. Many countries have a really affordable fees structure for Indian students. The admission is without donation or any extra charge, and with that, the accommodation, semester fees, etc. are cheaper even in comparison to the private colleges of India.

The National Medical Commission (NMC), which was previously known as the Medical Council of India (MCI), recognizes foreign degrees, which help doctors to work and settle in India. The major perk of pursuing MBBS is the WDOMS listed colleges and universities, which provides the students to work internationally. And in many countries, there are no additional language tests, which is even great for Indian students. The striking feature of studying abroad is the international curriculum, which is followed by medical colleges and universities. The medium of imparting education outside India is generally English for Indian students. This is the advantage, which helps the students overcome the language barrier to study such a prestigious course.

Russia and Kazakhstan are two of the top choices for MBBS abroad. Here are some of the famous and top colleges from these two countries which are the best options for MBBS abroad.



Two of the popular countries, which are also education hubs for MBBS are Russia and Kazakhstan. Indian students prefer these countries for Medical education. Russia is one of the best educational hubs in the world. The medical education offered in Russia is of high quality and affordable cost, a dream come true for any middle-class student wishing to study abroad. The language does not act as a barrier as most colleges offer MBBS courses in the English language. The student should be fluent in English to understand the syllabus, curriculum, and overall education. The medical colleges are recognized by NMC, provide quality education, and fees structure is pocket friendly. The admission process into the medical colleges is a smooth and easy process held online and the admission criteria are also better than most of the Indian colleges. The only requirement is NEET qualification with 50 percent marks in 12th. For reserved students, some universities provide concessions as well. Accommodation is also not a problem as the universities offer hostels and food and provide a smooth stay for the students. The new citizenship law of Russia makes it easier for foreign students to gaining citizenship in Russia. The period of employment required for acquiring citizenship has been reduced to one year, from three years, after graduating from a Russian university. This means any foreign student can get Russian citizenship after being employed for a year after graduating from a Russian university.

Studying MBBS in Kazakhstan is a highly affordable process, due to the higher economic education system and the availability of scholarships. The universities also provide the necessary help that in procuring visas for admissions. The fees in medical colleges are affordable, compared to the reputation of the institutes as well as the city the colleges are based in. Some of the universities are even cheaper than the Indian universities. The education period in Kazakhstan medical universities is from 5 to 6 years which includes full education, training as well as work experience. The students are employed in the hospitals as trainees, with good salaries and manageable work hours. Indian students are in good numbers in Kazakhstan universities. The requirement for admission in Kazakhstan is 50 percent marks in 12th, same as Russia, with compulsory NEET qualification.

The advantages of pursuing MBBS from Russia and MBBS from Kazakhstan include:

The colleges mentioned above not only provides good training but also good employment opportunities. The universities house the best surgeons, the best training facilities, good extracurricular programs, and a good learning opportunity for the students. These universities are among the top universities in the world and will give a golden opportunity for students to learn from the best in the business. The opportunity to work anywhere in the world, employment in India as well, plus the chances of gaining citizenship in Russia, all seem like good opportunities for the young people aiming for MBBS. These universities of Russia and Kazakhstan are globally recognized and recognized in India as well. With accommodation, food, and all necessary infrastructure and facilities, and an affordable fee, a student must seal their opportunity in these two countries and their universities.

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