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Pursuing MBBS is a dream that many Indian students have, and even their parents share the same dream of seeing their child as a doctor. But becoming a doctor, especially in India, is not an easy task. For becoming a doctor, the process is extremely rigorous, and the students often are mentally pressured in different ways due to the vast syllabus and elaborate study programs. For pursuing MBBS, one must qualify the NEET exam. NEET is the compulsory requirement for MBBS in India and in universities abroad. NEET is the same as JEE for medical aspirants. The number of coaching centers in India, and the rising number of students appearing for NEET every year is enough for anyone to have an idea about the severe competition in NEET and medical education. If a student does manage to cross this barrier, the next challenge is the choice of college, program, and most importantly affordability. There are options of both private and government for the students, so one may say that there are plenty of colleges in India. But one cannot guarantee the state of education in all of these colleges or universities. Not every university can have the same facility and infrastructure for every student. It is very important to consider the factor of affordability here. Since the government colleges often suffer from the test of quality, the private colleges on the other hand are in fact very costly. Lakhs and lakhs of rupees are demanded in these universities.

That is why education abroad is the option that medical aspirants must consider for themselves. There are certain factors to consider before pursuing MBBS. The most important of all is choosing the right college or university, the right course, English medium education, safety and security, and most importantly affordable fees. Since most of the students are from the middle class, affordability of fees in abroad education is the priority of these families. However, there is a potent solution for such questions and queries. Countries like Russia, Bangladesh, the Caribbean Islands, the United States of America, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and others are in fact good options for the MBBS. The most important factor to consider here is the safety and security in the country, and in college campuses, and moreover, the visa availability in these countries. Fortunately, these countries pass the bar in these matters.

Here are some of the major features and advantages of MBBS abroad:

The MBBS degree is of five to six years, depending on the rules of the country. In some countries, the degree is also called MD. The five to six years of the period includes classroom education, practical education, in-house training, internship, employment opportunity in the universities, among other things.

The universities and colleges have different courses for medical education. From general practice and surgery to specializations in different fields, the variety is quite good. The students can choose their specialization, according to their preference.

Studying abroad will give the students the opportunity to explore more in terms of practical education and training. The medical colleges situated abroad have the facility of in-house hospitals which allows the students to not only study there but also work there.

Medical universities abroad promote effective and efficient learning. The curriculum is student-centric and based upon the practical approach for fulfilling the learning objectives and outcomes. As a result, the students are not overloaded and overworked with academics but instead, a holistic approach is followed for the overall development.

The colleges and universities have hostels for local and foreign students. The foreign students are made sure to be admitted to the hostels. The hostel fees and mess fees are charged for food and accommodation. The rooms are generally on a sharing basis, and the hostels have free Wi-Fi, bathrooms, cooking facilities, etc.

Two of the most preferred destinations for students going abroad are – Kazakhstan and Russia. Here are some of the top colleges of Russia and Kazakhstan for MBBS for Indian students.

Medical Universities in Russia

Medical University in Kazakhstan

MBBS Admission Procedure

The intake of the students is between the age group of 17 to 25. The birth certificate or any government-approved document helps the university authorities to verify the age. The students must be from the science stream in order to pursue MBBS. The students must be 12th pass from the science stream with PCB – physics, chemistry, and biology as their subjects. The students must not have failed in any of these subjects. The students must produce the 12th class mark sheet for this verification.

The students must have passed the 12th class from at least 50 percent. Some countries allow reserved students to get admission with 45 percent marks. Otherwise, 50 % is the minimum bar for getting admission to foreign universities for MBBS.

The NEET qualification is compulsory. The minimum requirement of getting admission abroad is NEET qualification. The NEET certificate will be required for validation and verification of NEET qualification details.

The students must not have forged any details while filling the application form. In case any details are found to be false or wrong, the admission will be terminated on an immediate basis. Studying abroad will definitely help the students achieve their dream of becoming doctors.

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