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MBBS in Kazakhstan- Everything you need to know!

MBBS in Kazakhstan- Everything you need to know!

Kazakhstan is a top country for MBBS abroad in the world right now. A travel destination for international tourists, in recent years, Kazakhstan has become a top destination for MBBS for international students, especially amongst Indian medical aspirants. With universities in the best cities of the country including the capital city of Bishkek, Kazakhstan has been a hub of Indian and international students for MBBS abroad in recent years. All the enrolled medical students are exposed to different kinds of cultures and people, which allows them to homogenize well while studying MBBS in Kazakhstan!

The country provides education on an affordable budget which eases the financial burden on the middle-class parents of India. Plus, the kind of affordable education which the medical universities in Kazakhstan offer, with accommodation and basic facilities is quite helpful for students as well. The infrastructural facilities provided by universities are quite better for better grooming for all enrolled medical students in order to blend well and work in a different country.

All the medical universities of Kazakhstan offer NMC (National Medical Council) recognized and WDOMS enlisted medical universities, and the medical degree is recognized by WHO, UNESCO, which allows the students to practice the medical profession in India as well as different hospitals all around the world. The medical universities of Kazakhstan focus on extensive practical knowledge, in order to make an able practitioner out of the student, utilizing their talent.

The country has quite an easy MBBS admission process, with the qualification based on the NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) score itself. The medical universities of Kazakhstan are quite helpful with the visa process with a consultation at every step for the students – from the visa process to the admission. The degree provided by the medical universities of Kazakhstan is recognized for both work and further studies in India. Since the admission is based on NEET score, there is no additional entrance or language exam needed to qualify for universities. Even the NEET score has to be basic, just to qualify. The colleges and universities impart education in the English language, which is quite easy for Indian students especially. The universities provide safe and comfortable accommodation to all enrolled Indian students, and even the university administration and embassy are helpful for the students there. The best part is the availability of Indian mess in the medical universities of Kazakhstanuniversity and hostel campuses.

The cities of Kazakhstan are tourist destinations and the country is very much friendly to stay in. The campuses are safe, and proper security is available at immediate disposal.

With the best infrastructure and good security, the Indian students would hardly face any problems. Even the experiences of the students who have already graduated have been very positive.

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