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Kazakhstan is one of the most preferred locations among Indian students. While the general public is still unaware of the potentialities of pursuing MBBS in Kazakhstan, but the students from Indian and international communities who have already pursued MBBS in this country, have good things to say about medical education in Kazakhstan.

First of all, admission to medical colleges in Kazakhstan is easier as compared to India. On the other hand, the country opens doors for students and parents looking for education at relatively cheaper rates, and with the best available resources. The infrastructural facilities provided by universities are more than equipped for proper grooming for students in order to blend well and work in a different country. Kazakhstan has NMC recognized and WDOMS enlisted medical universities, and the medical degree is recognized by WHO, UNESCO, which allows the students to practice the medical profession in India as well as different hospitals all around the world.

One of the major concerns of the parents while sending their children abroad is the safety of their ward. In this respect, Kazakhstan is one of the safest countries to travel to and pursue education. The security in university campuses of Kazakhstan is good, and even the administration in these colleges supports their students. The local police are also helpful if the need arises. The government offices are punctual if the situation demands the students to want help from the authorities. Overall, it is the perfect country to send the students to study.

The minimum qualification is having cleared NEET and having a mere 50 percent in 12th standard in science stream with physics chemistry and biology. NEET qualification is a compulsory requirement.

Kazakhstan is a culturally rich country and has plenty of cultural and exotic places to visit. The colleges and universities are situated in big cities, which are not only good for cultural exposure but are also tourist hubs. In that case, the students will be encountering a variety of cultures. From cuisines to souvenirs, the country has a lot to provide for. The cities, their cuisines, and different tourist places will also help students to relax and ease their burden.

The most important part of a study in Kazakhstan would be the highly economic education system, the availability of scholarships, and the help that the colleges and universities provide in procuring visas for admissions. The fees in medical colleges are affordable, compared to the reputation of the institutes as well as the city the colleges are based in. The main motto of education in Kazakhstan is to provide affordable education to all national and international students. Indian students go to Kazakhstan in good numbers, and even with limited seats, Indian students are always preferred for admission. One can always count the rising number of Indian doctors who are coming from these universities and also working in India. The universities have a prolonged education period from 5 to 6 years which includes full education, training as well as work experience. The students are generally employed in the hospitals as trainees and they get to work with the finest doctors in the world. The students are also offered employment in the hospitals of the institutes with good pay and manageable work hours. The training in these colleges is top class without any doubt, and the students are prepared to handle tough situations both mentally and physically. The budding doctors are required to get experienced in all sorts of panic situations, they are mentally trained for that.

The Indian students and parents should be able to realize their dreams of MBBS education, and Kazakhstan presents the perfect opportunity for them to do so. The degree from these Kazakhstan medical colleges are valid in almost all major nations, the students would not have any problem in pursuing their profession anywhere in the world. Many doctors from these universities are employed in Indian medical colleges and hospitals and are well known in their profession. All of these students are now reputed doctors in their own field.

The admission process is pretty straight forward and eligibility is a compulsory part of it. MBBS in Kazakhstan eligibility is mentioned below which is mandatory to follow to get MBBS admission in Kazakhstan:


Following are the documents required for getting admission to the Medical colleges of Kazakhstan:

Kazakhstan is one of the best countries for traveling and also has the best infrastructure for medical education for the 21st century. For both study and job, Kazakhstan should be on the radar of students.

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