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Nothing in this world comes for free or with ease. Especially things which are of great dignity and honour, that can also provide you with recognition in society, along with money, requires lot of efforts and years of hard work.

One such example is that of doctors, as profession.

Although, studying medicine isn’t easy at all and requires huge amount of financial and time investment but the advantages are praiseworthy. Because of such huge appreciation, the number of students taking medicine has increased gradually.

There's something peculiar about this profession if you are an ardent science lover or fascinated with how human body functions or if you find it extremely delightful to help people around.


Students choose medicine, as a profession for all the major reasons mentioned above. Apart from this, one reason is also that the trends for doctors are increasing around the globe. With the increase in trends, their remuneration packages are also going high.

Other Such Factors include:

  • Guaranteed Employment and Possibility for Development:After the Pandemic, job in security was experienced by almost everyone in various professions. But medical field was the only profession, providing opportunities for offering occupations that led to rapid improvement and growth in various medical and non-medical sectors.

    As, we have witnessed this during the most crucial time, its proved that job security and growth potential is higher in medical profession which resulted in an increase in the number of students pursuing medicine as a career.

  • Peculiar Perks:

    Pursuing medicine as a career can be appealing to many aspirants who are extremely motivated for things which satisfy them and they take great honour and pride in the things they do.

Additional Advantages:

Along with the huge amount of financial rewards, a doctor can also acquire other advantages which include health insurance, group disability insurance, dental insurance, life insurance, cme allowance, vacation policy and many more.

Demand for Doctors across the Globe:

This Profession is in great demand all over the world because there is an increase in the number of both population and old age people (sometimes which lead to old age disorders) as estimated by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Various Medical Career Opportunities/ Wide Range of Requirements and Specialities:

In Medical Profession, there are variety of specialities an aspirant can choose from, at every stage of education This is the main reason of increase in the number of medical students every year as it makes it easy for the student to choose the field of their interest.

Once you have completed your graduation you can choose from a wide range of opportunities with almost 60 specialties so you have great advantage.

Apart from being an MBBS doctor or a Surgeon, you can be a part of the medical department in various professional fields or you can choose different stream in medicine and work in hospitals, healthcare activities and research in labs.

Medical graduates can also take up jobs in economic sectors managing health care costs and contributing to the legal work with an intention to verify medical errors and defending patient’s rights.

Empathy towards Patients Pain and Suffering:

A Doctor who understands his/her patient’s pain and suffering is often looked up as an incarnation of Angel.

So if you have an intention of serving to humanity and understand people's pain and sufferings, a doctor’s profession is the noblest you can choose to be which can also earn you respect in the society. It’s of utmost importance to maintain honesty with the patients family but doctors also require to give them hope and support. So if you empathise with people, you will never find anything better than seeing people happy and in good health.

In case you choose to pursue medicine in other countries other than your home country, learning their official language will be a part of your medicine studies as you need to maintain honesty and transparency with the patients.

A medical aspirant has six years to choose in which field his or her interests lies in. It all depends on how you choose the right study path. Don’t be disheartened in case you are not keen to become a surgeon, therapist or a paediatrician. As medicine is a vast field you can choose from a wide range of specialities that deals with research and more.

As the world is experiencing new and deadly chronic diseases and mental issues we now need advanced medical professionals who can come up with better medicinal advice and aid for us to get over with it safely.

Some of the wide variety of medical specialities includes:

Moreover, you can also take up teaching in medical institutions, if you have excellent pedagogic skills or if you are interested in developing one.

Medicine is further classified into 2 categories:

  1. TRADITIONAL OR HOMEOPATHY (ancient form of medication which was more in demand during medieval period)
  2. MODERN OR ALLOPATHY (western method with advanced equipment, information and technology)

There is always a discussion and debate over which form of medication is beneficial and effective and the research is still going on. Although both the treatment cannot be beneficial for everyone, so the pros and cons might vary.

Medical aspirants should focus on either of them and not both together as it may lead to disruptions on which educational track to follow.

Below is the list of various medical career options and opportunities:


    In the field of medicine, neurosurgeon is among the most highly paid speciality no matter whichever country you are in. With every other person suffering from brain related disorders, a neurosurgeon must be experienced and an expert in dealing with a patients nervous system be it an adult, infant or an elderly person.

    A Neurosurgeon is expected to:

    It has been reported by salary.com that neurosurgery is the most highly paid speciality in the medical profession.

    A Neurosurgeon makes a huge impact on a patient’s life as he deals with the most important part of his body which is the brain and spinal cord.


    Another most important speciality in the medical profession is Invasive CARDIOLOGY.

    If you are comfortable and an expert in holding a patient’s heart and can help patients manage the pressure of their heart then that's the best medical profession you have chosen. A cardiologist specialize in heart related diseases and conditions. They keep a check on the functioning of the heart and cardiovascular health through blood pressure, blood flow and other health barometer.

    Cardiologist is expected to:

    Cardiologist work with patients dealing with all kind of heart related issues from advanced stages of heart failure to even heart transplants. Cardiologist are actually surgeons who conducts the most crucial operations such as performing heart bypass operations, inserting defibrillators or pacemakers and repairing damaged heart valves.


    Orthopedic Surgeon is a doctor who deals with the musculoskeletal system of a human being such as the joints, ligaments, muscles and bones which are extremely important for movement and day to day activities.

    Dealing with the musculoskeletal system means working on the spines and other joints related structure. An Orthopedic Surgeon deals with:

    There are a number of sub-specialities within the speciality of orthopedic surgery. Some orthopedic surgeon focus on a particular condition like cancer or sports injuries whereas some surgeons exclusively work on joints of the hand, foot and ankle. Orthopedic Surgeons also remove tumours through surgery, repair injured ligaments and set broken bones.


    Gastroenterology has been ranked as the fourth highest paying domain in the profession of medicine, according to Forbes. A Gastroenterologist treat disorders related to the digestive system, through the stomach from the esophagus as well as the movement of the bowels including organs like liver, gallbladder, pancreas and many others within abdominal cavity.

    In this speciality of medicine, a Gastroenterologist, concentrate on treatment and diagnosis of conditions such as:

    A Gastroenterologist plays an extremely essential role in diagnosis and prevention of cancer related to digestive organs which include colon and esophageal cancer.

    These Specialists conduct slightest Invasive procedures and diagnostic tests such as endoscopies which makes it convenient for the doctors to see through the inside and the minutest of the gastrointestinal organs.


    A Radiologists are experts who specialize in diagnosis and treatment of injuries and disorders using advanced radioactive technology. Specialized in this field, a Radiologists not only work in hospitals but also other healthcare centres.

    They deal with the diagnosis, treatment and interpretation of imaging tests such as:

    They can also take up other important roles, which include image guiding therapy and to administer radiation to patients suffering from cancer. They are specialized in imaging various body parts like imaging of abdominal, chest and cardiac and can also perform mammograms for screening breast cancer.

  11. UROLOGY:

    According to Forbes, it has been reported as lowest earning speciality but it’s still come under top ten on the list. This Speciality concentrates on the health of the urinary tract of both male and female and it also focuses on the male reproductive system.

    Urologist deal with various structures and organs that come under their study such as kidney, bladder, urethra, prostate and male genitals.

    They treat and diagnose:


    As skin is the largest and important organ of the body, skin got its own specialist. A dermatologist earns hefty amount with the increase in the trends of maintenance of face and body.

    They not only treat and diagnose skin diseases from cancer to acne but also play an important role in screening unnecessary changes or appearance of moles and also perform routine skin examination to check early signs of melanoma.

Experts from this field, conduct diagnostic tests such as biopsies on unusual conditions and changes in the skin, treatment of skin allergies, eczema and other infections. Dermatologist can also conduct cosmetic surgery which includes laser surgery, liposuction, chemical peels, excisions of unwanted skin condition and Botox.

Please take this into consideration:

Medicine is a vast field but within the profession earnings can vary from speciality to speciality.

As the training requires huge efforts, is time consuming, long or unpredictable working hours, medical aspirants are expected to fulfill or stand strong on such demands.

No one ever said that medical profession is easy but the hard work can compensate with high paying career and the opportunity to provide hope to the patients irrespective of any age and personal satisfaction.

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