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Russia has become a hub for Indian students, who want to study MBBS abroad and make their living abroad. Every year, a lot of Indian students enroll in different medical universities in Russia to study MBBS in Russia. The fact that young people are attracted to medical education abroad, is due to several reasons. The most important being the competition in Indian medical colleges, and also due to infrastructure, modern training, and opportunity to work abroad. Whatever the reason may be, the students are moving abroad every year in hope of a better future. But the road to a better future requires not only talent, excellence, and guidance, but also good knowledge and clarity about their plans. And any student should have good clarity about their plans. Another roadblock would be misinformation about any career and profession. These are a few things, where awareness would allow the students to explore their careers in a better fashion.

Russia is a country full of endless opportunities, especially for aspiring medical students. One of the superpowers of the world, and with the territory and political influence over Eurasia and the whole world, also comes with opportunities for the seekers in that country. The Indian students who enroll in Russian medical universities open a doctor to immense opportunities for themselves. However, it is up to them how to make good and efficient use of opportunities.

Once a student goes into the medical profession, the option of becoming a doctor is permanent. Given their own merits, the employment in Russia and in different countries of the world is in their own hands. Even the option of working in their home country and in India for the Indian students is always open. However, there are other opportunities that might come one’s way if they are explored well and in an efficient way.

The MBBS education in Russia is of 5 to 6 years, with education, training, and internship. After becoming doctors, the students can apply to any hospital in the world, and get employment. In Russia too, getting a work permit is easy and they can continue to work there. With new citizenship laws in motion, within a few years of service, the option of getting permanent residency and citizenship in Russia is also possible. Those who are skeptical about the possibilities, need not worry. Russia is one of the safest countries to travel and work in. The police and authorities are very much supportive and also the embassies of different countries are also there for the students. Employment in hospitals is considered the best option for doctors, but one can expand their horizon with other opportunities.

With courses like MBA and other such courses even in hospitality and management, one can explore the field of hospitality and management in Russia. It is considered a well-paying job in Russia, and given the talent and education of a candidate, it will not be a tough task to get a job. The knowledge of Russian for a candidate like this would be even better. The opportunity of learning the Russian language in the institute is there. If a student is studying in Russia for 6 years, and in the meantime, they will be working with the patients who may not speak English. In this case, one’s knowledge of Russian or any local language may help there. The best way of doing it is in the classes at the university itself. In case, if the students develop an interest in the Russian language and decide to pursue the language, there is a whole lot of opportunities available for them.

Even tourism, hospitality, and corporate opportunities in Russia enable the students to expand their horizons of work. There are employment opportunities for any international student, especially the Indian lot for exploring these opportunities. Given the fact that the diplomatic relations between India and Russia have been good for decades, there are a lot of employment opportunities in these sectors.

Apart from conventional job sectors, the students can explore humanitarian jobs in Russia. Working for different organizations involved in social work, NGOs, UNESCO, and WHO’s endeavors can also benefit the students and their potential.

The Russian educational sector is highly developed. They are among the best in scientific subjects like Physics, chemistry, biology, and more. Today, many Indians choose to pursue medical studies in Russia thanks to the high level of education combined with affordable fees. A large number of universities offer Government-sponsored scholarships to international students to study in Russia. Since Russia is a prominent name among the leading research practice, it also opens the doors for infinite research possibilities in medical as well as other areas. Space research, medical research, technology research, and several other fields offer research opportunities for Indian students. The icing on the cake is the scholarship and research grants and also the opportunity of getting international fame via their research.

One can also explore the option of becoming a professor in these universities. Getting a Ph.D. in any field of science is considered a big achievement and then teaching the discipline and grooming future doctors and researchers is only better.

Russia is a haven for immigrants from outside. Indians are increasingly becoming the part of Russian workforce in Russia and other former Soviet nations. So in this way, from education to employment, the extent is now broadened. This is high time for one to explore the employment opportunities in Russia.

Summing, everything up, Russia is indeed an ideal option for all those aspiring Indian medical students who are looking out for opportunities to study MBBS abroad at an affordable cost and without dropping their one precious year. In every aspect, MBBS in Russia is always a great and best option. From a globally recognized MBBS degree to vast practical exposure to overall personality development, an Indian medical student gets everything while studying MBBS in Russia. So, it is high that you must give wings to your medical dreams and reach your destination to achieve your dream of becoming a globally recognized MBBS doctor.

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