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Last minute Tips and Tricks to Crack NEET 2021 on First Attempt

Last minute Tips and Tricks to Crack NEET 2021 on First Attempt

Earlier school and college studies were sufficient enough to crack the most competitive examinations such as AIPMT, CET and many others but now it’s a complete different scenario. Studying by making use of the right techniques and putting extra efforts go hand in hand. NEET coaching also plays an essential part in helping students for NEET preparation.

Our aim is to help you for your last minute NEET preparation by focusing on the following important tips and tricks:

Last Minute Tips and Tricks to crack NEET 2021 on First Attempt

1. Practice Mock Tests:

To get an idea on how to crack NEET on first attempt, it becomes extremely essential to take mock tests as it gives you experience of the exam day. All the Mock tests should be of the same time limit as that of the NEET exam so that the candidates get accustomed to the pattern and the time frame.

2. Practice Last Year Papers:

Solving last year's test papers is extremely important to get an idea for the upcoming NEET exam as it will also help you to understand the level of the exam and the topics which are extremely important.

3. Revise Incorrect

After every test, prepare a note of all incorrect answers and revise it every day. Work hard and put extra efforts on your weaker areas. You should be careful about not repeating same mistakes and errors. This will help you in increasing your capability in NEET exam.

Make sure you revise the topics on regular intervals even though you are thorough with a specific chapter, subject or topic. Revision is extremely essential for cracking NEET on first attempt.

Go through the formulas and derivations. Revise important equations, mechanisms and reactions. After every revision, test yourself to check your learning progress. You can try innovative ideas such as making flashcards if you are finding it difficult to retain a particular concept or topic.

Candidates should understand that as NEET is a competitive exam, therefore mugging up will not help them much.

Candidates not only require putting in extra efforts and working hard but also study smart for better understanding of each Subject.

4. Study Material:

You should gather all important notes and relevant study material to crack NEET on first attempt. Candidates must be having all the important information about the study material that is available in the market.

The NEET NCERT textbooks are highly recommended as it includes most of the syllabus of NEET 2021, thus ensuring that the candidates will be familiar with each and every topic from start to end.

Also candidates must avoid studying from too many books as it might divert their attention or create confusion in their mind. Candidates should be thorough with their NCERT textbooks as most of the questions come from them.

You can always take the advice and guidance from the expert professors in your coaching classes or college on how to select right study material for NEET exam preparation.

As the Syllabus of the NEET exam is too vast, candidates must be aware where to focus on and the specific topics from where they can score more.

5. Develop systematic timetable:

Creating a fixed routine will help you to keep your focus on preparing for the NEET exam. As you need to complete 2 years syllabus simultaneously, creating a realistic timetable will help you to put in systematic efforts and hard work for the exam.

Make a habit to follow your routine time table strictly.

With time, keep modifying it with better innovative ideas.

6. Positive Approach Towards the exam:

Throughout the NEET exam preparation, you need to maintain a positive attitude, as it will decide the effectiveness of your study process.

If you keep a negative attitude and think that you won't be able to make it then you will lose confidence and interest both.

It will worsen your mental and physical health, leading to increase in the stress levels.

The moment you start developing a positive approach towards it, your brain will function better and attentively.

7. Stay Connected:

In our daily lives, social networking plays a very essential role. Use best use of this technology, to stay connected with your family and friends. Social networking applications like messenger and whatsapp can act as a very important communication means to get students and teachers connected and share all important updates, tips, information, guidelines and solve difficulties.

Exchanging messages with friends and family can help students stay focussed and motivated.

It will also reduce the candidate's stress levels, which will lead to good mental and physical health.

8. Online Source of Information:

Gain maximum knowledge through online source of information from various websites by watching NEET preparation videos such as MyOnlineShiksha website and Patshala.

You can also get in touch with your seniors and watch testimonials and videos of students who have already appeared and scored well to get an idea about their method of preparation.

Important Instructions:

Please make extra efforts to take maximum number of mock tests as it will increase your potentials in appearing for the actual test and boost your confidence which will result in better scores. neweraeducation.in/online-mock-test/

To prepare for NEET, you also need to make sure of the following things:

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