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Life of Indian students in The Top Medical Universities of Abroad

Life of Indian students in The Top Medical Universities of Abroad

Going abroad is a top choice for pursuing medical profession for Indian students, with colleges and universities situated in the top cities of the different countries, with adequate facilities available for students. But one must know everything about pursuing a career in foreign countries, as there are different kinds of misconceptions about the countries and the adjustments that an Indian student might have to make. First of all, going abroad is a safe option, as most of the countries are safe to travel and to stay for foreigners, especially Indians. Since the medical profession is regarded as noble, and parents and students both are looking at different options with good colleges in India and outside India. The most important part is the affordability for such investment. In India, with a good NEET score, candidates might be able to land a top college for themselves, however, that is not the case for everyone. The other students, who are not able to score well, are sometimes stranded in the middle with little to do about pursuing this profession.

The top medical universities in foreign countries, however, are quite lenient in this matter. There are certain perks of pursuing a medical career in countries like Russia, USA, Kazakhstan or the Caribbean. The most important part is the kind of exposure that the cities give. With cities of these countries being tourist hubs, as well as top sought destinations for international students, the Indian students are exposed to different kinds of cultures and people, which allows them to homogenize well.

These countries provide education in an affordable budget which eases financial burden on the middle class parents of India. Plus, the kind of affordable education which the universities offer, with accommodation and basic facilities is quite helpful for students as well. The infrastructural facilities provided by universities are quite good for better grooming for students in order to blend well and work in countries other than their own.

These places have MCI recognized and WDOMS enlisted medical universities, and the medical degree is recognized by WHO, UNESCO, which allows the students to practice the medical profession in India as well as different hospitals all around the world. The universities focus on extensive practical knowledge, in order to make an able practitioner out of the student, utilizing their talent. The countries have quite an easy admission process, with the qualification based on NEET score itself. The universities are quite helpful with the visa process with consultation at every step for the students – from visa process to the admission. The degrees provided by the universities are recognized for both work and further studies in India. Since the admission is based on NEET score, there is no additional entrance or language exam needed to qualify for universities. Even the NEET score has to be basic, just to qualify.

The colleges and universities impart education in English language, which is quite easy for the Indian students specially. The universities provide safe and comfortable accommodation to all enrolled Indian students, and even the university administration and embassy is helpful for the students there. The best part is the availability of Indian mess in the university and hostel campus.

Procedure to get admission in medical universities abroad:


Following are the documents required for getting admission in Medical colleges of Kazakhstan:

In short, MBBS abroad is always a great option for all Indian medical students who are looking for an affordable MBBS education from renowned medical universities. And talking about the life of Indian students who are studying MBBS abroad, it is pretty much the same as in India. But, the

only difference is that the students studying MBBS abroad will have a vast exposure to everything. From country to culture to medical infrastructure, and everything in between.

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