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MBBS in Russia- 360 Degree Review

MBBS in Russia- 360 Degree Review

There is no denying the fact there is a lot of talking and debate going around on the topic of MBBS abroad. The debate about MBBS abroad has indeedly dominated the news for quite some time now. Studying MBBS abroad is one of the best options for all aspiring Indian medical students who were not able to secure admission in Indian medical colleges. MBBS abroad is a very popular choice as it offers many additional perks and also has certain (quite neglectable) drawbacks for Indian medical students. As we count down the list of countries that offer great quality MBBS education at an affordable cost to all enrolled Indian students, let us discuss the largest country of Europe, Russia.

Indian students who have always desired to study MBBS abroad are greatly inclined towards Russia. Russia has always been the most preferred destination to study MBBS abroad. As per WHO ranking in its World Directory of Medical Schools, medical universities of Russia are ranking on the 30th position amongst 100 medical universities in the world. Due to affordable MBBS education, Russia is gaining massive popularity when it comes to the choice of MBBS abroad.

Looking at the facts, Russia holds the largest part of land as compared to other European countries. It is the biggest country with approximately one eighth of the world’s surface occupied. Moscow is the biggest city in Europe. Ranging from deserts to mountains covered with sparkling ice, and from temperate to arctic weather conditions, Russia’s terrain is varied.

In this article, we will give you all the details of why one should consider MBBS in Russia for their MBBS abroad and what are the advantages and disadvantages of studying MBBS in Russia.

What Does MBBS in Russia Mean For Aspiring Indian Medical Students?

MBBS in Russia is one of the most demanding and also popular choices, especially among Indian medical aspirants to study MBBS abroad. The duration of the MBBS course is 6 years. The country has about 30+ recognized by National Medical Council (NMC), Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) along with the Ministry of Science, Russian Federation, Medical Council of Canada and other various medical councils of other countries.

Majority of Russian medical universities offer a 6 years MBBS program in complete English medium, however, basic Russian language is also being taught as a part of the curriculum to all the enrolled international medical students. This is due to the fact that all the enrolled Indian students during their clinical rotations need to get in direct touch with the local patients. So, to ensure an easy mode of communication between patient and doctor, universities teach the local Russian language.

A Brief about MBBS in Russia

Degree MBBS/MD
Duration of The Course 5 Years 8 months
Required Score in PCB 50%
NEET Mandatory
Medium of Instruction English
English Russia
Tuition Fee 18-32 Lacs
Cost of Living $100 (26,000-52,000) per month

Advantages of Studying MBBS in Russia

Talking about the advantages of studying MBBS in Russia, then there are endless. But we have mentioned some of the best because a huge number of Indian students are heading to Russia, to study MBBS in Russia. The advantages are as follow-

Apart from the above mentioned advantages, there are several other advantages of studying MBBS in Russia like an easy and hassle free admission process without the need to qualify any exams like IELTS, TOEFL, MCAT etc. An eligible student just needs to qualify NEET with asing scores and the rest of just. Almost all the Russian medical universities offer various special facilities and considerations to the Indian students like Indian canteens, hostels, sports facilities, cultural and festive events, etc.

Another important feature of MBBS in Russia is that it does not have any exams like that of KROK like in Ukraine, which are required to be qualified in order to study further and attain the degree. The students are expected to follow the continuous and comprehensive assessment and evaluation strategy designed by the university.

Top Medical Universities in Russia to Study MBBS in Russia

In short, MBBS in Russia is always a great choice for all international students who are looking ahead to studying MBBS abroad at an affordable budget along with comfortable and safe accommodation, and Indian food.

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