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Financial advice to Indian medical students and parents

Financial advice to Indian medical students and parents

One of the most important factor which is of greater concern of parents and students aspiring to pursue MBBS in Russia is the cost of living while pursuing the course.

Since, we are playing an essential part by helping you to achieve your dreams; it is our responsibility to provide you all the details about the expenses that will be incurred from your registration till the convocation as well as about the expenses which can emerge after the degree. Our aim is to help you plan your academic career wisely so that you don't have to stress about your expenses anytime between the courses.

Firstly, the most important factor that the parents should take into consideration is the University fees. Most of the Russian Federation University's fees are extremely affordable as the Russian Federation has already subsidized the fees by 70% which makes it convenient as compared to other medical universities around the globe.

Russian Federation has made it extremely flexible for the universities to accept student’s fees semester wise. Hence, this has reduced the burden of the parents and is extremely convenient for them to manage fees every six months. On an average, any top Russian Federation University's fees is as low as 3500$ or 4000$ approximately which is extremely convenient as compared to any private medical Indian University or any other University around the world.

Parents can also apply for education loan for the fees payment with the help of the documents provided to them by the University.

While pursuing MBBS in Russia, other major concern is the cost of living and food expenses which are again extremely reasonable as compared to other western countries. Students are already allotted with the University hostels on their arrival. They just have to pay the maintenance of the room which is fully furnished and the appliances that they will be using.

Apart from this, basic food expenses are also affordable, depending on the student’s lifestyle. Generally, on an average the cost of living would be as minimum as 100 USD Dollars or Rs 6500 (INR) approximately. Although it completely depends on the student’s lifestyle, their frequency of dining out and other expenses.

While packing for your new journey, you should be aware that the new country will now be your home for few years till the time you have completed your studies. You have to keep certain things in mind, such as the things that you can get easily there and on your budget and certain things you can carry along with you which is either not available or expensive there.

While planning for your new journey its always advisable to read and gather all the information about the new country you are preparing to leave so that you can get an idea about what can be the situation once you reach there. As soon as your passports are handed over for visa process start preparing a list of all the things you need to carry along.

The earlier you start your packing before the departure, the more convenient it gets for you to remember each and every essential item on the list.

Students are allowed maximum luggage of 56 kg i.e. check in luggage 46 kg (23*2) and cabin luggage is of 10 kg. This makes your first journey to your study destination smooth and convenient.

Don't keep anything for last minute as it becomes difficult and stressful to miss out on any essential items which might not be easily available there.

It is always advisable to carry in bulk your personal items such as personal hygiene care, dental and grooming kit and medical kit which contains medicines that you usually use for cold, cough, fever and other normal medical conditions.

Also, make sure that you carry important documents in a folder so that they are always handy when required anytime during travelling.

Important documents folder should include the following:

* Your Original Passport with visa stamped

* Your Original 10th, 11th and 12th Certificates along with their apostilled copies.

* Admission letter from the Russian Medical University

* Extra photocopies of all the original documents which can be helpful later.

* 40 passport size colour photographs

* Medical fitness and HIV report

* Currency converted into rubbles and dollars.

Never get your currency exchanged at the airport. Do it before, as soon as you get your stamped passport copy to prevent from last minutes hassle.

Also make sure to get your travel card and check how to use it or whether it is working or not. It is always exciting to travel to other countries for pursuing your dreams but it is always advisable to carry all the essential things which you may need once you reach your destination.

You can make your journey successful by smooth preparation and well planning and keeping all factors in mind during your stay in that country. Also, early preparation can save your time, money and energy which you can utilise on other essential things.

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