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A Brief About Student Life In Russia

A Brief About Student Life In Russia

It is a universal truth that Russia is indeed an ideal destination for all the aspiring Indian medical students who are in search of an MBBS abroad option at an affordable cost. This is one of the major reasons because of which Russia has been gaining immense popularity for quite a while. Out of endless advantages MBBS in Russia offers to all it’s international students, especially India students, having a blissful, healthy, and safe student life is one of the most common points adding to its several advantages.

One might wonder, what does having a blissful or vibrant and colorful student life actually means? Well, give us the chance to enlighten you with this in detail. While seeing the student life in a foreign land on our tv screens has certainly raised our expectations. Students believe that it is exactly how it is interpreted on the screens, but don’t forget that it is ‘reel experience’ and what you will experience will be nothing but ‘real experience’. Well, there are chances that you might develop certain friendships and bonds that would last a lifetime, being a good student is not always about partying all night or making love escapades. A student life at a university, and especially at a medical university is more than that.

Coming back to the topic of studying MBBS abroad, it is obvious that Indian student parents have the concern related to their kids safety, security, and of course education, but also the overall life of the student that he or she will be experiencing in those 6 years of their life while studying MBBS abroad. It is now a well established fact that top Russian medical universities guarantee a great quality of education but did you know the fact that all the Russian medical universities also offer healthy, nururing, and a learner friendly environment to all the enrolled Indian students. All the Russian universities who have a good number of Indian students, at times also offer various arrangements for all international students to fulfil the indigineous needs of every student.

So, if you are excited to know what to expect during your stay while you study MBBS in Russia, here are some of the points that assuredly glitters your period of study at the top Russian government medical universities while you study MBBS in Russia.

1. Cost of Living

Summing everything up, the overall expense for a student who is studying MBBS in Russia from a top Russian medical university, is as low as 45% than that of studying in other countries like the USA, or the UK. Majority of Russian medical universities offer safe and comfortable accommodation to all the enrolled students including the availability of Indian food at subsidized rates. There are chances that a student might have to pay the student discounted amounts if they choose to explore the city or for their individual preferences.

2. Drive to Explore the Country

We all know that Russia as a country has always been of extreme geographical, historical, and political importance. It is the largest country in the world, therefore, has endless things to explore in every corner. From picturesque and stunning landscapes, to historic museums, to various crystal caves, water bodies, mysterious mountains and forests to the research conferences, etc, students will have plenty of things to do in the form of recreational activities and will also have a great time exploring the city.

3. The Incredible Local Culture & Cuisines

Unlike the very common notion, Russian culture and cuisine is not much different than that of India’s culture and cuisine. Indian students studying MBBS in Russia can experience the local tea culture just like that of India. Other than that, Indian students can also get experimental with their taste buds with some traditional Russian food like Blini, Pelmeni, Syrniki, Borscht, Okroshka, Pirozhki, Shashlik Kebabs and more. Once your stomach is filled, you can explore the culture where the cats guard the museums and dogs navigate via metro! It will indeed be a fun experience.

4. Ideal Study Routine

It is absolutely true that being an MBBS student requires a specific study routine. And being a student of MBBS in Russia, just like in any other country, demands tonnes of devotion and dedication at every step every day. Once the students have completed their orientation in the beginning of the course, students are encouraged to actively participate in the classrooms and laboratories. All the teaching staff at all the medical universities of Russia are highly qualified and well versed with the English language. The teaching staff is well trained with various strategies to make the entire teaching-learning process more intriguing and exciting for the enrolled MBBS students.

5. Various kind of Activities at the University

During the 6 years of MBBS program offered by the medical universities of Russia, all the enrolled students are constantly encouraged to have an active participation in all the activities that are organized by the university for the students. The universities also organizes various kind of outdoor campus activities like clinical rotation as they are an essential part of curriculum, the university also facilitates the students in various academic activities like debates, extempore, olympiads, etc as well as the non-academic activities like excursions, sports tournaments (cricket, badminton, etc), and other co-scholastic activities as per the interest of the students.

6. Grouping, Mentoring & Tutoring

Pedagogical practices like peer tutoring and group tutoring are some of the most common methods of the teaching opted at almost all the Russian medical universities unlike the single-way communication of the lecture method. As soon as one joins any Russian medical university, they are placed in a group of 5 to 7 students with one responsible and highly qualified mentor for assisting them through their whole MBBS in Russia journey. It is indeed a good teaching practice that medical universities of Russia opt for.

7. Various Kind of Celebrations

Indian students studying MBBS in Russian medical universities, enjoy every local, international, and Indian festival. All the major Indian festivals are being celebrated at all the Russian medical universities like Holi, Diwali, Eid, Dusshers, and others too. Apart from these festive celebrations the students are also encouraged to participate in on-stage performances at various events like annual day, etc.


For every student, their university life is a journey of self discovery and realisation. The learning and experience during this period aids in the character building of each and every student for the rest of their lives. The development that happens to a student during their university time frames becomes extremely quintessential when they are preparing for the role in the society for the next 6 years. The students must understand that not all days are the same. Some days are sunny and others are cloudy. Things would certainly get difficult in one way or another, at one point or more, but with the right guidance, they can surely overcome them.

Student life during MBBS in Russia at top government medical universities like Mordovia State University, Ulyanovsk State Medical University, North Ossetian State Medical Academy, Crimea Federal University, and Krasnoyarsk State Medical University facilitate a colourful environment for promoting the experiential learning between them. What makes these universities different from the others is the comfort they provide for the students joining them from India.

With this we wish all the students who have recently joined MBBS in Russia and are looking forward to creating new memories good luck!

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