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What After NEET-UG 2021 Result?

What After NEET-UG 2021 Result?

So, now that National Testing Agency (NTA), has announced the most awaited result of all time, NEET-UG 2021, a whole new world for all the students who have successfully qualified for this examination with flying colors is waiting for them! All the qualified students are open to choosing the destination to study MBBS. It is the time for them to either choose MBBS in India or MBBS abroad!

Well, now that the NEET-UG 2021 result is out, there are several students who find themselves in a dilemma of how to proceed once their result is out. The lack of guidance usually causes many students to drop their only aim of becoming a globally recognized doctor from a reputed and accredited university. There are times when students agree to the terms and make their minds settle for the less.

After the result is declared, the first thing that every student should keep in mind is that though NEET is mandatory to study MBBS, it is not the end of the world. Not even one student should get distraught and take any drastic measures due to the fear of not performing well in the deciding exam. It is very much disheartening to hear the newsflash every time a student gives in to fear and pressure which at times is self-imposed and especially after the result is out.

Therefore, it is always advisable to have a better and wider picture, pieced together before navigating the way from giving the NEET exam to the goal of becoming a doctor! You must have an action plan after your NEET-UG 2021 result. Well, if you don’t have one, don’t stress out, we have got you covered. Have a look-

Your NEET-UG 2021 Action Plan After The Result is Out-

Case 1- When It is Everything You have ever wishes for, then start with the Best!

Well, heartiest congratulations, if you have qualified for the NEET-UG 2021 examination with flying colors as you can now appear for the admission counseling session to secure a seat in the government medical university of India. All you have to do is celebrate and wish to start the new phase of your medical life to start as soon as possible. Securing a medical seat in an Indian government medical university will definitely be in your budget. It will be one of the best options if you have made up your mind to study MBBS in India, as you will be able to get real-time exposure to all the professional and practical skills essential to the fieldwork.

Securing a medical seat in an Indian government medical college and studying MBBS from an Indian government medical college is not only the dream of any aspiring Indian medical student but is it a great opportunity for the students to get endless and real-time exposure and a closer look at the native health concerns and their solutions faced by the locals in their country. All this effortlessly molded the new age doctors to the specific needs and strategies required when dealing with the patients.

Case 2- Nothing To Stress About Even If you Missed the Chance with Few Marks

Well, if just in case you missed the marks with just a few steps, the sorrow for the same might get all the real! We completely understand that. But, if you have missed the cut-off just by a few numbers, you can always try to appear for the same exam, or even can try next year as well. Although, there is no assurance that what the cutoff for the coming is going to be and whether you will be able to make it through or not?

Well, retrying and thinking of reappearing will be an absolute gamble which may or may not provide you with the desired result! In that case, MBBS abroad is always a good or we say the best option. In place of seeking admission in any Indian private medical college and spending tons of hard-earned money on your parents, you can consider the option to study MBBS abroad as it is not only affordable and budget-friendly but also comes with great perks!

Here is a brief comparison of studying MBBS from any Indian private medical college and studying MBBS abroad.

Talking about MBBS abroad, then there are various countries that are offering quality medical education an at affordable cost with safe and secure ambinace for all international students. Countries like Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Bangladesh, China, are witnessing an increased intake of aspiring Indian medical students in their accredited and globally recognized, NMC and WDOMS enlisted medical universities.

When it comes to MBBS abroad, Russia is one of the best and most chosen medical destinations by all the aspiring Indian medical students. MBBS in Russia, not only offers an affordable MBBS fee structure, but it is a country with the most vibrant and secure environment for all enrolled international students. The country not only has several extraordinary with state-of-the-art infrastructure universities with quality medical education and facilities, but it also features several universities with legacies as old as centuries but still withholding positions among the top medical universities of the world. All the enrolled international medical students will have abundant exposure to various global practices, and researches related to medicine, and so on. In subsequent to that, the strong and strategic relations between both the countries have already warmed their locals' cultures and beliefs, making Russia a great destination to study MBBS abroad. This makes Russia an incredibly popular destination for medical education for Indian students. Every year, we witness the departure of a few more thousand Indian students to study in the top government medical university of Russia who chooses to study MBBS in Russia. Not only this, after the successful graduation of 6 years MBBS from any recognized Russian medical university, all the medical graduates will be able to continue their medical practice in any country of the world after successfully qualifying the FMGE of that country.

In short, MBBS abroad is one of the best options for all NEET-UG 2021 qualified students who are not able to secure a seat in any Indian government medical college. Instead of choosing to study MBBS in India from any private medical college, it will be a wise decision to choose MBBS abroad!

Case 3- When You Really Worked Your Heart and Mind Out, but the Result was unsatisfactory

Well, there are times in our life when we often get the chance to deal with unsatisfactory results even after giving our best shot. There is no denying the fact that you have prepared so hard for the exam and also gave your best shot but are still not able to qualify for the exam in this attempt. Well, we can understand that you might be feeling depressed or distraught, well that is obvious. However, you must and you should learn to get over it as soon as possible and start once again. You can again consider joining the coaching classes for better support as well as professional assistance with the recent exam development.

These days there are various other alternatives also available for you to choose from. A huge majority of the young generation of upcoming qualified doctors are considering boarding their flights to study MBBS in Caribbean Islands. South-American countries like Guyana and Barbados are offering some pre-medical programs, where students can take admission without qualifying NEET-UG, get accustomed to university life for a year in India, and at the same time prepare for the upcoming NEET examination. Once qualifying for the NEET-UG t, the students can join the university for their further MBBS abroad studies. Unlike most of the universities abroad offering 6 years of MBBS course, MBBS in the Caribbean can be completed in 5 years with a globally recognized degree.

Case 4- If there is no way, then it is Surely the Way Out!

As the uncontrolled choice of lakhs of Indian medical students, every year, turns out to be, opting for a second choice or simply the Plan B, if the student does not qualify for the NEET-UG examination, is to settle down for something less or totally different from their interests. This choice can be referred to at any point including even after qualifying for the exam and not getting the medical seat in their desired medical university either in India or abroad.


Summing everything up, all we can say is that life after NEET-UG result can be either be a cake-walk or a wander in the maze, where the chances of getting lost are extremely high. There will be times when all you can think is of giving up and quitting altogether. Lack of wise decisions and guidance on your part can also get you tangled and waste your time, efforts as well as money.

The above-mentioned strategies and cases are a generalized way, however, what to know what suits you the best depending on your score and performance in the NEET-UG 2021 exam. In fact, you can also reach us at New Era Education for guidance and counseling for your future career path!

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