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8 Reasons Why You Should Consider Pursuing MBBS in RUSSIA AS AN OPPORTUNITY

8 Reasons Why You Should Consider Pursuing MBBS in RUSSIA AS AN OPPORTUNITY

When medical aspirants are keen to pursue MBBS, they work extremely hard and put in huge efforts to anyhow fulfill their dreams of becoming a surgeon. In the field of education and profession, choosing MBBS is the most difficult profession for both to study as well as taking admissions in due to various reasons.

The profession of medical not only helps you to grow financially but this profession also earns medical aspirants huge respect and a standing in the society. But everyone is aware about the hardships and responsibilities that come along with this noble profession.

When you decide to pursue MBBS in abroad, possibilities are, you would be confused about so many options which you can select from, and you keep on getting confused about each profession being better from each other. However, if you filter your options on what your financial stability permits, the global acknowledgement and reputation of the study offered, the available facilities, etc. you will definitely come up with the best possible universities which will offer you all these things you are looking for and fulfill your goal of pursuing MBBS in Abroad and become a doctor.

Geographically, known by the area, Russia is the largest country, socially, is a representation of the greatest era revolutionizing history time and again, politically, is one of the superpowers influencing the rest of the world and culturally, is a hub of cultural diversity with aging as old as the time itself. For medical aspirants, ever since the Soviet era pursuing MBBS in Russia has always been a spectacular experience. Not just in India, all around the world, the alumni of the Russian universities are now the leading names in the medical sector.

Off course their success stories are not limited to this much. Definitely not, the achievements of the alumni’s have started hinting the brighter and positive side of pursuing MBBS in Russia. Moving ahead and coming to 21st century that we are living in the needs and the expectations of the society have completely changed.

Now, people are only looking at the brighter side of pursuing MBBS in Russia even though they are aware of certain pros and cons of the same that might come along with this decision of choosing a foreign country for fulfilling their dreams.

Moreover, people have started thinking practically and in depth about the opportunities and experiences they will gain when they are studying with different medical aspirants from all around the world which will improve their cognitive skills, develop other such capabilities and increase their co-operation power which will help them to deal with different difficulties and problems which they might face in the future.

Apart from this they also get to learn about the different culture of the different countries which can prove to be beneficial in their future life as we are also observing various changes that has emerged in this 21st century.

What are some of the most important reasons, why the young generation of medical aspiring students of the 21st century must pursue MBBS in Russia in this present decade?

Below are the 8 most important reasons on why the number of students pursuing MBBS in Russia is increasing every year from all around the world:

  1. Subsidized Fees: One of the most important factors that have to be taken into consideration while choosing any career is the fees. 70% of the fees in all the best Russian medical universities are subsidized by the Russian federation itself by the medical education department. Hence, it becomes extremely affordable for medical aspirants for pursuing MBBS in Russia easily without any financial stress. Medical education is one of the most highly refined qualities in spite being affordable and feasible to all, and thus is extremely cost-efficient as well as effective in nature. Hence this is one of the most important reasons for it being popular among the Indian medical aspirants to study MBBS in Russia.
  2. Reputation and Recognition: In Russia, all the top medical universities are recognized by the various government organizations all around the world such as like ECFMG, FAIMER, WDOMS, National Medical Commission (erstwhile known as Medical Council of India), and medical council of many other countries like Canada, Australia, Nepal, etc. Since most of the medical universities in Russia are quite ancient, right from the Soviet era, but they are still in demand due to its advanced technology and quality of education.
  3. Advancement in the Technology in Education: Another most important reason for the rise in the ratio of medical aspirants from all around the world planning to choose Russia as their study destination is also because of the advanced education technology that the Russian universities has introduced in the training and practices. In Russia, the top medical government universities make use of the advanced technological resources in their laboratories, classrooms, hospitals and libraries which are also used in the administrable department as well as train required set of skills to their fullest.

    Unlike the single-way communication of the lecture method, some of the most common methods of the teaching are pedagogical practices like group tutoring and peer tutoring. Medical aspirants are placed in a group of 6 to 8 students with one head as a mentor who is accountable for guiding them through the entire course of MBBS journey in Russia.

  4. Homely environment for Students: Since the number of Indian students planning to pursue their MBBS in Russia is increasing every year, medical aspirants find company from another Indian origin which makes a homely environment in the hostels, campus and universities. Most of the Russian medical universities take care of the personal preferences and requirements of the medical aspirants and hence, they provide many facilities for Indian students like Indian food canteens, separate student hostels, sports and cultural clubs as per their interest and many such facilities are taken care of. The aim of these universities is to make sure that the medical aspirants get to live a comfortable life in the university during their entire duration of the course and that they do not miss their home much.
  5. Global Demand: In Russia, the medical universities focus on the research based education and thereby personally motivate medical aspirants towards accomplishing their dream and working very hard for attaining growth and success. Due to various introduction of advanced technology in the field of medical education, Russia has been considered as the epicenter of research practices. Because of all these reasons the medical aspirants pursuing medical degree from the medical universities of Russia have been considered to be the most important attraction and they have a high scope of career growth as the entire world is aware of the hardships these medical aspirants must have faced during their course of MBBS in Abroad.
  6. Unlimited Scope with the Russian Language: The most important concern of this noble profession is to master the communication skills because of the nature that this profession demands. Along with pursuing MBBS in Russia, a lot of challenges can occur and for the major part it is the language barrier. Communication plays a very important role when it comes to studying MBBS in Russia. Creating a new experience and adapting to a new environment is significantly aided to it. Well it is conveyed, that learning a different language and literature of a particular culture gives a unique perspective about that culture.

    Because of Russia's status as a global superpower, the world's largest nation, and its native language, Russian, it is of extreme global importance and in India; the demand for the Russian language is increasing at a faster rate than ever before. Russian’s fluency and expertise as a career-profession language is without any doubt is extremely awe inspiring and spectacular.

  7. Activities at the University and Study Routines: In Russia, being a medical aspirant that too for MBBS requires huge effort, dedication, hard work and devotion during every stage of MBBS course just like any other country in the world. During the start of the course after the orientation has been completed, medical aspirants are motivated to participate actively in the classrooms and laboratories. The professors of the top best medical government universities are experts and fully trained with different strategies to make the entire teaching and learning process more fascinating and exciting for the students. The medical aspirants are continuously motivated to indulge in different activities during the entire course of MBBS in Russia. The university also facilitates medical aspirants in different academic activities like extempore, debates and Olympiads, etc. as well as the non-academic activities like sports tournaments (football, cricket, badminton, etc.), excursions and other such academic as per the interest of the students.
  8. Celebrations like Home away from Home: In the Russian Medical Universities, the medical aspirants from India can celebrate all the Indian festivals with the same enthusiasm like they did back home. Other medical aspirants and the university also join them for the grand celebration of the several popular festivals like Diwali, holi, Eid, Navratri and other such festivals. In short, universities make sure that the students do not miss their home festivities Medical aspirants are also motivated to participate in on-stage performances at various events like annual day, and different occasions etc. apart from these festive celebrations.

In other words, university life is a journey of realization and self-discovery. During this journey, the experience and learning help in the character building of the students for the rest of his/her life. When you are preparing for the role in society as the noblest profession the development becomes extremely essential. It is very important for the medical aspirants to understand that these hardships faced during the initial days will only help them become strong and make them put in more effort and with the correct guidance and support from their mentors and professors will only help them overcome all this.

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