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Every year, in India, pursuing education is becoming extremely difficult not only in the medical field but for many other professional fields for various reasons. Because of this reason, each year there has been a severe dip in the ratio of successful admissions in comparison with the number of candidates clearing entrance exams and coming under certain passing criteria. The other most important issue is that the cut-off percentage is increasing every year and touching the sky throwing more and more candidates out from the list in the unspecified without any confirmation of the seats resulting into no career in the future.

During such difficult times, when one realizes that their future might get affected or they might have to face difficulties in fulfilling their dream and attain a certain goal that they have set in life, it becomes extremely important to search and explore about a variety of opportunities one can make use of, which enables them to accomplish their dream career and take up a course where their interest lies in.

In India, for all the medical aspirants who find it extremely difficult to obtain or take admissions in a medical college be it government or for private medical colleges due to various reasons, hence, MBBS in Russia is one of the most amazing opportunity.

Everyone is aware about the most difficult thing about the cut off of NEET scores which has been increasing tremendously every year leaving a number of deserving candidates behind, without providing them any medical seat and even bringing down their self-esteem for wasting the most precious time in their lives.

The Russian Federation has been providing various opportunities to the aspiring medical candidates to explore the medical education system in their country and thus providing them with many other facilities apart from studies. The top medical universities in Russia has been offering huge benefits to Indian medical aspirants which is not only making it easy for them to study medicine but it is also helping them to choose Russia as their study destination for study abroad to fulfill their dream of becoming a doctor.

Mentioning the most important factor, here is that the process of taking admissions directly in any top medical universities in Russia is extremely easy without any lengthy process and affordable.

Since many years, MBBS in Russia has been in demand for medical aspirants all around the world and the number of medical students choosing Russia as their study destination has been increasing tremendously every year.

The best part is that the Russian Medical Universities do not ask candidates to qualify for admissions by appearing for any specific medical entrance exams but they provide seat allocation on the merits of the candidate's school scores.

When it comes to choosing Russia as a study destination for pursuing MBBS, the other most important factor is the fees structure in the top Russian Medical Universities

In Russia, the medical universities which are approved by the MEDICAL COUNCIL OF INDIA provide good quality of medical with affordable fees to the medical aspirants which is right now subsequently cheaper than many other private medical universities in India.

In Russia, the cost of living also sums up to this benefit by letting students complete their whole course of MBBS within their budget, and that too stress-free.

Discussing another most important thing in context to being away from the home and family, most of the Russian universities deal with that issue too as their curriculum includes ethnic involvement by celebrating many important Indian events and festivals every year.

Moving ahead, this is the reason why Indian students who travel to Russia for pursuing their dream of becoming an MBBS doctor do not miss out on anything or do not face the concern of being away from their traditions and culture while they have been staying there for the purpose of MBBS IN RUSSIA.

While choosing Russia for the purpose of pursuing MBBS, below mentioned are some of the most important factors which you need to take into consideration:

*Many Top Russian Medical Universities are recognized by the Medical Council of India, WHO, and Medical Councils of many other countries.

In many Russian Medical colleges, the medium of instruction remains in English.

Training and Teaching with Advanced Technology in the Russian Medical Universities.

The Admission procedure is hassle-free without any stress and without any donation. No language test or entrance exam is required like IELTS/TOEFLS.

Most important thing is that the Russian Federation has already subsidized the fees by 70% which makes it convenient as compared to other medical universities around the globe. Apart from this, it has made it extremely flexible for the universities to accept student fees semester-wise. Hence, this has reduced the burden of the parents and is extremely convenient for them to manage fees every six months.

Apart from this, the student-teacher ratio is also 1:12 which means personal attention to each student.

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