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Every science student plans to pursue MBBS after 12th standard exams, although many of the students see this dream but very few of them invest hard efforts to accomplish this goal.

The ratio of the candidates planning to study MBBS comes down gradually due to various reasons such as difficult entrance exam, huge amount of donation and capitation fees, limited seats, lack of interest due to all these factors.

Due to the huge development in the technology, in this 21st century and rapid changes in the daily lives has resulted in different demands for specific skills that are required in various sectors.

Moving ahead, this has led to increase in the downfall of candidates choosing a profession in the medical field.

Moreover, it has also given doctor's of this century, an opportunity to choose a career that is according to the needs of today's generation. The quick and rapid decision of the young medical aspirants for pursuing their MBBS in Abroad, especially in countries like Russia has provided them with various career opportunities in the medical stream.

Here, in this blog, we will give you a brief description about the new-age career which the young medical aspirants can opt for, being in the medical field including the doctors who are keen to explore various progressive part they can enact.


In the healthcare industry, every day high amount of funding’s are done by many groups, individuals and specific NGO's which becomes a source of huge benefit for the investors. Henceforth, if the young doctors acquire specific skills which are required for knowing the details about the healthcare industry after pursuing MBBS, they can give their skillful ideas to the investors on how, when and where to invest.


In the profession of health-care, being a Business Executive is one of the most famous and profitable career in this era when the world is leading towards development which is way too ahead of its time. Being a Business Executive enable medical aspirants to work and give their best by investing skillful ideas and information that can improve the conditions of the current society. In the healthcare industry, almost all around the world, Medical Tourism has emerged as one of the most popular field as it is turning out to be remarkably successful and it has also attracted and captured the attention of many researchers, policy makers and the media as well.


As per surveys and research, if there is an increase in the number of students who are planning to make their career in the medical field, similarly there is also an increase in the number of people choosing sports as a career or just as leisure or for a healthy lifestyle.

Today's youth is more focused in participating various activities which will maintain their physical health and would also bring mental peace.

Because of this, the ratio of medical aspirants getting in the sports industry has been rapidly increasing as there is a huge craze of the youth for sports all around the world.

The best part is that after the completion of MBBS, the sports industry enables the doctors to make a stable career.

Apart from this, they also get huge benefits by being in the limelight for treating and dealing with world famous personalities all around the world. With that come a high financial package and a well-known name in the society.


Another most important sector in the healthcare industry is the trade of pharmaceutical production and it is definitely a great career option for medical doctors. The day to day activities and remunerative talent has been tempting the young doctors to choose this field as a full-fledged professional career. As this field provides a huge scope for growth in the professional career, it has been in great demand.


The high authorities in the hospital management stand in need of managers to handle medical and health services. Hence due to this reason, in the healthcare industry, this sector always has a strong desire for highly qualified professionals. This is another quickly growing field of professionals who are constantly checking the requirements of the society time to time taking into consideration the effective measures which should be implemented as and when required.


Analytics and Health Informatics is a rising incorporative profession of applied health-care and information engineering. This sector of the profession generally works with management and dealing with the history of patient’s health-care and use of patient’s information.


In the present time, the most famous career opportunity in the field of medical profession lies in the Public Health-care industry. Overall, for students, in Abroad the medical universities surprisingly emphasize on separate faculties of Public Health-care Management. In the medical profession, this field consists of high prospects in evolving not only as a strong foundational base but also as a respectful and a stable career.


This is another important and a demanding career opportunity in the medical field as it is concern with the legal angle of the medical cases. Hence it is certainly one of the highest paying career options in the medical profession. It basically includes conducting lectures, writing articles, attending court trials and running workshops, etc.


The expertise of this field have the basic responsibility of examining the claim of medical insurance and for utilizing patients electronic health records for requirements as per medical policies and procedures.

The Health Insurance authorities are equally accountable for maintaining careful records of medical expenses and other billing details.


By making use of medical journals every day, data about recent invention, tests and trials are recorded. It is one of the most highly regarded professional careers in the field of medicine and is usually used by many doctors to publish their first thesis or project. This field plays an essential role in the medical profession as it provides great and wider opportunities wherein they can apply in government and private hospital, healthcare and pharmaceutical companies and various clinical labs.


During the time, when the entire world was facing the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, TELEMEDICINE played an essential part of every individual’s life when people preferred staying indoors rather than visiting a physician for any minor pain or illness. There was a fear in their mind that they might get infected with COVID in case if they move out of their house. This has been the case all around the world and the fear was the same everywhere be it a developed country or a developing country. It has been reported that in January 2020, 24% of healthcare organizations had a tremendous increase in the Telehealth program. As per the surveys, conducted by an analytic firm, the country almost completed more than a billion virtual care appointments until the entire dangerous first wave.

All those barriers that affected the Telehealths regulatory system have been revised after coming into effectiveness and currently the healthcare departments consist of the entire year’s data so that they can take necessary actions in case any changes are required and for the improvement of Telehealth services.

The same situation was observed in the year 2021 when the whole world was going through the second wave of delta variant.

Now when we will be entering the year 2022, the third deadly wave namely Omicron variant is on its way, many healthcare organizations will shift their focus again on how to improve and restore Telehealth services and which measures to implement to provide quality service and how to replace the current traditional method with the latest ones.

As a means to increase approach towards urgent care and primary care, dialysis centers, mental healthcare services, long term care facilities and even keeping in mind on how to improve partnership with clinics virtual visits will be in great demand in the near future even after the pandemic as people get busy with their hectic schedules.

However, all of the above actions depend on more necessary and permanent changes of regulatory barriers. As it has been implemented in the western countries immediately after the first wave, medical association in The United States and of other countries have been pressuring and urging the Indian Medical Council to take immediate action.


One of the greatest scientific accomplishment, in human history, that too within a year of the pandemic outbreak is undoubtedly the production of different kind of effective and safe COVID-19 vaccines.

The production was quick and rapid by not only regulatory fast-tracking but by also development in the process of how medical trials are conducted. Virtual clinical trials lessen the burden of participation as they are mostly conducted online.

Henceforth, the passion of partnership rather than competition between pharmaceutical companies can lead to a better career and a successful future for the doctors of today's generation as their passion will only lead to more and more innovative ideas.

As the pharmacist new innovative ideas and techniques would last long even though most of the temporary regulatory procedures used for drug development may disappear after the Covid-19 pandemic.


In order to provide best quality medical care, Computers and Human beings need to work together and in collaboration as they are simultaneously good at different things. Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) work greatly when they are provided with huge amount of raw data, exceedingly when one notice coming in and out of a medical facility. With this, they can help care providers and physicians from there by alluring the uncertainty out of image scan analysis, diminishing exhaustion and providing appropriate decision support in treatment options and non-absolute diagnosis.

In this 21st century, where every individual is extremely busy with their hectic schedules, virtual assistants and algorithms can help this generation doctors to examine more number of patients in a day and they can also utilize their time more effectively with each patient.

Being implemented in Telehealth applications and in remote monitoring, the demand for AI is rapidly increasing all around the world. ML and AI are like many other permanent technologies that get even much better with its daily implementations and time.

Hence if the doctor's of this generation are keen to explore a different field after the completion of MBBS, they need to master these skills which will eventually lead to their career growth and success in the future.

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