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For almost every one of us, staying in Abroad is like a dream come true or a golden opportunity. To come across something or explore a new country is of great advantage and a better opportunity to reach the highest pinnacle in life or in case you have a passion to attain success in your life.

People can experience a variety of different, unpredictable, unexpected and life changing events and these kind of experiences are very helpful in making people strong and grow as an entrepreneur, establish a strong career in life and attain success and accomplish life goals.

Apart from life changing events and experiences, you will also get a chance to meet or come across new people from different cultures and background and they can turn into your new friends while you are staying there.

Now coming to one such country, which is the largest country in the world, is Russia which is covering Eastern Europe and Northern Asia. It has almost occupied one-eight of earth's landmass and this is the reason why there are different times zone in Russia. Because it is spread so widely, there is a huge diversity in culture and you will experience rich cultural heritage.

Discussing about the places that you can explore in Russia are Monasteries, Beautiful Churches, Museum's, Zoo and many other such historical places which are of great significance.

While in Russia, below are few things that you can explore and the benefits you can get while you are staying there:


In Russia, students can travel all around the country at a discounted cost.

Students only have to pay a monthly card for some amount by using the benefits of student ID card. For travelling in buses and metro, students can make use of the travel card and the travel card is issued by the University itself.


Discount on food is the most beneficial thing for the students in Russia, especially for those students are all always on a particular budget.

In life, many of us must have come across that phase where at a particular point we stay in a fixed budget or we face the lack of pocket money. There are several times and instances where students have to wait for the mess food to be served just to save some money which their parents have send them.

Everyone is aware of the fact that, when the stomach is empty it is very difficult to concentrate on studies. Most people are aware of the fact that, there are few restaurants and cafes in Russia, that provide satisfying and cheap meals to the students who are having the Russian Student ID card or the ISIC cards.

Some of the cafes such as Starlite Diner, Varim, Lepim, To da Syo cafe, Papa John's Farsh, etc provide huge discounts to the students.



Students can visit The Bolshoi Theatre 2 hours before the show, if they are interested in ballets and opera in order to get cheaper tickets by making the use of their Russian ID card.

For any concert or show, the ticket would just cost 1.5US$. At the Bolshoi theatre, as the tickets are available at the cheapest rates, there is a huge crowd waiting in the queue for their turn to purchase just one ticket.


In Russia, many stores and shops provide huge discounts on groceries, apparel, accessories and other products. No matter whether you have got an ISIC card or a Russian Student ID card or you don't have, but you can still manage to purchase important items at a very reasonable price.

In Russia, international students who are studying there get to discover many things while they are staying there and they get to experience many life changing events by visiting various places and knowing and learning about new culture. Students get a chance to cherish lot of golden memories in their lives because of various kind of experiences and such life changing events.


If your interest lies in art and you want to discover Russia's rich cultural heritage, one thing that will connect you with it would be visiting the museums in Russia.

In Russian museums, you will find various fine arts through which you can discover Russia's rich cultural heritage and for that also you don't have to pay any fees. People can visit the Russian museums for free and there are no charges thatvare imposed on any visitor such as Pushkin Arts museum, Tretyakov Gallery and Moscow museum of Modern Art are opened for free. But, however there are few museums where the students will have to pay the entry fees but also in such instances, a student can avail good discounts by making the use of their Student ID cards such as ISIC card or the Russian Student ID card.


In Russia, if you notice that you want to calm your mind which is disturbed by your hectic schedule, allowing yourself by taking up a short or brief activity or playing a sport that interests you is what you will require at that particular time.

Students who love playing different sports can make use of their free time or they can even spare some time from their busy schedule and get involved in some leisure activities in Russia at the indoor games centre. It is the best stress buster for the students as these centres provide huge discounts to the students.

Not only this, apart from the games they also provide few snacks and other eatables in their centres.



The Moscow Zoo or Moskovsky Zoopark is a 21.5-hectare (53-acre) zoo which is extremely beautiful and you get to see a variety of different animals and other creatures as well including a sea aquarium.

The zoo's original buildings are made of wooden, built in the old Russian style with intricate wood trims and waterfalls and streams are also added throughout the zoo to give it a more natural look.

Anyone can visit the zoo and it will be a great opportunity as it is completely free.

It might be crowded during weekends or during certain holidays as it is completely free and a beautiful place to explore so it is always advisable to visit the zoo during the weekdays in order to avoid the crowd and explore the place peacefully.


In Moscow, few of the cinemas mostly provide discounted tickets to the students holding the Russian Student ID card or the ISIC card holders. But however, these discounted rates are not applicable during the peak hours and are only applicable during the morning slot.

In Russia, many theatres have special tickets for the students and those students who have the ISIC card can avail a 50 percent of discount in most of the cinemas and theatres.

By providing the students huge discounts, they are helping them by saving some money and at the same time helping them to relax and calm their mind from time to time which is always in stress because of studies and busy schedules.

Apart from this, there are many other things that one can explore while they are staying there such as monasteries and other such historical monuments.

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