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There is no denying the fact that MBBS is one of the popular choices of career aspect especially amongst Indian students who always wish to enter the field of medicine. If we look up at the reports, there has always been an increase in the number of medical students who appear for NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) every year. With every passing year, the number of students is increasing but the number of medical seats either being constant or slightly increasing.

While there are 600 something medical colleges in India recognized by National Medical Commission, this number is quite low if we compare it to the number of medical students sitting for the NEET examination every year. Not only this, there is also an urgnet need for more profesional doctors in India to meet the healthcare requirements of Indian population. The number of doctors in India per person is quite low, especially if we look at the rural area. As per the reports, the doctor-population ratio in India is 1:1456, which is clearly against the WHO recommendation of 1:1000.

So, if you are also an aspiring MBBS student and planning to study MBBS but looking out at the scenario, there is only one option that is nothing but worth it for Indian medical students that is MBBS abroad. In past few years, MBBS abroad has seen a massive growth. A huge majority of Indian medical aspirants are choosing the option to study MBBS abroad as it also comes easy on pockets along with quality medical education. In this blog, we are going to talk about whether studying MBBS abroad is worth studying for Indian students or not?

Countries like Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, are some of the famous destinations for Indian students to study MBBS abroad. Let us now see the reasons why MBBS abroad is totally worth it for Indian medical students.

Is MBBS abroad Worth It for Indian Students?

Tough medical competitions due to fewer seats in medical colleges in India compels students to quit their dream of becoming globally recognized MBBS doctors. With the cutthroat competition happening in India, medical universities abroad are nothing but a ray of hope for all the Indian medical students to fulfill their desire and dream to enroll for study MBBS abroad. Here are some of the great reasons that make MBBS abroad a worthwhile option for Indian medical students.

  • State-of-the-Art Infrasctruture
  • Medical universities abroad have a world-class infrastructure with all the state-of-the-art amenities. All the medical universities offering MBBS abroad features latest medical equipment, medical laboratories and also have enough medical resources for research and experiments. The infrastructure of all the medical universities abroad is better than that of most medical colleges in India. All the labs, laboratories, and research centers in all the medical universities abroad are well furnished with all the latest equipment and resources that are nothing but crucial for the learning experience of any medical student who chooses to study MBBS abroad.

  • Affordable Cost of MBBS
  • The MBBS fees of studying MBBS in India are quite high if we talk about the MBBS education at private medical colleges in India. At this cost of study, students can complete their medical studies from a reputed and National Medical Commission recognized medical university of abroad and that too at an affordable cost. MBBS universities abroad offer MBBS education at a very affordable cost as compared to the MBBS offered by the private medical universities of India. Therefore, this is one of the major reasons why Indian medical students choose to study MBBS abroad.

  • National Medical Commission (NMC) Approved Medical Degree
  • The degree awarded by medical universities abroad is approved by National Medical Commission (NMC) and is enlisted by WDOMS (World Directory of Medical Schools). Those who hold a medical degree from any medical university abroad can appear for any Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE) to get a medical license to practice their medical career in India. In fact, medical graduates from any medical university can appear for any other foreign medical graduate examination, and thus can continue their medical career in any country of the world of their choice.

  • International Recognition while Studying MBBS abroad
  • All the Indian medical students who have completed their MBBS abroad from any medical university abroad will get international recognition when they will return to India. While studying MBBS abroad, medical students will get the chance to interact with students from different countries. Communities, and cultures of the world. This kind of vibrant environment will give international exposure to all the enrolled Indian students and also help them to grow at a personal and professional level. International exposure offered to all the students will surely make them more sensitive towards people and they will also learn how to approach people coming from different corners of the world. This kind of ambiance will also allow students to learn how to be geographically stable and adaptable to any environment when they will go to their respective countries to continue their medical practice.

  • No Additional Examination to Seek Admission
  • All the students who want to study MBBS abroad need not take a separate entrance examination to seek admission in the medical university or abroad. MBBS abroad admission is offered to all the students based on the NEET entrance examination which is conducted by National Testing Agency (NTA) in India. All those students who qualify for the NEET-UG entrance examination and have scored more than 50% in Physica, Chemistry, and Biology and English in 10+2 are considered eligible for admission to the medical universities abroad.

  • Better Return Of Investment (ROI)
  • As discussed earlier, the cost of studying MBBS abroad and MBBS in India is incomparable. After getting an MBBS degree, medical graduate students can either return to their home country pr practice in a foreign country. This results in higher income be it in the host country or in any foreign country, which in turn contributes to better ROI (Return of Investement).

  • Overall Personality Development
  • Studying MBBS abroad is indeed a lifetime experience for every aspiring Indian medical student. Studying MBBS in a place with students and faculties from different backgrounds helps students to build their overall personalities. Indian students studying MBBS abroad get the opportunity to learn new languages, exchange their ideas, and gain more confidence. This leads to the overall development of every enrolled medical student. All these soft skills are mandatory for medical students to make for sophisticated professionals like doctors. Medical aspirants who get the chance to have exposure to the outer world have a broader perspective towards the world and they also get the chance to learn to be responsible and independent. A few years spent whiles studying MBBS abroad will help medical aspirants to emerge as confident individuals.

Summing everything up, if we compare MBBS India and MBBS abroad, is it absolutely worth it especially for Indian medical aspirants. So, if you are also planning to secure a seat in any medical university abroad, connect with us today!

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