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Every year lakh of Indian students appears for the NEET entrance exam to get an MBBS seat in Indian government medical college. Competition is very high and only 5% of the total number of students get an opportunity to study MBBS in India's medical government college.

After giving the NEET exam there could be 2 possibilities. The first one is a successful attempt and securing good marks (as per the answer key, not officially there is only difference of 2-3 mark from the official answer key) then you are pretty sure about getting a medical seat in a government university. And the second one is what if you secure low marks in the exam, then you have 2 options either you can invest your one more year in preparation or study MBBS from abroad.

This is the main reason why many Indian students choose to go to study MBBS from Abroad. Here we are sharing some common myths and facts about mbbs from abroad for you to understand before you make a decision about whether to study MBBS from abroad or not.

Myth #1 It’s Expensive to Study Abroad

Fact- Studying abroad is expensive but not as private colleges in India for the MBBS course. The expense is depending upon the factors like country, university, location, and duration of the course. For all of this reason, it is important to select the university that suits you and your parent's budget. Another way to look at the expense is not from the expense point of view but from a long term return because the doctor's job is one of the highest paying jobs in every country. And, if you are planning finance well you can take an education loan from a bank and some to the foreign university providing scholarship opportunity to study abroad.

Myth #2 Language Barrier in Abroad

Fact- Most of the universities in foreign countries have the English language as the medium of education. But before applying abroad, keep a check on the language followed by the university. At the starting you will find it difficult but it’s not a big problem before commencing your course, start listening english audio that will help you to understand foreign language accents and speech modulation. This is an opportunity to learn a new language or different English in a foreign country.

Myth #3 Studying Abroad is Unsafe for Indian Student

Fact- There is a fear among parents about sending their children far away from them in a new place to study abroad. There are many mishappening all across the world like ragging, religion issue, and many more. Many reputed foreign universities provide a safe environment for their students. Many universities have a zero-tolerance policy towards ragging, harassment for international students. They implementing strict regulations to ensure safety of students.

Myth #4 Studying there is all about Party and Fun

Fact- International students get enough opportunity to have fun in any foreign country but studying abroad is not all about having fun all the time. Foreign universities have strict rules and regulations regarding attendance and grades. Students also need to participate in group activities and projects to show their skills because the score will ensure that you get the best internship and job offers. Study abroad is all about learning new things, building valuable skills, and studying. While studying abroad you will develop both personal and professional opportunities.

Myth #5 Indian Students get Neglected

Fact- Professors in foreign universities are like mentors to every student. They pay attention to every student. They are always available to provide counseling regarding courses and universities to foreign students. Professors believe that every student learns effectively, and the student doesn’t afraid of asking any queries.

Myth #6 Difficult to Clear MCI Screening Test at First Attempt

Fact- MCI screening test is for the doctors who graduated from abroad university so that they can practice all across the country. There is no restriction on the number of attempts for this test. Students need to score 50% on paper to pass the exam. If you have to pay attention in class and well prepared, then there is no need to worried about failing in this exam.

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