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How New Era Education helps Indian Students to Get MBBS Seat in Russia?

How New Era Education helps Indian Students to Get MBBS Seat in Russia?

Well, if you don’t know that let us tell you that New Era Education is one of the best organizations in India offering assistance to all the aspiring Indian students who have dreamed of studying MBBS abroad especially MBBS in Russia. New Era Education helps students to secure a seat in the top medical universities of Russia with an easy admission process. New Era Education is amongst the most trustable and experienced facilitators in India who are known for boasting of a special division that is specialized in the general public academy within the USA offering education at half the value of standard universities.

New Era Education was established in 2008 and is based in New Delhi. This organization is the institution that you can trust with your MBBS abroad dreams without any second thought. The vision of New Era Education is to offer the best possible guidance to all the aspiring Indian students who have always dreamed of studying MBBS abroad, majorly MBBS in Russia. At New Era Education we have a team of experts who offers full assistance to the students and guide them in choosing the right career path for a bright and shining career. New Era Education does hold various conferences and seminars to help students understand the procedure of admission in MBBS abroad. Apart from MBBS, New Era Education also has experienced counselors to put you for unique programs like study MBA programs within the USA at top business schools at an equivalent cost of Indian MBA.

New Era Education Institute is a milestone the way for ambitious students who wish to start out a successful career in MBBS Abroad. We are most excellent at helping you to fulfill your dream by providing continuous support for all of your MBBS Abroad admission needs. Our advisory and value-added solutions include MBBS Abroad admission, payment processing, student visa, accommodation

New Era Education Organization Core Values

With all our diversity and innovative view towards our students and building better futures with our commitment and core values of :-

New Era Education Mission

“Our Mission is to create a far better future for all. This includes everything. We fulfill our mission by preparing competent, committed, and reflective professionals and to supply top-class education that delivers transformative learning ability along with innovative and impactful research, and meaningful outreach for all our students and their respective families.”

New Era Education Vision

“Our vision is to create a far better way ahead for Medical aspirants and make their dream come true, we do provide guidance to the scholars to realize their ambition to be a doctor. We tend to make a positive characteristic within the long term and use technology to make wider and support learning opportunities of our students and their respective families.”

In the past year, significant growth has been seen in the number of students who have contacted New Era Education for the abroad studies, especially MBBS abroad. Here are some of the few reasons why students are highly getting attracted to our organization and trust us so much with their dreams!

  1. One-on-one counselling is done with students with the experts.
  2. Proper and deep analysis of student’s portfolio before selecting over the university and course.
  3. New Era Education successfully works with the universities which are recognized by NMC (National Medical Commission), MMC (Malaysia), WDOMS (World Directory of Medical Council), medical council of Canada, UK, and the USA.
  4. Affordable Fee Structure
  5. Perfect assistance in preparing to travelling and studying abroad
  6. Complete assistance with the documentation.
  7. Quick Reply From University At The Time Of Admission
  8. On Campus Assistance
  9. Proficiency In Admission Consultancy
  10. Simplicity and Legitimacy With Our Services To Students

Let’s Not Forget the Scholarship offered by New Era Education

New Era Education also offers scholarship up to 5000 USD $. The scholarship is awarded to those students who do exceptionally well in their academic examinations. This scholarship is sponsored by Dr. Dharmendra Kumar, director of New Era Education Pvt. Ltd and is open to all students who seek admission through New Era Education Pvt. Ltd.

The scholarship is on a yearly basis. This scholarship will be granted to that student, who will get the best grades in examinations of all subjects during both semesters of that academic year. If more than one student gets the best grades, then the scholarship will be divided equally between those students.

The decision to grant this scholarship to any student is solely taken by Dr. Dharmendra Kumar, director of New Era Education Pvt. Ltd. The decision of grant or continuation of this scholarship made by Dr. Dharmendra Kumar will be final and will not be challenged by anybody.

New Era Education Organization Services

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