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Why do Indians go to Russia for medical?

Why do Indians go to Russia for medical?

Apart from being the largest country in the world by land space, Russia is the best and most popular choice amongst Indian students who are planning to study MBBS abroad. With more than 57 medical universities recognized by National Medical Council (NMC), and WDOMS enlisted, Russia is increasingly becoming the popular destination for all aspiring Indian students who are planning to study MBBS abroad at an affordable cost. Apart from medical universities, the affordable cost of the MBBS program is another advantage that is persuading Indian students to study MBBS in Russia. One of the reasons why the cost of MBBS in Russia is very affordable is because the Ministry of Health and Education has effortlessly worked towards having highly subsidized MBBS fees. The total cost of studying MBBS in Russia is very much less as compared to other western countries.

This Blog Includes-

MBBS in RUSSIA- Course Highlights

The table below will help you understand all the important parameters which are important to know before you choose to study MBBS in Russia-

Name of the Course Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)
Duration of the MBBS Course 6 Years
Basic Eligibility Criteria for MBBS Minimum 50% in 10+ 2 Examinations with BiPC Subjects
Requirement of NEET Yes
Requirement of IELTS and TOEFL No
Medium of Teaching English
Popular Universities for MBBS in Russia

Mordovia State University, Ulyanovsk State Medical University, North Ossetian State Medical Academy, Crimea Federal University, Krasnoyarsk State Medical University

Recognition of Medical Universities National Medical Council (NMC) and WDOMS enlisted

Why Indian students prefer to study MBBS in Russia?

Indian students who are still looking out for reasons that why should they choose Russia for their medical education, then here are some of the reasons that you can’t ignore. Have a look at them-

Why do Indians go to Russia for medical?

Here are the top 10 and the best reasons why Indian go to Russia for medical education.

  1. Low Fee and Finest Quality Medical Education
  2. All the profound medical universities of Russia have succeeded in offering advanced medical education with well-equipped infrastructure and innovative teaching methods along with affordable tuition fees. The tuition fees of Russian Medical Universities may differ, but one thing is sure that it is lower than in Europe and USA, and other countries. So, if you are thinking that your option for studying MBBS in Russia will cost you a ton of money, then you just need to relax, as it's just a myth!

  3. Easy Admission Process
  4. All the Russian medical universities have the best and the easiest selection process. Unlike the other countries of Europe and the USA, international students can easily enroll themselves in the top and MCI approved medical universities of Russia. All the medical universities of Russia don't ask for SAT or IELTS to offer admission to students. The only requirement to seek admission in the medical universities of Russia is to have a minimum of 50% aggregate from CBSE or a recognized board and NEET scorecard with a qualifying score. Rest, you are all set to study MBBS in Russia.

  5. No Racism in Russia, No Religious Issues!
  6. Racism is one of the factors that scares Indian students the most while they think of studying MBBS abroad. But let us tell you that Russians are world leaders. They are very interactive and will never make you feel inferior amongst them. You will feel home away from home in Russia that's guaranteed. The people of Russia are known to be the most welcoming and heartwarming community. They are immensely attached to social and moral values. One more thing, though the reputable and official language of Russia is Russian people there also communicate in English which surely eases the interaction amongst international students.

  7. Extremely Lost Cost of Living
  8. We know it’s kind of a burden on parents when they think about the cost of living abroad. But when it is Russia, parents don’t have to think that hard! Although the cost of living completely depends on the way the international students lead their lives in Russia, as a matter of fact the cost of living is considerably cheaper in Russia. After talking to students who are studying MBBS in Russia, we observed that Indian medical students can make it out in Russia with only 100 to 300 USD in a month.

  9. Secure and Comfortable hostel Facility
  10. Just so that you know once you are getting yourself enrolled in the medical universities of Russia, you don’t have to worry about your safety, security, food, and accommodation. The universities take care of it all. All the medical universities offer accommodation furnished with basic amenities so that students can lead a peaceful and comfortable life! The rooms are allotted on a sharing basis of the same genders. The entire premises are under the supervision of the warden and in CCTV surveillance. Apart from these, the hostel offers Indian veg and non-veg food for all enrolled Indian medical students at a subsidized cost.

  11. International Exposure
  12. No wonder while you will be studying MBBS in Russia, you will surely get the opportunity to meet fellow students who are also from different countries, backgrounds, and ethnicity. All the students will get international exposure which will definitely help them in settling down and foster new friendships. The added advantage of studying MBBS in Russia, is that you will get exposed to a large patient inflow!

  13. Globally accepted MBBS Degree
  14. The degree awarded by all the medical universities of Russia is approved and recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI), which means after completing your MBBS from Russia, you can practice your medical career in any country of the world including India, USA, China, and others!

  15. Class Strength
  16. The strength of the batch is between 12-15 students. Every student gets the individual attention of the teachers. All the students will be Indian in the class.

  17. Free FMGE and USMLE Coaching
  18. Almost all the medical universities offering MBBS in Russia also offer free FMGE and USMLE coaching, so that students who are planning to continue their medical practice in India or in the USA can get benefited from coaching!

  19. Exciting Student Life
  20. Students studying MBBS in Russia are never short of something to do after classes. All the medical universities of Russia encourage their students to take part in sports competitions, contests, student festivals, and other recreational events. Universities have their own student theatres, sports teams, volunteer associations, and student construction, teams.

Advantages of Studying MBBS in Russia

Well, there are endless advantages to studying MBBS in Russia. All aspiring Indian students who are looking for concrete advantages that why they should choose to study MBBS in Russia, we have got you covered. Check out some mind-blowing advantages that you will not be able to overlook-

Cost of Studying MBBS in Russia

There is no denying of the fact that MBBS in Russia is very cheap and affordable as compared to MBBS offered by other western countries including MBBS in India.

Russia is the top destination for Indian students who are looking to study MBBS abroad at an affordable budget. Since the majority of Russian medical universities have started offering 6 years MBBS program in the English language, more and more Indian students are heading to Russia to study MBBS in Russia. The majority of Russian medical universities do not ask for complete 6 years MBBS program fee, in fact, they ask students to submit their course fee semester-wise. On average the per semester fee of the MBBS course at all the medical universities is around Rubles 2,60,520 to 6,56,000 (INR 2,60,520 to 6,56,000). The tuition fee when combined with the hostel fee, comes approximately around Ruble 18,88,000 to 25,85,800.

Apart from MBBS and hostel fees, the cost of living in Russia is around 100 to 150USD per month. Though this amount can vary depending on the lifestyle of each and every student.

Why MBBS in Russia is better than MBBS in India

Mentioned-below is the table of comparison, which will clearly tell why MBBS in Russia is always a better choice than MBBS in India-

MBBS in Russia MBBS in India
The cost of MBBS in Russia is low as compared to that in other countries and India The cost of MBBS in India is high.
No donation is required Hefty amount of money is gone in paying donation
No additional entrance test is required In most of the Indian medical colleges, entrance test is required
Total duration of MBBS is 6 years The duration of MBBS in India is 5 years
The degree awarded is of MD in Medicine The degree awarded is of MBBS in Medicine

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