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MBBS Abroad for Indian Students: Top Countries, Cost, and Eligibility!

MBBS Abroad for Indian Students: Top Countries, Cost, and Eligibility!

With so many options available to pursue any degree including an MBBS degree from abroad absolutely makes sense because for so many valid reasons. But talking about MBBS degree, one of the major advantages of pursuing MBBS abroad is getting a quality medical education at an affordable cost. Students don’t have to pay a hefty amount to get enrolled in the top government medical universities abroad. MBBS abroad is way much cheaper than MBBS in India as in the majority of countries medical education is highly funded by the government of that specific country. It’s not only the budget that is making MBBS abroad immensely popular among Indian students but there are various other important reasons which are attracting a huge number of aspiring Indian medical students to study MBBS abroad.

Let’s have a close look at what are the other advantages Indian students are choosing while making their decision to study MBBS abroad-

  • Easy admission process
  • Seeking admission to any government or private medical university abroad is very simple. Students don’t need to go through any kind of additional entrance or admission exam. Forget about IELTS and TOEFL. Indian medical students who are enthusiastic about seeking admission in the medical universities abroad just need to pass NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) with qualifying marks. Based upon their NEET scores students will be enrolled in their desired medical universities abroad.

  • Globally Recognized MBBS Degree
  • Almost all the medical universities abroad are recognized by NMC (National Medical Commission) formerly MCI (Medical Council of India) and prominent medical boards of other countries. Not only this but the medical universities are also enlisted in the World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS), which means all the medical graduates after completing their 6 years MBBS program any country abroad are eligible to practice their medical career in any country of the world without any complication.

  • Dynamic Culture
  • Another great advantage of studying MBBS abroad is that you will have a plethora of opportunities not only for your medical career but also in your personal life. Studying and living in any foreign land will introduce you to many different people, cultures, and different practices. This enhancing practice is one of a kind as it helps an individual to integrate and grow his/her creativity and imagination.

  • Global Network
  • After the completion of MBBS from abroad, a lot of doors open for networking and professional growth. Students will experience ample opportunities to work and network with experienced working professionals from all across the globe and thus learn from the best in the world.

The Cost To Study MBBS Abroad

Unlike in India, if you somehow managed to get admission in any Indian government medical college then congratulations but due to some reasons, you were not able to get admitted to the Indian govt. The medical college and now planning to seek admission in Indian private medical college, then let us aware you about the fact that no wonders you will be paying a huge amount of capitation fee to that university. That capitation fee might cost you in lakhs or can reach up to crores. Apart from this huge capitation fee, you will be paying a good amount of tuition fee. But if you are planning to study MBBS abroad, then there is good news! Your parents’ hard-earned money will not be going in any capitation fee. To seek admission in any private medical or government reputed medical university abroad you just need some lakhs of rupees. The average cost of pursuing complete 6 years MBBS program from any reputed medical university abroad will cost you around 20-25 lakhs (INR). This 20-25 lakhs rupee includes the tuition fee along with the hostel accommodation.

Eligibility to Study MBBS Abroad

Note: The students are advised to follow the guidelines established by NMC (MCI) in order to pursue their medical degree abroad. The below mentioned eligibility criteria is as per the 7th session meeting of MCI on 29th March 2017.

Top Countries to Study MBBS Abroad

Now the next question is which country is best for Indian medical students to study MBBS abroad. With so many options available online, we understand that it gets tricky to select that one destination for you. So, to ease out things for you, today in this article we will be telling you about the Top 5 Destinations to study MBBS abroad and why only these 5 destinations are considered the best! So, happy reading guys…

  • Russia
  • Among all the international destinations, Russia tops the list. Russia is an affordable destination for all Indian students who are looking for quality medical education with modern infrastructure and recognized faculties with vast practical exposure. There is one more reason why a huge majority of Indian students are heading to Russia to study MBBS in Russia is the easy admission process. To seek admission in the top government medical universities of Russia, Indian students do not need to appear or qualify for any kind of entrance or language exam, only NEET is mandatory. Therefore, the admission process of Russian medical universities is hassle-free as compared to the medical universities of other countries. All the universities of Russia follow a popular culture of dual diplomas according to which students get an added advantage of exploring different areas of medicine during their 6 years of MBBS in Russia.

  • Kazakhstan
  • Kazakhstan is one of the most preferred locations among Indian students. While the general public is still unaware of the potentialities of pursuing MBBS in Kazakhstan, the students from Indian and international communities who have already pursued MBBS in this country, have good things to say about medical education in Kazakhstan.

    First of all, admission to medical colleges in Kazakhstan is easier as compared to India. On the other hand, the country opens doors for students and parents looking for education at relatively cheaper rates, and with the best available resources. The infrastructural facilities provided by universities are more than equipped for proper grooming for students in order to blend well and work in a different country. Kazakhstan has NMC recognized and WDOMS enlisted medical universities, and the medical degree is recognized by WHO, UNESCO, which allows the students to practice the medical profession in India as well as different hospitals all around the world.

    One of the major concerns of the parents while sending their children abroad is the safety of their ward. In this respect, Kazakhstan is one of the safest countries to travel to and pursue education. The security in university campuses of Kazakhstan is good, and even the administration in these colleges supports their students. The local police are also helpful if the need arises. The government offices are punctual if the situation demands the students to want help from the authorities. Overall, it is the perfect country to send the students to study.

    The most important part of a study in Kazakhstan would be the highly economic education system, the availability of scholarships, and the help that the colleges and universities provide in procuring visas for admissions. The fees in medical colleges are affordable, compared to the reputation of the institutes as well as the city the colleges are based in. The main motto of education in Kazakhstan is to provide affordable education to all national and international students. Indian students go to Kazakhstan in good numbers, and even with limited seats, Indian students are always preferred for admission. One can always count the rising number of Indian doctors who are coming from these universities and also working in India. The universities have a prolonged education period from 5 to 6 years which includes full education, training as well as work experience. The students are generally employed in the hospitals as trainees and they get to work with the finest doctors in the world. The students are also offered employment in the hospitals of the institutes with good pay and manageable work hours. The training in these colleges is top class without any doubt, and the students are prepared to handle tough situations both mentally and physically. The budding doctors are required to get experienced in all sorts of panic situations, they are mentally trained for that.

  • China
  • In recent times, it has been observed that a huge majority of Indian students are heading to China to study MBBS in China. If we look upon facts and figures, this year over 21,000 Indian students got themselves enrolled in Chinese medical universities, which is an all-time high number. One of the major reasons because which a huge number of Indian students are heading China to study MBBS in China is the affordable tuition fee as compared to the countries like India, USA, and the UK, a huge majority of students from India and other Asian countries are opting China to study MBBS abroad. Not only this, the internship degree of attained from Chinese medical colleges is valid in India as per the notice. Another reason which is attracting Indian students to study MBBS in China is the distance. And as per the latest update, the growing interest among Indian students enrolling in Chinese medical universities made the Chinese Ministry of Education approve around 45 medical colleges in the country in order to offer the MBBS program in complete English medium to all Indian students.

  • Ukraine
  • Moving on to the third number, then it none other than Ukraine as this European country offers amazing opportunities in abundance. Believed to be one of the cheapest destinations for studying MBBS abroad, Ukraine offers one with many other additional benefits. To seek admission to top medical universities of Ukraine, Indian students don’t need to appear or qualify for any kind of entrance test and the icing on the cake is that they don’t need to provide any kind of English proficiency certificate to get admission. One of the exciting avenues of studying MBBS in Ukraine is the ‘European Credit Transfer System’ that allows you to seek a transfer in any medical college in any EU member country later on. Not only this, the Bologna Agreement provides the student with the choice to continue post-graduation in any EU country. Amongst all the medical universities offering MBBS in Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk State Academy of Medicine is considered to have one of the highest accredited institutions in Ukraine, offering an ample number of courses in the field of medicine.

  • Bangladesh
  • Studying MBBS in Bangladesh is always believed to be a prudent decision as medical universities in Bangladesh offer the perfect and ideal fusion of quality medical education and a lucrative fee structure! Ranked second after India, Bangladesh offers Indian students an added advantage of cultural similarity. With a decreased currency, the average cost of pursuing MBBS in Bangladesh has dropped significantly, which adds as a bonus for students who are planning to study MBBS in Bangladesh. Being as the neighboring country and very close to home, students easily get adjusted to the welcoming culture of Bangladesh very easily. The best university for pursuing MBBS in Bangladesh is the University of Dhaka, which is considered one of the oldest universities in the country. The University of Dhaka is on the list of the top 100 universities in Asia.

  • The United States of America
  • Moving to the last destination, The United States of America provides a well-suited environment for studying MBBS abroad keeping in mind all the latest developments in the field of technology and medicine. The medical degree awarded to the medical graduates in the United States after the successful completion of the MBBS program is of Doctor of Medicine which is equivalent to MBBS in India. Any Indian student who is planning to study MBBS in America has had to appear and qualify for the MCAT test. A candidate should also have a four-year bachelor's degree in science to study MBBS in America. The most reputed and renowned medical universities offering MBBS in America include Ivy League colleges such as Harvard, Stanford, and more.

Summing everything up, we just hope that this article has helped you with all your questions related to MBBS abroad. Starting from the cost of MBBS abroad to the eligibility to the best destination to study MBBS abroad. If you need any more information about MBBS abroad and about medical, you can always get in touch with our experts at New Era Education.

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