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Quality of Medical Education in Russia!

Quality of Medical Education in Russia!

It has been observed that a huge majority of Indian students are heading abroad to pursue their MBBS from other countries of the world offering MBBS abroad as the number of MBBS seats in India is limited. Even if a medical student successfully qualifies for the NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Examination) with passing marks, the chances of him/her securing an MBBS seat in any Indian government college are very rare. Though pursuing MBBS from an Indian private medical college is an alternate option which an inspiring Indian medical student can opt for pursuing his or her MBBS dream but in order to seek admission in any private Indian medical college is not a cakewalk. Pursuing MBBS from any Indian private medical college asks for a hefty amount of money, which at times gets difficult for parents to manage! At times the donation amount to seek admission in the private Indian medical colleges goes over lakhs of rupees.

So, now the students are only left with two options. Either to wait for another year and then again apparel for NEET examination and burn the midnight oil for the while or to seek the option of MBBS abroad. For all those students who have successfully qualified NEET examination and are not able to get through Indian medical colleges, for them MBBS abroad is indeed a great option. With so many countries offering MBBS abroad at an affordable cost that is manageable for Indian parents, at times it gets tricky for a student to choose their ideal destination that comes with everything. When we say everything we mean the quality MBBS education along with an affordable budget and state-of-the-art infrastructure along with vast and extensive practical exposure with a globally recognized MBBS degree. And when we talk about all these MBBS abroad qualities, there is only one country that is best amongst all the MBBS abroad destinations, and that is Russia.

Studying MBBS in Russia is one of the best and wise decisions, especially for all aspiring Indian medical students who want to study MBBS abroad without wasting their precious year and repairing for NEET examination and want to get a globally recognized MBBS degree after their successful graduation so that they can practice their medical career in any country of the world. Medical education in Russia is believed to be one of the highest quality in the whole world due to the efficient and recognized work of qualified academic staff, a variety of curricula in English and in other languages like Russia and French, low tuition fees as compared to other countries offering MBBS abroad and not to forget the availability of endless scholarship programs for talented and academic students who wants to shine out bright. The MBBS education offered to all enrolled international students in the medical universities of Russia is in the English language so that there is no language barrier amongst the students. Even the MBBS academic staff is well versed in the English language.

There is no denying that fact in the last two decades Russia has gained immense popularity for its MBBS in Russia. A huge majority of Indian medical aspirants are heading to Russia to study MBBS in Russia and fulfill their dream of studying MBBS abroad and becoming a globally recognized MBBS doctor. Apart from the low cost and quality MBBS education, all the medical universities in Russia offering MBBS in Russia are globally known for their vibrant, safe, and secure environment. Russia boasts about occupying 30 positions amongst top 100 ranking Medical Universities according to the World Health Organization (WHO)'s "Directory of World Medical Schools". There are about 57 Russian medical universities on this list known for offering MBBS abroad. Not only this, the majority of Russian medical universities follow 7:1, the student: teacher ratio for a better understanding of the MBBS education.

If we talk about medical education or MBBS education in Russia, it is indeed the best as compared to other European countries offering MBBS abroad to all the international students, especially Indian medical aspirants. The MBBS curriculum followed by the Russian medical universities is completely based upon the European curriculum. Once a student is successfully graduated from Russian medical universities, the degree awarded by the Russian medical universities to all its graduates is of MD which is equivalent to the MBBS degree in India. After getting that MD degree from a renowned Russian medical university that medical graduates will be able to practice their medical career in any country of the world after qualifying the FMGE conducted by that country in order to provide the medical license to practice medical career.

All the Russian medical universities offering MBBS in Russia are highly focused on upgrading the classrooms technically + Establishing advanced nursing labs so that students have great and quality medical knowledge with vast practical exposure. Russian medical universities are highly focused on 2 modes of teaching namely (extensive practical classes + Lectures). The duration of the MBBS program offered by all the Russian medical universities offering MBBS in Russia is of 5+1 years. Where 5 years is for theoretical knowledge and practical classes whereas the last year of the MBBS program is highly dedicated for the internship in the university-affiliated hospitals. The reason this 1 year of internship is mandatory for medical students is because this one year of internship gives all enrolled medical students the chance to learn and deal with various kinds of complications on the ground under the guidance of experts. For the advancement of enrolled medical students' careers, all students are aiming to pursue MBBS in Russia where medical universities are having more than 100 years of experience.

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