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Do you want to get MBBS in Russia from the best Education Consultant?

Do you want to get MBBS in Russia from the best Education Consultant?

Right now, every Indian student dreams of studying MBBS abroad, especially from Russia. MBBS from Russia is one of the top and most preferred choices amongst international students especially Indian medical students when it comes to the option of MBBS abroad. Due to endless reasons, amongst all the countries, MBBS in Russia hit the top of the list.

Seeking admission to the top and recognized the medical university of Russia is a dream of every aspiring Indian media student. But taking admission directly is not easy as a student and his or her family have to go through endless procedures and everything. And that is the moment when education consultancy plays an important role. To study MBBS in Russia, it is always advisable to seek help and assistance from trustworthy education consultants, as they work as the bridge between a student’s dream and his medical career and degree. And if you are planning to study MBBS in Russia and looking out the help from the best education consultant, then we have got you covered. We at New Era Education will assist you from starting to the till you get your medical degree from the top medical university of Russia.

Let's discuss the benefits of seeking help from us, New Era Education consultant, and how things can be simple after approaching us.


Benefits to know: -

  • Professional guidance
  • New Era Education comes up with professional guidance. While choosing MBBS in Russia, professional guidance is very important as it will help you to understand all the aspects in detail related to your MBBS in Russia study. Our experienced student consultants will clarify all your doubts considering the education perspective and other relatable options. We can assure you will be able to make up your mind after having a conversation with our student education consultant. Some students have a lot of questions in their minds considering the admission and other aspects when it comes to MBBS in Russia. At that moment, our professional and knowledgeable educational consultant presents things with all the transparency that will clear all the doubts related to MBBS in Russia.

  • Full Clarity with admission procedure for MBBS in Russia
  • When a student applies for MBBS admission in Russia on their own, sometimes there is no clarity and the student ends up with so many doubts and questions. In some cases, it has been seen that all their money got wasted because the transaction has been initiated but not completed at the medical university of Russia. Thankfully, with New Era educational consultancy, this will not happen. If you apply for MBBS in Russia with us, you will have full clarity related to the admission procedure and everything related to your MBBS in Russia admission. And there will be no as such hustle-bustle. Also, if the transaction is initiated and does not get completed, we at New Era Education consultancy will take care of the same and will definitely assist you in all your problems.

  • Visa assistance for MBBS in Russia
  • Well, there are times when the admission gets approved, but during the visa approval, problems arise. At New Era Education you will get assistance for that too. Our qualified student counselors will guide you throughout and complete all the paperwork for Visa approval so that your MBBS in Russia study experience stays stress-free. Also, they suggest to you what to present and what not for a seamless procedure. Also, if there is any loophole throughout the process, our student consultants will help you with the same.

  • Protection:
  • Protection is at its best with New Era Education. We firmly believe in providing security, and with us, all your money is in safe hands. When you pay us for your MBBS in Russia, we promise that will take care of everything. Also, no third party will interfere in the admission procedure, and a clear receipt is available for every expenditure happening. Complete protection will be offered to parents and students at New Era Education.

  • Arrangement for accommodation while studying MBBS in Russia
  • In the initial days, hostel allotment sometimes creates a problem for all the students who wish to study MBBS in Russia. At that moment New Era Education will arrange the accommodation for all students. Until and unless the hostel is not verified, we will take responsibility for the same during admission of MBBS in Russia. When the arrangement of accommodation has been made, after that, we will take the complete amount of money. This clearly indicates that the money is secure and services will be provided in a hassle-free manner, and students will have a safe and comfortable stay while studying MBBS in Russia.

  • Counseling of students
  • Counseling students are also an integral part of preparing students to study MBBS in Russia as sometimes, due to pressure, students are not able to think properly. New Era Education will have a conversation with the student considering their thought on MBBS in Russia and then reach the conclusion of whether they are prepared for it or not. A student needs to be mentally prepared because they will stay away from their family for a very long time and it is important that they have sufficient courage to do so.

  • Hassle-Free paperwork
  • Some of the cases have been seen where people have applied for admission on their own, and their paperwork was not complete. Due to incomplete paperwork, the Russian embassy takes strict actions against the students. Thankfully when you are approaching the educational consultancy is there will come up with complete paperwork for MBBS in Russia. It doesn't matter whether it is about admission to MBBS in Russia to any of the university or visa approval. They will take care of everything. After complete paperwork, there will be a detailed report available with the guardians so that no problem will arise throughout.

  • Guidance at every step
  • Sometimes guidance plays a very important role for students. Due to inappropriate guidance, students fall into the trap. Thankfully New Era Education are available at every step to guide you. If you are someone who has an answer to questions in their own mind can have a conversation with our student’s counsellors. It doesn't matter whether you are in the first year or you have reached the fourth year during study MBBS in Russia. New Era Education will help you throughout each and every process. It is a responsibility that the Indian student will be safe at the premises.

  • Multiple options, But MBBS in Russia is Best
  • Some students are not aware of various options available to them when it comes to studying MBBS in Russia. They only have thought that MBBS in Russia is the only option they have which is actually not true. New Era Education will help them to know about all other options as well. If a student is having an interest in any other fields like dental or any other one they can simply get knowledge for the same and prepare their mind whether they want to go for it. Russian medical universities are there having different streams available, and students can enroll themselves in any of them.

  • Pre-departure services
  • Pre-departure services are also important to check out whenever you choose an educational consultancy. New Era Education will make all the arrangements for the departure for you to have a safe and stress-free MBBS in Russia experience. Also, on the day of departure, someone from New Era Education will go with the student to help them in reaching out to the place safely. In case a person is not going from India with them, then they have people available in Russia who will pick the student up from the airport. When the student reaches the Russian medical university, there will be clear detail available with the guardians.

  • Currency arrangement for students
  • Last but not least, currency arrangements will be made initially all the students who wants to study MBBS in Russia. In the initial days, a student is not sure how to get the currency available for the expenditure, and thankfully New Era Education will look at it. You just need to let them know how much currency you require, and we at New Era Education will arrange it.

Overall it is right to conclude that approaching us at New Era Education is really very beneficial for MBBS admission especially when it comes to MBBS in Russia. Make sure to approach those who are genuine. If you are approaching someone who is not genuine or not helping you to know about all the aspects, then it will be troublesome for you. Thus, all you have to do is to pay attention to the record of the educational consultancy and then go ahead with MBBS admission in Russia easily!

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