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Sergey Zikhova Volunteer of Russia 2020

Sergey Zikhova Volunteer of Russia 2020

Sergey Zikhova “Volunteer of Russia 2020”: the graduate, clinical resident, and laboratory assistant of the Department of the North Ossetian state medical Academy. He accepted participation in a live meeting with V.V. Putin who communicated with the finalists of the competition "Volunteer of Russia-2020"

During the meeting, Sergey was declared the winner of the contest, and the President of Russia addressed him with words of congratulations:

"Sergey, we sincerely congratulate you. This award went to You by right. Not only do you work as a doctor, but you yourself, when faced with an infection, did not retreat, but, on the contrary, continued this work. I want to wish you success."

About Sergey Zikhova Winner of Volunteer of Russia 2020

Sergey Zikhova is one of the first in the country to join the volunteer movement. He is characterized by tireless energy and a desire to help people. Even after having had a coronavirus infection, Sergey continued his work as a volunteer and as an ambulance doctor with COVID-19 patients.

His participation in the contest " Volunteer of Russia -2020 "

I became a participant in the competition with the project "Mobile volunteers", which we in the Republic began to implement even before the outbreak of the pandemic. The project is aimed at developing the skills of students of 5-6 courses and clinical residents to conduct medical examinations in outpatient clinics and at home. Medical volunteers helped internists and narrow specialists during medical examinations told them about the importance of professional examinations. During the pandemic, my team and I decided to organize such assistance – to help with rehabilitation after suffering a serious illness. pneumonia, tell me how to do breathing exercises correctly.

FMGE Result 2020 Out December Session

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