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Known Facts about Studying MBBS Abroad for Indian Students

Known Facts about Studying MBBS Abroad for Indian Students

There is no denying that every year lakh of aspiring Indian medical students enroll themselves for NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test), a medical entrance exam to secure admission in the Indian government medical college to study MBBS in India. Due to the cut-throat competition and the limited number of MBBS seats in Indian medical colleges only about 5% of the total number of Indian medical aspirants who appeared for NEET get the opportunity to study MBBS in India from a reputed Indian medical government college. Rest are left with other options that they need to consider in order to achieve their only dream of becoming a globally reputed MBBS doctor.

Once an Indian medical aspirant appears for NEET there are usually 2 possibilities. The first one is getting successfully cleared the exam with flying colors (as per the answer key, not officially there is only a difference of 2-3 marks from the official answer key) and securing a seat in an Indian government medical college. Whereas, the second option is that wait for another year, burn mid-night oil, and then again take the NEET examination in order to seek admission to the government medical college of India. But, do you know that there is another and the best option also available in which an Indian medical aspirant does not have to either re-appear for NEET again or don’t have to wait another year. And that is, studying MBBS abroad. Yes, you heard it right. MBBS abroad is not only the best option but also the wisest option for all Indian medical aspirants who did qualify for NEET but could not make their way to the government medical colleges of India and don’t want to pay the heavy donations to seek admission to the private medical university of India.

Apart from affordable MBBS fees and quality medical education along with globally recognized MBBS degrees to continue practicing MBBS in any country of the world, there are other various reasons why a huge majority of Indian medical students chose the option to study MBBS abroad. In this blog, we are going to talk about some common myths and facts related to MBBS abroad for you to have a better and clear understanding understand before you make a decision about whether to study MBBS abroad or not.

Myth #1 Studying MBBS abroad is Expensive

Fact- Studying MBBS abroad is not that expensive if we compare the cost of studying MBBS at a private medical college. The MBBS fees to study MBBS abroad depend on various factors including the country that you have chosen to study MBBS abroad, the medical university who have selected to study MBBS abroad, along with location, and also the duration of the MBBS program. Due to all of these reasons, it is important to select the medical university that suits you and your parent's MBBS abroad budget the best. Another way to look at the expense of studying MBBS abroad is not from the expense point of view but from a long-term return because there is absolutely no denying that a doctor's job is one of the highest paying jobs in any country in the world. And, if you are planning and managing your finance well you can easily take an education loan from a bank to study MBBS abroad or can also seek various scholarships that the majority of medical universities offering MBBS abroad offer to international students who are interested in studying MBBS from that specific medical university of abroad.

Myth #2 Language Barrier is a Problem to Study MBBS abroad

Fact- Most of the medical universities that are known to offer MBBS abroad use the English language as the medium of education for all its enrolled international students. But before you apply to study MBBS abroad, don’t forget to keep a check on the language followed by the medical university that you have chosen to study MBBS abroad. Well, initially you might find it a bit difficult but it’s not a big problem before commencing your course, start listening to English audio that will help you to understand foreign language accents and speech modulation. This is an opportunity to learn a new language or different English in a foreign country while you study MBBS abroad.

Myth #3 Studying MBBS abroad is not safe for Indian Medical Students

Fact- There is a fear amongst Indian parents about sending their children far away from them to a new place to study MBBS abroad, as there are various myths surrounding about safety and security of Indian students when it comes to studying MBBS abroad. There are many Mishappening all across the world like ragging, religious issue, and many more. Many reputed foreign medical universities which are globally famous for their MBBS course do provide a safe and secure environment to all their enrolled international students, especially Indian medical students. The majority of MBBS universities offering MBBS abroad have a zero-tolerance policy toward ragging and harassment of international students. They implement strict regulations to ensure the safety of students who have chosen the option to study MBBS abroad.

Myth #4 Studying MBBS abroad is all about Party and Fun and No Study

Fact- International students who choose the option to study MBBS abroad do get enough opportunity to have fun in any foreign country but when it comes to studying MBBS abroad is not all about having fun all the time. Medical universities of abroad known for offering MBBS abroad have strict rules and regulations regarding attendance and grades. All enrolled international students studying MBBS abroad do need to participate in group activities and projects to show their skills because the score will ensure that they get the best internship and job offers after successful completion of their MBBS program. Studying MBBS abroad is all about learning new things, building valuable skills, and studying. While studying MBBS abroad you will develop both personal and professional opportunities and will experience an overall development in yourself.

Myth #5 Indian Students get Neglected while Studying MBBS abroad

Fact- Professors teaching MBBS in medical universities abroad are like mentors to every student, especially enrolled Indian medical students. The MBBS teaching staff pays attention to every student who chooses to study MBBS abroad. The MBBS teaching faculties are always available to provide counseling regarding courses and universities to foreign students offering MBBS abroad. MBBS teaching professors believe that every student learns effectively, and the student doesn’t afraid of asking any queries.

Myth #6 Difficult to Clear MCI Screening Test at First Attempt after studying MBBS abroad

Fact- FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduate Examination) screening test is for all the FMG (Foreign Medical Graduates) who have successfully graduated from the medical university offering MBBS abroad and now want to practice their MBBS career in other countries of the world. There is no restriction on the number of attempts for this FMGE test. All medical graduates who have completed their MBBS abroad from a reputed medical university abroad need to score 50% in this FMGE paper to pass the exam and get the medical license to practice MBBS in their respective countries. If you have to pay enough attention in class while studying MBBS abroad and are well prepared, then there is no need to worry about failing this exam.

Henceforth, there are too many myths when it comes to studying MBBS abroad, but none of them are true. We hope, with this blog, you will have an easy-mind makeup tip, whenever you will choose to study MBBS abroad.

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