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What It Takes to Earn a Professional MBBS Degree in Abroad?

What It Takes to Earn a Professional MBBS Degree in Abroad?

A professional medical degree is one of the most powerful and the most challenging degrees in the world. In order to work in the field of medicine, health practitioners and future doctors have to go through rigorous training and in case of pursuing MBBS from Abroad, they also get a chance to get the work visa and can permanently become the resident of that country.

Although it requires huge efforts, but if it gives you immense pleasure and your aim to help people stay healthy and you want to save human lives, those efforts and hard work are totally worth it.

Moving ahead, let us look in detail at what is an MBBS degree and what are the opportunities available in 2022 in case you are not able to secure a seat in Indian government medical colleges.

The MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) degree is a professional undergraduate degree, which takes between 4 to 6 years to complete depending on the country, a medical aspirant is pursuing the degree from.

Is it worth enough to pursue MBBS from Abroad?

First of all, if you compare pursuing MBBS from Abroad or pursuing MBBS from Indian private medical universities, you will come to know the major difference between the two and why pursuing MBBS from Abroad is a better decision to make rather pursuing MBBS in any Indian private medical university.

The most important concern about pursuing MBBS in India is that there are limited seats in Indian government medical universities and because of this it is quite a task for an average medical aspirant to get into any of them.

With respect to Indian private medical universities, aspirants need to pay huge amount of donations and the fees of the university itself is too high whereas there are no such issues in securing an admission for MBBS in Abroad.

In order to secure a medical seat in any Indian medical university be it government or private, medical aspirants need to appear and score higher on the most difficult exam in the field of medicine.

On the other hand, for pursuing MBBS from Abroad, medical aspirants only need to score well on their 12th exams and do not require to appear for any entrance exams of the country like Russia, China, Bangladesh, etc.

Moreover, in the Indian government medical universities, not only the seats are limited but also due to various reservation system in the country, deserving candidates coming under open category fail to secure admissions in them.

While taking applications of foreign medical aspirants, foreign medical universities follow a fair and a transparent admission system and this given immense opportunity to a medical aspirant to fulfil his dream of becoming a doctor.

In India, in order to complete an MBBS course in an average private medical university, under its management quota will costs approximately between 70 to 90 lakhs in Indian currency.

In India, medical aspirants coming from middle class families cannot afford to pay such huge fees in private medical universities and thus explore various alternations in order to achieve their goal of pursuing an MBBS degree.

In some Abroad countries, like Russia, 70% of the fees of the Russian medical universities are subsidized by the Russian federation itself in order to promote medical tourism. Apart from Russia, countries like China and Bangladesh have also subsidized their fees in top government medical universities in order to invite more foreign candidates to choose them for pursuing their medical degrees.

The combination of extremely low fees with high quality of education acts as the most highlighting factor among the medical aspirants all around the world.

Pursuing MBBS degree from Abroad has many benefits which are as follows:

Top quality education

Choosing a foreign country for your MBBS degree, if you pursue MBBS from Russia, MBBS from China and MBBS from Bangladesh, you will explore in depth with regards to theoretical and practical knowledge. These countries have a better medical education system as compared to many Indian private medical universities and other medical universities in Abroad.

In countries like, Russia, China and Bangladesh, the health and education department of medical universities help candidates in best possible way.

As these countries also share friendly relations with India, the supportive and friendly attitude of the professors help students adjust and get adapted to the country’s education system.

Affordable Fees

We have already discussed how MBBS in India in private universities are extremely expensive whereas on other hand it is totally different in case of pursuing MBBS from Russia, MBBS from China and MBBS from Bangladesh. In these countries, the cost of living is also very low as compared to other foreign medical universities.

Medical Universities in Russia, China and Bangladesh provide better hostel facilities along with Indian food, in order to make Indian medical aspirants feel comfortable.

Some of these universities also provide scholarships to deserving candidates which covers the aspirant’s major expenses.

No entrance tests

The admission and visa procedures of the countries mentioned above are very simple and stress-free.

Although different countries have different requirements but countries like Russia, China and Bangladesh do not have an entrance examination system.

The admission procedure completely depends on the 12th scores and medical aspirants need to secure a minimum of 50% marks on their 12th-grade school subjects (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology).

IELTS and TOEFL are also not required for securing admissions in Russia, China and Bangladesh as compared to other western countries.

No Donation fees

Medical universities in Russia, China and Bangladesh do not charge any capitation fee or donation in the name of admission. They only take the basic tuition and hostel fees that is easily affordable even by middle class families.

World-Class equipment and infrastructure

Countries like Russia, China and Bangladesh provide world-class equipment with latest technology in the field of medical courses and best infrastructure so that the medical aspirants can acquire best possible experiences in terms of both theoretical and clinical knowledge.

Exposure to a different Culture

While pursuing MBBS in Abroad, medical aspirants come across various other aspirants from different countries, due to which they get a wide exposure in terms of culture and values with respect to different countries.

This exposure of various culture helps in developing aspirants’ personalities and make them more confident which helps them deal better with people around them and come with different strategies when facing any obstacle in their future.

The teaching staff in foreign medical universities builds a strong rapport with the international students so that they can adjust well in anew country.

Learning New Dialect

Although, English is the universal language all around the world but in countries like Russia, China and Bangladesh medical aspirants get a chance to learn a new language only for interaction purpose as their profession requires a lot of communication with the patients and their families.

Apart from English, they get a chance to learn a new foreign language which will leave better impact in their profession.

Better Career prospects

After pursuing MBBS from Abroad, medical aspirants can get endless opportunities in various departments of their medical profession.

Pursuing MBBS from Abroad will only develop a broad mindset, in-depth knowledge, language skills and exposure to a new culture.

This will in turn lead to aspirants getting great opportunities in their career anywhere in the world.

All the above-mentioned factors prove that pursuing MBBS in Abroad is the best opportunity in today’s era.

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